Classes with Edie The Salsa FREAK

Private Classes

Group Classes

A beautiful evening of Group Salsa Classes and Dancing every Thursday night in Denver!

Black Belt Dance in Denver     

Black Belt Systems Instructor Training

How are you going to teach tonight?

Is this YOU…?

  • Trying to market, run a business, advertise, and teach all your classes by yourself?
  • Your Business / Dance Partner(s) / teachers not showing up?
  • Coming home from Congresses even more confused about how & what to teach?
  • Frantically looking up “Cool Moves” to teach from Youtube?
  • Forgetting what you taught a month ago?
  • Frustrating your students because there is no logic to how you are progressing them?
  • Showing moves that don’t build upon the previous weeks or months?
  • Beginner students arguing that they should be in the advanced group?
  • Struggling over how to organize / come up with a curriculum / syllabus?
  • Losing students because what you are teaching is either too repetitive, non-leadable, or un-retainable?

We Eliminate ALL THAT!

There is no other system in the world that is this detailed,
and this well thought-out.

Our Trained and Certified Instructors understand exactly what you need:

How to Build, Operate, and Expand a successful Business!

Workshops & Private Lessons

This month’s special: An extra 10 Instructional DVDs or extra online BBS System video access starting with the 30-Pack!

All Private Lessons are preferably done in minimum Two-Hour sessions (or more)  in Colorado, USA unless Edie is traveling. You may also book a single hour, but 20 YEARS of “teaching wisdom” highly recommends two hours per training session.

Reason for Two-Hour (or more) Private Sessions:

WISDOM from YEARS of teaching: We believe that that muscle memory is more fully retained during the SECOND hour. No matter how much they try to convince you, a single hour private is a waste of time and money. You rarely retain / learn anything out of a single hour private lesson from ANYONE.

Please text your instructor the night before your private lesson to confirm –

Any “no shows” without 24 hours advance notification will be charged full price.

Take your Dancing to the NEXT LEVEL, SUPER FAST!

Couples or Singles Rates – 2-Hour Minimum

If you have three people, the price is 1.5 times the amount.
Full Payment must be made in advance!

Contact or Text Edie for Payment Options


Your dates are Priority-Reserved in advance BEFORE anyone else

Freebies include:

The following packages never expire (no expiration date, no refunds)

30 Hours Total with Edie
includes 20 free Instructional DVDs (a $550 value!) and 3 months of freebies

60 Hours Total with Edie
Includes 40 freeInstructional DVDs (a $750 value!) and 6 months of freebies

90 Hours Total with Edie
Includes 60 free Instructional DVDs (a $1275 value!) and 9 months of freebies

120 PACK
90 Hours Total with Edie
Includes 60 free Instructional DVDs (a $1500 value!) 12 months of freebies

The Power Pack


30 hours of Private Lessons: Expires within 30-days.

  • If you are serious, I will give you ALL of my attention, AND 1st priority calendar booking with this package.
  • When you get good FAST, I look good as an instructor, so this means you are doing free marketing for me simply by dancing better, sooner.
  • Must complete a minimum of 6 hours per week of private lessons. EXPIRES WITHIN 30 DAYS
  • All lessons must be completed within 30 days.
  • Includes:

Includes 24 FREE DVDs (a $600 value!)

** Full Payment must be made in advance. Once payment is made, there are no refunds.

The MEGA Pack

120-Hour Salsa Bootcamp
An $11,000 Value!!

Designed ONLY For The Serious …

Edie will get make you an amazing dancer within 60 days for ANY country you will be traveling to.

Dance Styles are different
in different parts of the world, so…

PREPARE FOR: New York, Great Britain, Los Angeles, Europe, The Middle East, Asia, Australia, Latin America, Scandinavia, and Cuba!!

Jam anywhere in the World
– Be one of the best Dancers at Clubs wherever you go! 


      • 120 hours of of Private Lessons, excluding Sundays, 2-6 hours per day
        (5-6 days a week within 60 days)
    • BBS Dance Team and Dance Instructor Training (5 hours per week, Thursdays and Sundays)
    • Practice 7-nights a week at Denver Nightclubs with BBS Apprentices and friends
    • Practice Partners (as available) during private lessons and outside of rehearsal time.
    • Includes (during your training period within 60 days):
    • Airport to Fly Into: Denver International
    • Short Term Apartment Rentals
    • Inexpensive Denver Airport Car Rentals
    • Mega Pack Does not cover travel, car rental, and apartment expense.
    • ** Full Payment must be made in advance. Once payment is made, there are no refunds.

Personal One-On-One Salsa Bootcamp!!
(For Men only)

Bootcamp starts at noon, ends at midnight.
(This is a BLAST!!)

  • Includes entire Instructional DVD set, (63 DVDs),
  • One year access to the Black Belt Salsa online system
  • 5-6 hours of private lessons,
  • Dinner with Edie!
  • Social dancing with Edie and her friends all night long to practice what you’ve learned!!
  • “Real-time” introduction to local female dancers at a local nightclub!! (plugs you right into the Salsa scene!!)

Private Lessons

By Appointment Only – Contact Edie Direct
Daily (except Sundays) from 6am ending at 5pm

Training Locations: 24 Hour Fitness, or the Studio at the Colorado Adventure Point (CAP)

Home privates are also an option as long as they do not interfere with other privates during the day at the studio.


      • Look at Edie’s Scheduling System Here.  
      • Select any “non-busy” 2-hour  (or more) time slot.
      • Contact Edie via email or text to book your chosen 2-hour slot. (303) 888-5355
      • Be sure to text the night before you lesson to confirm. 
      • Payment (including Packages) must be paid in Full before the lesson begins.
      • We collect 50% by phone upon your first booking.
      • “No-shows” will be charged full price for time missed.
      • Normal Package deals never expire (excluding the Power Pack).
      • Power and Mega Packs Preferred dates, including Saturdays are considered priority, and reserved / pre-scheduled in advance.
      • Price is the same for both online and in-person physical private training.


“Package” Recommendation:
Book your lesson(s) at least one month in advance.

Online Private Lessons:
Edie will send you Webinar information via email before your online lesson.
Payment must be made in advance.


Recommended for men or women: Flat-bottom Slick or Slippery Bottom suede dance shoes, and/or non-stick slick rubber dance sneakers. Non-slip tennis shoe soles stick to the wood floors and could injure a knee!

Pants: Jeans or sweats.
Tops: Extra dry shirt if you sweat a lot.

Ladies, no shorts, nor spaghetti strap shirts – please cover your upper arms and tummy for shoulder, waist, hip moves!

cand water bottle – you may sweat a lot!

Last but not least… Breath Mints!

Edie wears the following footwear, they are MUCH HEALTHIER for you feet! The studio floor picks up scratches from black high heels, so they do NOT allow high heels during private lessons.