24 Ways to Dance Salsa On-2

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In order to reduce the size of my spreadsheet, I have shown the 8 beats as groups of 4 beats i.e.
I counted 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4.**

Please let me know if you particularly want me to expand the spreadsheet to show all of the 96 possible
ways to dance Salsa and then pick out the 24 ways of dancing Salsa on Clavé.*

Ciao, Barry Gordon – creator
United Kingdom Salsero

I’m an Advanced Dancer. Why Should I Take a Beginner Course?

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“Hi Edie! – I’m an Int/Adv Salsero, and I’m thinking about coming out to the bootcamp. Just out of curiosity, what does the bootcamp cover on both days? I know that Saturday is the basics and that Sunday is going to be oriented towards the ladies, but can you break it down just a bit? I’m keen to know what practice I’d get by helping out. Thanks!” – Intermediate / Advanced Hardcore Male Salsero

Salsa – Will Human Nature Spoil the Sauce?

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Salsa – Will Human Nature Spoil the Sauce?

By Jeff Allen www.quickstartbooks.com

Are there troubles brewing in the world of Salsa? I think not. I prefer to think that Salsa is having growing pains. Who knows? Maybe the future will record Salsa as the Americas’ number one dance. So what’s all the hoopla? Why would I start a series of articles that generally deal with technique and “how to” material – with an observation about current events, history, and human nature? (more…)

Horrible Terrible MP3 Music

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Dear Edie, I was at the ’03 SF Congress this last weekend and I believe I’ve had my fill of bad horrible terrible MP3 music used on performer’s routines.
Here’s what I have to say about it…maybe you could post this so anyone coming up will take your thoughts into consideration when selecting the source of their music!
BTW, I have never heard any of your routines reflect this MP3’age of routine music, yours is always top-notch! (more…)