Going Out Salsa Dancing

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By Ivan Wanis Ruiz

Alrighty, so you are curious about Salsa dancing, or maybe you have taken a few classes and want to check out an actual Salsa night. Here’s the rub, its intimidating, you don’t have anyone to go with, you still don’t know that many moves. These were the big questions I had, so here is some advice I wish someone would have told me. (more…)

Learning Salsa from the Beginning: A Male Perspective

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By Russel Longo

Let me preface what I’m writing here by saying that I am not the greatest Salsa dancer in the world, and never will be (even among the greatest of dancers that’s a disputed title I suppose). No, I’m part of the large crowd of folks who’ve fallen in love with Salsa music and all that it serves to the human spirit. The following discussion assumes that you are (more…)

Salsa Dance Styles of the World

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Salsa Dance Styles of the World

What is the difference between Puerto Rican style, Cuban Style, LA Style, New York Style, Colombian Style, Cali Style, Cuban Style, and now… Musicality Style?

New York “On-2” and Puerto Rican Style Salsa
Well, let me explain. The Puerto Rican style can be danced on the “One” or the “Two” beat of the music, but it involves a tremendous amount of very technical footwork (“Solo” if you’re from LA, or what they call “Shines” in New York.) (more…)

Choosing a Good Instructor

Tips for Choosing a GREAT Salsa Dance Instructor
By Edie, The Salsa FREAKThe aim of this Dancer Hangout Forum is to provide you with the best, non-biased, and most accurate information on this planet.

Choosing a great Salsa/Mambo instructor can be very confusing and frustrating if you’re a beginner, and don’t really know where to start. If we’re already going to be spending our hard-earned cash on dance lessons, we want to make sure it’s spent wisely and only on the best – not wasted on SOME IDIOT who “thinks” he/she knows how to teach Salsa/Mambo. (more…)

Finding the Clave

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Finding the Clave
by Manny Siverio, New York

I originally learned to dance Salsa/Mambo by breaking on the ‘1′. I had no idea of what breaking on ‘2′ meant, let alone what the clave was or for that matter what it meant to count an 8 measure bar. It was a pretty frustrating time in my dancing life. I had to think too much. I found myself counting so much that all I could do was pull my hair in frustration. I was able to follow the steps in class, but when it came to dancing what I learned to an actual tune, I was always told that I was off timing. (more…)

I Have “Decided” to Become and Excellent Salsero

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Dear Edie,
I just wanted thank you so much for your site. I just began learning Salsa, and like many men I was overwhelmed by the prospect. As a man, the expectations are such that you are supposed to “get” all this right away so that you can lead properly. I was disheartened after my first group lesson, as things seemed to go so fast, I did not even have a chance to “feel” the basic steps. I thought I was just not cut out for this until I came across your site, and realized others had the same issues when they began. I realized I was not alone in my concerns, and (more…)