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“Dear Edie,
Hello …My name is [name] , I am from [city]. I have been reading about you for almost 20 years. I have been teaching Salsa for the last 5 years … we are a group that has a great impact on the ‘Salsa community’ here in [city]. Do you dance & teach on 1 or on the 2????? IF YOU DANCE ON BOTH…..WHICH ONE DO YOU THINK IS THE RIGHT WAY….????? The reason is that we might want to come down to L.A or one of the locations that you have a workshop & check it out… Please let me know……( I hope it is on the 1 which is the original way….) Thank you
– Confused”

Dear Confused,
Dancing on the One or the Two is liking knowing Spanish or English.

Which is the right language?

To dance on any beat, is simply a means of communicating with your partner.

Dancing “to the music” is truly living life. Stopping to smell the roses… feeling the warmth of the sun on your back. Finding love and eating out with friends. That’s “living life”.

What Would you rather do. Simply “talk”, or live your life?

We’re finding that most Salsa dancers are just talking now; petty shallow words, causing rifts, fights, and chaos in the Salsa world.Let’s stop talking, and start living life!!

Lets go back to WHY we started dancing to begin with:
To finally let go, have fun, be free, and LIVE OUR LIVES!!!

What’s in now – is Musicality – bringing her INTO THE MUSIC with you!!

The argument over the One or the Two is OLD NEWS and frankly, people are getting tired of it. It’s causing divisions and problems in the community that we can definitely do without. Dancing to the hits, peaks, and valleys of the song is so much more challenging and exciting than keeping a certain timing 100% of the time.

Dip at the finale. hit the hits, pause on the pauses, bodywave to the waves, jump to the jumps – interpret the music with your body – it will resonate to your partner IF YOU HOLD HER HAND OR BODY WITH YOU IN THE PROCESS!!! Go back to the One or the Two in between the breaks, but focus and interpret the MUSIC – not just the beat.

When you develop dancing or “talking” on the One or the Two, don’t develop an attitude about it, and just dance THAT.
Do both
Speak both languages with a smile and excitement, while dancing “Musically” to the Hits in between! God has given you BOTH SKILLS now, so use them both.

Happy Happy Musicality Dancing!!
– Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!
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