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When you’re dancing with someone who smokes, and you don’t, or, you are a smoker and are dancing with a non-smoker, this is what you do.

If you are a smoker:
5 seconds before you get up to dance:

  • 1st Put out your cigarette in an ash tray- do not carry it to the dance floor, drop it out there, then step on it to put it out. Number one, this shows you have no class, and second, you, your partner, or others may accidentally step on it and slip and fall.
  • 2nd Take a swig of anything liquid nearby. Swish it around in your gums and around your tongue to get rid of that “ashtray” stench. Unless you’re carrying a spittoon, you’ll have to swallow it.
  • 3rd Quickly stick a piece of mints or gum in your mouth, then spray three shots of breath freshener in your mouth.
  • 4th Inhale through your mouth to “re-freshen” your lungs. You see, in Salsa, because you are so close to your partner’s face,
    … you may not realize that your partner actually breathes in as you exhale out.

– This is a fact.

If you are a Non-smoker:
And realize thru your nostrils, that your partner is a smoker:

  • 1st Be polite. Finish the song. Then after the song, quietly pull them aside, whisper ever so gently in their ear… “YOUR BREATH SMELLS LIKE SMOKE.”
  • 2nd Offer him/her some gum, or breath fresheners (if you have any) If you don’t, shrug your shoulders, point to the bar, and say with a smile, very politely, “You know what? They have water at the bar, you can rinse out there.” Smile, then leave it at that.
  • 3rd Offer them some of your own water or drink, or buy them something to rinse their mouth out.
  • 4th Always, always, be polite, caring, smiley, and friendly. There is nothing worse, than pissing off a smoker.

Happy Dancing!
– Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!
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