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“Dear Edie,
I had a question about how you approach the dance as you become more proficient in your dancing. If you want to put this in one of your columns, feel free. Just leave my name off. Before I get, started, I want to say that I love dancing with all levels of dancers. I’m not becoming a snob.* I’ve been hitting the clubs at least four times a week. Since I joined the [Salsa dance company], and started helping teach some of the leader’s classes, I’m finding:
1. That the music that they play in the clubs sucks. They play a ton of the slower Salsa and every once in a while, they’ll play what’s been termed as “Power Salsa”.
2. When dancing with [great dancer friend], we dance to fast Salsa/Mambo. The female selection at the club who can follow that pace is limited.Edie, what I’m saying is that I’m becoming disenchanted with the scene – I’m bored. I’d rather stay blast my car radio and dance in the parking lot. Being in world famous dance companies, I know that your accustomed to a higher standard. How do you handle be used to dancing on a certain level and not being able to attain that high when you go out?

Dear “Disenchanted
First of all, you’ve got to remember “why” you started this whole “Salsa Thing” to begin with. Go back, think back at what it was like when you didn’t even dance. Remember the music, the people, the atmosphere? It was at the same both a thrill and a scare. Just the mere excitement of being at a club with so much energy surrounding you was almost overwhelming. “I have GOT to learn how to do that…” as you watch the best of the best spin, dip and even flip their partners around…

Now, that you’re at “that level”, you’re “bored”. My advice to you is to give back that same energy to others, that was given to you in the beginning. As an advanced dancer now, you can make any woman look phenomenal.

If the DJ sucks that night,
1. Make the most of it. Buy the DJ a drink, slip him a $20, then request a few songs you’d like. Don’t just sit there are ask him without paying him. Bribing the DJ works wonders. I’ve done it MANY TIMES myself.
2. You can make a slow, romantic Salsa into one of the most sensual, erotic, and moving experiences the entire evening.

If there are no “good dancers” in the club,
1. Go find someone with potential and work on your leading and some “new moves” you just learned. Work on your MASCULINE spins and styling.
2. I’ll sometimes get to a club and start working on my shines. By myself.
3. If the guy I’m dancing with is not “Professional” level, then that’s where I feel I’m tested to make HIM look good. I’ll work on my styling, my technique, and
4. … if he wants, I’ll even show HIM a move or two that I think is cool, and he wouldn’t mind learning.

Now’s your chance to give back to the world, what it has given you. Bottom Line: You’ve got to bloom where you’re planted.APPRECIATE WHAT YOU HAVE – THE GIFT OF BEING ABLE TO SIMPLY “DANCE”

Make the most of every situation,

DANCE as if this was your last night on planet earth.Click image for larger version Name: coffin.jpg Views: 1 Size: 5.6 KB ID: 5088

Happy Dancing!
– Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!
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