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1st Timers…
A glass of wine to calm you down    .:)))

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Salsa Classes Denver

ROMANTIC Wine & Cheese Private Lesson!

All you can drink wine, food, chocolates, baguette with assorted cheeses, grapes, hand-crafted, romantic ambiance, … disco lighting with candlelite and a wonderul fireplace!!

Practice / Repitition Time for ~30 minutes
AFTER your lesson in a soft-light setting ambiance …

AAAAAaaand… as if THAT wasn’t enough… (optional)
I will film and take pics of the event so you can keep a beautiful memory of your day to keep and remember
forever and ever.   .:)))

$330 for 2.5 hours

For you and that special
someone in your life …


Private Lessons at our Dance Studio


Computer Online   –   Home or Hotel   –   Office

Private salsa cumbia lessons in Denver

.Normal private lesson
$240 for two hours,

private Salsa lessons Denver

~ Ask about our CASH and Package DISCOUNTS ~

Prices range from $55/hr to $88/hr depending on the package.
Packages come in 30, 60, 90 and 120-hours
Package deals include many FREEBIES such as…
– Free access to the online curriculum
– Free “World’s Best Leads” video series,
– Free workshops , bootcamps, product discounts and MORE!

Lessons are normally taught in 2-hour increments.  Exceptions may apply.

Location:  Lakewood Colorado, your location, or any 24 hour fitness near you.

Payment required on the phone before booking.

Please text or phone Edie direct:
(303) 888-5355

No refunds

  • Cumbia (Chilango)
  • Banda
  • Norteñas
  • Corridas

Country Dances

East Coast Swing

Simple Waltz

The Hustle
(pro follow only)

Past Performances

Need Some Advice,
or Just Someone to Talk To?

If you’ve ever gotten to a point in your life

where you feel you just need a mentor, coach, or adviser

Seek Edie’s YEARS of Wisdom. 

Edie is known worldwide for her ability to see the big picture
– something you may need.

Salsa Life Coach

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Latest Student

Black Belt Salsa Testimonials

Salsa lessons in Denver - TestimonialsI have always been a fan of Salsa music and always hoped to be able to dance it one day; unlike Latinos, I did not have the chance to learn walking and Salsa dancing as a baby; all I could is do is looking with envy at these talented people dancing Salsa as it would be the easiest and simplest thing to do, which is not.
Salsa is one of the most difficult dance to learn.

My wife and I decided to take private lessons, spending thousands of dollars on Salsa teachers who taught us single steps but after many months, we were still not able to dance.

Edie the Salas Freak is the teacher of the teachers, not only because she is an incredibly talented Salsa dancer but because she spent a great amount of time collecting and classifying all the hundred Salsa moves into different levels called belts, like in Judo.
Starting from easy (white belt), every single level has a structure, a perfectly organized system designed to help laypeople to become dancers and good dancers to reach the next higher level of perfection.

Basically, each level has its graphic panel, explaining in a systematic way the different moves, classified in clusters, like high hands, shoulders etc. but also a video where Edie demonstrates and explains each move.
You just need to look and select what you want or need, pretty much like a vending machine.

This is exactly what we needed.

We flew from sunny Florida to freezing Denver CO to spend 5 days @ 6 hours each with Edie.
She is a marvelous personality who has tons of patience not only for explaining how to dance following her system but also to make out of you a good-looking dancer.
That is not an easy task because knowing the technique does not make you a good dancer; I had to learn how to lead, making my partner understand what my next move is, based on my posture which was basically bad.
To correct it was a big challenge.

Edie is so professional showing patience that I would never be able to.
A video made on the first and the last day shows the difference like night and day.

I am now sitting in the plane on my way back to Florida.
Not only we can dance Salsa but we have Edie’s system to improve what we learned with her, practicing 10 minutes a day, we will get much better.” – Patrick Calman

Salsa lessons in Denver - Testimonials“During our online private lesson, you were dropping ideas that we must carry on the dance floor.  Things that are reserved for the most dedicated student.  For some reason, I feel lighter than I was.” – Arturo Hernandez

Salsa lessons in Denver - Testimonials“I really enjoyed my online private lesson with Edie.  I was a bit skeptical to be coached remotely, but I was quite surprised at how much detail she could see in my movements and the precise corrections she suggested that helped me improve my spins.  I got so much out of the lesson and look forward to many more with her!” – Kathryn Rutti

Salsa lessons in Denver - Testimonials“We took private classes with Edie and the only thing I can say is that she is the best salsa instructor ever! She is very professional, dances like a queen and has a fantastic system that she invented to teach beginners or advanced dancers. I forgot to mention how much patience she has and on top of everything she is a lot of fun. She is the right instructor if you need to learn salsa and I promise you that after the classes you’ll be able to dance and have fun dancing.” – Regine Korn

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Edie the salsa freak testimonial

Edie The Salsa FREAK Testimonial