Learn to Salsa dance with Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!

You know, you’re having a great time dancing with a guy, and suddenly all you see is his FACE in YOURS, about 2 centimeters away??? (If you’ve been out enough, we’ve ALL run into this at one point or another….) Then, if he talks to you, you can literally feel his SPIT splatter all over your face!! YUCK!!

At first, you think to yourself, “Well, it was just a slip, maybe he lost balance.. whatever…no big deal” BUT. He does it again, and again, and AGAIN, and it’s almost as if he wants to kiss you every other turn!!! If you’re NOT at all attracted to this guy (and even if you were…), you’re thinking to yourself, “WHOA! Stay back!!! What are you doing?”

OK Guys. This is the scoop. If a lady wants you IN HER FACE, let her do it first. NOT YOU. Nobody wants a face planted on their face in the middle of a song. What’s worse, is when guy’s nose smashes into yours on a continuous basis!! Ugh! Gentlemen, this is NOT the way to dance Salsa, OK? Just keep your head centered above your feet. If your head is too close to hers, she will feel real uncomfortable and pull her head back further away. She will feel like she’s trying to get away from you… like you’re some sort of alien or something. Then, she will say “NO” the next time you ask her to dance.

Your head should be over your shoulders – NOT OVER HERS. Hold a good, masculin posture – shoulders back, not hunched over in her FACE!!! Your face should average about 1 foot away from her face during 90% of the dance. The other percent, you can do whatever… but keep it in good taste.

This is what I do when a man repeatedly plants his FACE in mine.

Ladies, this works like a charm. I pull a “3 Stooges” move and do a Head Butt right on his forehead, and say “Oh, excuse me!! Sorry…!!”. THEN, when his face gets too close to mine again, I hit his face with my face (nose, or forehead – whichever looks natural…) on purpose again, and again appologize. We keeping butting heads over and over again until either…

A) the song is over,
B) he lays off ,
C) he gets the &% $@ point.

Next week I’m going to do an article on posture so we all get this whole thing straightened out.

Happy Dancing!
– Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!
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