Certification Belts

It was the best investment I had made in a long time. Now I need to continue and learn more. what is next in your program? – J.R., New York, NY

quoteI felt that your stories told was the most important part. They were a great help in understanding the business side as a dance instructor, as well as the experiences that went on in getting to where you have become today. Another thing that I felt was most important – BLUE TAPE! I will attend another Instructors Training, in fact, I already have a few that are wanting to go to the next Instructors Training! – A.A. Los Angeles, CA

quoteThe thing that stuck in my mind the most was all business and marketing training that you can do in Salsa! What was most important to me was in the Level 2 in the workbook, everything that covers how to run a successful dance company and level 1, how to teach. – C.B. East Coast, USA

quoteEver since the workshop, my classes have never been the same, it’s only better. I just want to thank you for your help and advice. And today my wife and I will be performing at the SLC Salsa Congress, we’re very excited because we will also be teaching a “Tango Salsa” workshop. That is what we will be performing as well. I remember you telling us to always be original and different. – W&R. Charlotte, NC