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Hi, here is my question,
I consider myself a little bit above average Salsa dancer, I can keep in step very well with just about any woman , but recently I had the privilege to dance with a very nice Puerto Rican lady. While dancing in the basic mode (hands together) I have no problem staying in step , while giving her more than basic turns I still keep up with her pretty good , the problem is that once I let go of her and start dancing free, I cannot pick up on her step what so ever.

Can you give me any hints on how to stay in step with her?

Dear Bit Above Average,
Don’t worry about her steps so much. Just slowly, when you’re good and ready, get back into basic, for a couple measures, with a very serious, but caring face, look at her in the eyes, extend out your arms, SAY NOTHING, and she’ll fall (more like melt) into place with you. If she doesn’t STRAP YOUR BALLS BACK ON, BE A MAN AND GENTLY PLACE HER BODY IN YOUR STEP!

If you do this in a gentle, but firm, loving, and commanding way (wow… now THAT is something you will just have to figure out), she will MELT back in your step / arms.
Just watch.

You being the Man God intended you to be FOR HER will bring the “Little Girl” out of her VERY EASILY.

Just be STRONG. Be Strong FOR HER.

Happy Dancing!
– Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!
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