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I used to fall apart… Can’t thank you enough for the dance material. Gone are the days of memorizing moves because I fell apart on the dance floor if I did not know what was coming next. Now we play with [DTB] and the many ways of executing these. Its too much fun!



Your work is amazing. I joined just few of your classes in Europe, and loved it. The most, how often the people are laughing and don’t recognize how much input they get… Do you have a class in Europe where I can learn how to motivate and entertain more my classes? Some techniques … after good work and so on? Thank you for your help!



The DBM and Black Belt System training that I have received to date are the most comprehensive training programmes that I have ever seen. The Black Belt Dance system of delivering partner dance content, leading classes and operating a dance business is incredibly logical and smart. I firmly believe that anyone who follows the system will enjoy success in their dance career or business. What an incredible experience to be trained by one of the world’s most famous Salseras and a living legend of Latin dance!



She has the ability to speak to your soul. What a pleasure to watch, and to learn from. Such keen insight, presence, wit and candor. To the point. And her sense of humor? Honest and refreshing. Impeccable timing, as in her dance. The total package. And I can tell you, for sure, that I participated in the workshop because of her. Her interpretation of that music piece was an award-winning performance, worth every penny. It made my day.


Pittsburgh, PA

There are no better partners on the dance floor than those who have learned from Edie. She turns regular men into partners who pull the best from me. I can recognize them on the dance floor by their moves and the way they treat me. They are gentleman. She has made them into the strong men they always had buried inside of them the same way she turned me into the beautiful woman that was buried deep inside of me.


Denver, CO

What a wonderful experience your course was! You covered a lot of what I hadn’t thought of, things that if I would have known before starting out that I would have done differently. It was a great learning experience and I will definitely utilize all of the knowledge that was given for my company and encourage other instructors to take your course as well! I would definitely recommend this course to all of my fellow instructors!


Ft. Lauderdale, FL

She helped me discover the beautiful woman that was buried deep inside of me. She pulls from men and women the best in themselves and challenges them to Bring It. Bring the sexy… bring the confidence… bring the strength… bring the dominance… bring the adoration and appreciation for your partner…. cherish your partners and make them look good.


Denver, CO

I couldn’t sleep! I was so awake I could not fall asleep til 4 AM!!!


Kansas City, KS

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