Learn to Salsa dance with Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!

“Dear Edie,
I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the Dancer Hangout and find your sincere writing style very refreshing. Can you give me some advice for learning Salsa? Before two months ago, I never danced a step in my life. I started out with privates, learning the basics of various ballroom styles plus some east coast swing. I’m finding that I enjoy the Latin dances the most, and Salsa seems to be the most practical because there are so many clubs. However I don’t really want to emphasize just one dance…I’d like to get good at the cha cha, rumba, and foxtrot as well (foxtrot because of my love for jazz). I’ve had about 5 group Salsa lessons so far. Soooo….my question is…should I try to get good at Salsa first, through privates, then learn the other dances, or learn everything at once? I was thinking that maybe if I learned one dance really well, the others would fall into place that much easier. Is this true? But then I wouldn’t want to wait a long time before I learn the other stuff. Also….I recall you mentioned you would give your unbiased opinion of several instructors. Who do you think would be good for my situation?”
– Wanna know it all…

Dear “Wanna know it all”
I would recommend checking out some of our highly trained instructors at Black Belt Dance (includes all dances – not just Salsa). There, you can get some great advice and instruction for exactly the type of dance you want to focus on.

I think though, you should continue to go out Salsa dancing as often as you can so you can get REAL GOOD at it, and then all your other dances will fall into place – because of the confidence you GAIN from Salsa. It will also work in reverse. If you continue to take the ballroom classes, your Salsa improves!!! Continue dancing and taking lessons – life is too short to put Salsa on hold for a fox trot my friend. Salsa is, an expression of YOU. Enjoy it, relax, and don’t worry about taking a long time. It will all fall into place when your time comes.

Happy Dancing!
– Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!
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