Everything was going well, UNTIL…

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Dear Edie,
Well, I’ve finally reached the point, and I knew that I would. I told you last Saturday that I had the urge to ask for your advice, and now I’ve reached a desperate point. I’ve been dancing for 4 years now and competing for only one. I’ve had a wonderful time dancing, but awful luck with partners. I finally got a new partner after the last one was rude, disrespectful, and down right mean. I was so happy for the first 3 months we were dancing and practicing, I saw no signs of psychological dysfunction. I read your articles about (more…)

How Feminism is Ruining Men

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Dear Edie…

I always like learning from your writings and your instruction, Edie. As I move further South, (San Jose), I might be able to take more advantage of your instruction.

I have a thoughts for you about the writings of yours, and most dance advice for men and women. While I see lots on how to make a woman feel loved, appreciated, respected, I don’t see much on how a woman can reward a man for his efforts. Yes, for the male dancer, there is always the reward of doing something well, and the selfless humility of helping someone else appreciate herself. But I see most articles unconsciously saying, “All women know how to make a man feel good and not cross the line.” I don’t think that is true. I think most women know how to (more…)

The Truth Hurts

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Dear Edie…
Hi Edie, This is such an excellent site. OK I have been with my partner for a long time now and we have always been together in our dancing. We started together, we progressed together, we made mutual friends and our life has been great in almost all other areas of our relationship.

Lately however this has all begun to change. She seems to be wanting to move on in the relationship, settle down and so on and is generally now much less addicted, almost over it so to speak. I on the other hand have just as much fire and enthusiasm as ever. (more…)

More on Players

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“Hi Edie,
A friend of mine forwarded me your article about the PLAYER. Unfortunately, I am one of the un-lucky ones captured by a Salsa-dancing player. I have been seeing him for about 6 months now and I have just recently bring myself to recognize that he IS a player. There were many signs but of course he denies everything. I have always dated very honest and trustworthy men before, so now I am furious that there are such people around and they can get away with it. (more…)

The Positive Side of Salsa

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“Dear Edie,
Thanks Edie for talking to me about getting started in Salsa. I wish there were more people like you that really promoted the positive side of Salsa.

What I have to say is a little commentary about where I see Salsa going. It is very interesting to just study the social scene of Salsa and in particular why oddly enough when I chose a place to live in the next 5 years it will have to be around a place where Salsa is very positive. Before I moved to Colorado, I was in Korea and Arizona before that The Salsa scene in both Tucson, Arizona and Korea is such a treat to be around because there are no cliques and if there are they do not preclude people from dancing from one another. (more…)

The Dream

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Edie, I hope you remember “Bust my Ass with Class” Mary. You were too kind to print my article about my competition a couple of years ago. During which you were laboring under a double groin pull which I do soooo hope is healed by now!

Okay, what follows below is a wonderful letter from a new friend of mine. Oh, as far as publishing this one, maybe no, not without editing (the boyfriend thing) & not without asking her permission but I know you & you would do (more…)

Lower Your Expectations

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Dear Edie,
Glad to hear your going to do another Salsa Bootcamp before the congress. I’ve been trying to go to the congress for two years now. Always something coming up; excuses, excuses, excuses. I’m only going to live once so I’m going; even if I have to go by myself! Right now I only have time for classes and private lessons. The projects I’m working on are all in the final integration and test phase so its double and (more…)

Should I Pursue, or Not?

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In this day and age, men are simply clueless when a woman gets turned on by him – especially if he is just simply “doing his own thing” the same way with every girl he dances with.

Some women have been so frustrated lately at the “numbness” of the male’s “simple-minded creatures” aspect that women have had to resort to simply “blurting out” how they feel, leaving the guys completely dumbfounded as to what is actually happening. And, of course, women now feel like idiots because THEY are the ones pursuing the man, and no longer the other way around. This makes men the weaker of the two. Not a very comforting (more…)

Nostalgic for Dance

Pete and Carmen from
“Pete and Carmen’s Salsa Dance Academy, Fresno, CA” Dear Edie,
First off, let me say that your story on your website really inspired me. I discovered Salsa in college, when my roommate (who was a Salsa nut) wanted someone to go with her. I quickly discovered my limited knowledge of the differences in genre Cumbia, Merengue, Salsa, etc., but also I feel deeply madly in love with the thrill of it. After graduation we both moved on to live outside of that world, but deep down I find myself missing Salsa and missing dancing. (more…)