Breaking Up

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By Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!

at first, but he will Respect you later …

“Dear Edie,
I need to break up with my boyfriend. But I don’t want to tell him I’m already seeing someone else. I just want to break up. It seems like every time we break up, he always somehow creeps into my life again. We keep breaking up, then getting back together, then breaking up, then getting back together. When I see him at Salsa clubs, I just don’t know what to do. (more…)

The Great Dancers Don’t Date in the Salsa Scene Anymore

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Why is it that Guys in the Salsa Scene Just Don’t Seem to be “Interested” in Dating?
By Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!

“Dear Edie,
I’m a woman, and go out dancing all the time. I meet a lot of great people (men) but it’s been several months now, and not a single one of them has asked me out… I’m not that bad looking, have even been told that I’m a “looker”, and “outside” the Salsa scene I have no problem dating men. But I’m finding that in the Salsa scene, all these great guys want to do is…”DANCE”. This strikes me as COMPLETELY ODD. As a woman, I’m not used to… well, being ignored. (more…)

Blaming Each Other

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What Do You Do… when your dance partner is your significant other, and you both screw up your routine on stage?
by Edie, The Salsa FREAK

The first natural impulse is to blurt out the word “YOU…” before all the other words that come vomiting out of your mouth. “What happened???” is another good one that always starts the fire ablaze. “WHAT WERE Y0U THINKING???” is priceless. That will leave the both of you sleeping on the seam of the mattress for a couple nights. “What the $#@&… went wrong…“ among all the other (more…)

Slow Dance

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Slow Dance
Author Unknown

Have you ever watched kids
on a merry-go-round
Or listened to the rain
slapping on the ground?
Ever followed a butterfly’s erratic flight

Or gazed at the sun into the fading night? (more…)

Save it For Later

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Save it for later….

By Edie, The Salsa FREAKIt’s a beautiful night in the city. The music is slamming, and the nightclub is full of dancers having fun. In the middle of the dance floor, I noticed a cute couple, distracted and having a small discussion.

“Ouch, that hurt! Would you mind not pulling on my arm so hard during that move?” she said angrily (more…)

Surviving a Dance Partnership

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Surviving a Dance Partnership
A Few Words of Wisdom, From Edie, The Salsa FREAK
Aaaahhh…. The Things I’ve Learned…

I was inspired to write this article by a newlywed couple that took a private lesson from me in Innsbruck, Austria. They were dance partners, and had only been married four months. They were both excellent dancers in their own styles. He had an amazing Hip Hop and Samba background, while she was an accomplished professional ballroom instructor, with additional experience in jazz, ballet and tap since the age of six. Both could dance Salsa relatively well, however as a relatively inexperienced lead, his uphill climb was

Stumped in Seattle

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“Dear Edie,
I have thought on numerous occasions of writing you to tell you my Salsa story, but it seems that will not happen just yet. A more pressing issue has arisen recently, concerning romantic relationships with people having two left feet and no rhythm.

I know you’re a busy lady, so no hurry on a response. I feel like this is going to be a long one, so I apologize in advance. I just woke up this morning feeling like I needed to write.

First, for background purposes, here is a brief explanation of what Salsa has meant to me. (more…)


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“Dear Edie,
I read your response to “Just Trying to Help” concerning his jealous partner. The same thing happened to me except I was the jealous one.
My EX-fiance is a dance instructor and has been dancing for many years. I on the other hand am new to the dance scene. I really love it and am addicted to Salsa. However, I am not very good…yet.

When we started going out we would go to the clubs together and dance all night and (more…)

women, women, women

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“Dear Edie,
I’ve got a problem… You see, I’m head over heals for this girl from Puerto Rico, who happens to love Salsa. She also happens to think that dancing like in most American clubs is kinda funny. After going out with friends and seeing Salsa, I have to agree. I grew up in these American clubs and don’t know anything about how to dance Salsa. It probably goes without mention that I’d love to dance with her, but as a (more…)