Learn to Salsa dance with Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!

“Beyond Being a Salsaholic – Confessions of a Salsa Junkie”
By Marla Friedler

I have to confess that I am actually worse than a Salsaholic. Add my obsessive/compulsive personality to that of the average Salsaholic and what you get is a downright salsa junkie. Not only do I dance every day (and yes, I am the same Marla who changes clothing in the car between clubs), but when I am not really dancing, I am either writing about dancing, reading about dancing on Dancer Hangout, answering e-mail about dancing, or, believe it or not, dancing over the phone. Yes, it has come to this. You’ve heard of phone sex – now enter “Phone Dancing”.

I have danced over the phone with my friend César a number of times. It’s funny. I haven’t actually seen him in person for about two months but I still dance with him all the time. I was so excited about the way people dance in New York that I had to teach it to him, over the phone.

A typical conversation would go like this,

Marla: Okay, where is your right foot now?

César: It’s forward and I’m counting 5. Is that right?.

Marla: Perfect. Now break forward on your left. That’s 6. Got it?

César: Got it.

Marla: Okay, cool. We’re doing it.

César: It was good for me. Was it good for you?

Marla: Yeah, I love dancing Salsa!!

Now, you have to realize that this conversation is a little ridiculous because we haven’t actually ever danced together on 2 but, since we virtually have, we think we love it.

So, I have to publicly admit that I have definitely crossed the line and gone beyond salsaholism to an all-time low/high of being a “Certified Salsa Junkie”.