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“Dear Edie,
I am new to Salsa and took three private classes when on vacation in [country], last month. Now that I’m back home here in the (USA) I can’t find private instructors outside of (city) area. I called the studios and most want to suck me into their world of group classes etc / contracts, but I work evenings and can’t really participate to a large degree in these packages.
So, question is, can you recommend private instructors in (city) area? Also about how much do these classes run? I figure after taking half-dozen more private classes, I’ll try going to some of the clubs. Any clubs you care to recommend up here in (city) would also be appreciated.My goal is to learn enough to participate confidently in the club scene and when I take occasional trips to Latin America; but not really interested in competition or being a “bad ass” dancer.

Thanks much, and I really feel like my eyes have been opened to something new and fun.
– World Traveler

Dear World Traveler,
Unfortunately, I don’t know of any instructors in your area. If you want to get awesome, don’t call the dance studios. Hang out at the clubs, find the best dancer in the club, and pay them to teach you. That’s it, bottom line.

Because I don’t know your city, you’ll need to check out my page on How to Find Clubs Out of Town first, then ask at the clubs you go to, who is the best “street dancer” in the city. Go up to him and ask him for a private or two. That’s what I did. Forget about the classes if you want to get good FAST. Private instructors will charge anywhere from $40 per hour to $180 per hour depending on where you are at. In Cuba they charge $5 per hour – so it REALLY DEPENDS in what part of the world you are in, and the supply and demand of this dance. The average rate most people charge in the USA, Europe, Asia, and Australia is between $50 and $190 per hour. Trust me, when you’ve found the right instructor, it’s worth every dime. Very worth it. You will learn more in Private Lessons, than any other Group Class you can take.

Happy Dancing!
– Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!
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