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Edie, I need your help. I live here in central Texas and even though I do value the Latin influence of Tex-Mex, I find it difficult if not impossible to find a descent place to Salsa without having to drive 100 miles . Is there anything you might suggest to stay “active” in Salsa dancing? Even though I appreciate where I live and the Tex-Mex influence here, I find it very difficult to find a place to Salsa around here.

One of my friends and I have wound up going to Tex-Mex bars with our CD’s hoping the DJ’s would play a little Salsa just so we could dance. Even after we finally get them to play Salsa we spend half our time just getting some girl to dance. Any suggestions?
– Texan Salsero

Dear Texan Salsero,
I suggest you try several things:

Go to a local restaurant(s) or dance studio(s), and ask if they can set aside a “Salsa night”. They make a percentage, and so would you. You’d have to have some pretty good music, and/or a good DJ. It will work. I’ve seen it happen. Play/sell Salsa videos, timing CDS, instructional classes… and CD’s!! Read our advice to club owners on how to start and grow a good Salsa club for further details.

If the demand is there, and the night gets popular, it could eventually lead to a nightclub, or restaurant promotion. You’ll need to do lots of promotion (passing out flyers, word-of-mouth, radio advertising). We can help you with Internet promotion for your city.

Learn to TEACH!! Become a Certified Black Belt Salsa (BBS) Instructor/Trainer! We teach you what it takes to TOTALLY grow the local market.

DEFINITELY take the Dance Business Management (DBM) Online course I offer. There we teach you what others have done to grow their local “nothing” Salsa scene to literally thousands of dancers.
There, we reveal ALL the secrets of how some of the largest and most powerful dance schools in the world “did it”, and continue to flourish, no matter WHAT the economy “seems” to be dictating.

Give it a shot!

Let me know how it went.

Happy Dancing!
– Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!
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