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“Dear Edie,
Can you explain what a CUBAN MOVE is???…it’s the hips isn’t it?…”
– non-Cuban”
Dear non-Cuban,
It’s called Cuban motion. It’s the unique ability to dance, moving upper body from side to side (from your rib cage) while keeping your hips, rear, and legs relatively still (not bouncing up and down nor rocking back and forth, nor moving) I explain how to do and tech Cuban Movement in my Salsa Syllabus volume 1 DVD. You can really tell the difference – especially when the men apply “true Cuban motion” from their chests and rib cages.
CUBAN MOTION IS NOT FROM THE WASTE DOWN. That is a huge mistake that a lot of instructors teach. Once you get the opportunity to dance with a true Cuban dancer, in closed position, there is a very subtle wave of their upper body like the ocean that surrounds their wonderful country.

It’s inexplicable. It has nothing to do with the hips or legs – it comes from the heart, pulsating through the rib cage, via a mirrored chi energy through your own rib cage directly to YOUR heart.
True Cuban motion comes from the heart. Simple as that.

All Black Belt Salsa certified instructors are DRILLED on this with a vengeance, so if you find one, you can ask them to show you as well.

Happy Dancing!
– Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!
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