Learn to Salsa dance with Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!

“Hi Edie! – I’m an Int/Adv Salsero, and I’m thinking about coming out to the bootcamp. Just out of curiosity, what does the bootcamp cover on both days? I know that Saturday is the basics and that Sunday is going to be oriented towards the ladies, but can you break it down just a bit? I’m keen to know what practice I’d get by helping out. Thanks!” – Intermediate / Advanced Hardcore Male Salsero

Dear “Mr. Hardcore Male Salsero”,

Fella’s, I am about to prepare YOUR MIND for the weekend …and your Ladies.

Trust me on this one.

Advanced Guys SUMMARY version:


  1. Saturday: Discover YOUR Bad Habits no one has EVER had the nerve to point out to you.
    (Your cost: Varies per country. You will get a HUGE discount – covers your food).
  2. Sunday: Learn from a woman, EXACTLY “what” women Want, Need, and … How Often.
    (Your cost: Nothing. We are giving you food in exchange for your warm, handsome… body)

Advanced Guys DETAILS version:

Written by Edie, The Salsa FREAK!! – Read to BOTTOM. Please.

Beginner Fundamentals Saturday:
Fundamental review of World Class lead/follow nightclub style Salsa techniques from the Syllabus Salsa 101-102 DVD series and a dip or two from the Syllabus 103-106 series.

As many Olympic athletes will tell you,
“Reviewing fundamentals is PARAMOUNT to establish World Class Status – in any activity.”

I will demonstrate to you well-kept secrets and techniques of World Class social dancers.
(Note: World Class Performers do not necessarily have World Class Leads).

I know “exactly” what World Class social dancers do in their techniques because I have gone out of my way to studyonly them. Why? Because they make women MELT on the dance floor – and I want more men in the world that can do this because I am tired of standing around… waiting for just that ONE GUY who’s the only man in the room that makes women MELT. Why should I keep what he does a secret – when I know exactly what he’s doing? I want MORE INCREDIBLE MALE LEADS LIKE THAT!!! Most women will agree.

I have both social-danced, and performed on stage, with some of the “Best of the Best” in the world.
I “know” their secrets, I “know” what they do, and I “know” what makes them incredible social dancers.
They don’t even know what makes them great,
because they can’t compare themselves to anyone else –
– because they don’t “FOLLOW’ their own leads!! (do you need to read that again?)

I do.

Because I am a follower (a woman), I can and do compare leads. I’ve danced Salsa with men in over 60 countries now and I know what feels good, and I know what doesn’t.

I know how to correct and callobrate leads based on the “feeling”. I convey this to beginners right away, and train them immediately on how to “give” that “feeling” to their followers. To achieve this, I take what some may call “professional shortcuts” with dancers I train so I don’t waste anyone’s time. I want them to be excellent dancers just as bad if not more than they do. My reputation is on the line when they dance with others – so they HAVE to get good – fast.

World Class Lead/Follow “Technique” is my specialty.


I’ve had countless emails from many advanced dancers who took the Bootcamp weekend, thanking me for helping them see and understand certain mistakes and bad habits about their techniques. They didn’t realize it until they saw how it looks, and what it does to women. They developed poor dance habits over the years without even realizing it.

“Edie I’m an Advanced Male Salsa dancer, and I ALWAYS get something out of what you teach your Beginners and Ladies. When you’re in town, I never miss a weekend Bootcamp with you. It’s remarkable how much I “still” pick up new things – like little mistakes that I’m doing here and there in my lead. Your depth of knowledge is intense. At every level.” – Dan M.

Some of these bad habits included poor hand holds, grips, spacing, and tension. Their pulling / pushing was either too much or too little. I recognize little stupid things like bending both legs too often, stooping under their own arms, looking down or at her eyes too often, and not realizing that their tongues were hanging out while spinning women. Apparently. I am the only person with enough gutz to make them aware of all this. I don’t mind pointing things out in a caring way. I want my students to look and feel amazing with every person they dance with – because they will tell them they learned from “me“.

Talk about pressure on my part. Can you see now why I have developed training techniques to get people up-to-speed and feeling “World Class” in a matter of a few hours?

Advanced dancers finally understandd the tricks and techniques to “correctly” control her movements, calm her, and keep her safe while allowing her space and comfort at the same time. Some don’t even realize they need to know all this.

Many of them ALWAYS come back to help again on the next Beginners day! It’s awesome to see them year after year, refining their craft, and only getting better and better.

Ladies Styling Sunday:
On Sunday, when you help out the Ladies, you will learn about what women need and want in order for them to execute their feminine styling moves in a timely fashion. You will learn about respecting her space and time. I will show you secrets only World Class Leads understand, like the correct timing of execution speeds from the perspective of both leader and follower.

You’ll learn the way in which to instinctively assist her in a particular styling move that you didn’t know was coming, how to encourage her styling and enhance her beauty by making her appear to dance better than she really can. You’ll learn how to instinctively recognize when she wants “time” to style or needs take a breather- while in your arms. You may even discover that you are holding her hands or body too often, too long or not enough.

If no one shows you these things, nor gives you good reasons why women need certain elements of your lead, you will never know how to recognize them when they come.

As a male, you will finally understand that it’s not all about “moves” for her…
– but about how you “THINK”.

Respect, Admiration, and the Adoration of and from your follower is PARAMOUNT.
Some men do this in their heads, but don’t know how to convey this with their souls.
Your soul is what she feels.

When she sees your actions based on your thoughts, she will feel your soul, and will return her respect, admiration and adoration of YOU…
… and then some.

You will finally understand there is a Harmony between the both of you while dancing.
It’s a beautiful thing.
– Too bad it only lasts three minutes.

Learn to Salsa dance with Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!


You’ll finally appreciate why a woman needs more of your manhood in order to make her feel and act more feminine.

On Ladies Sunday, I demonstrate how she will instinctively respond to your masculinity on the dance floor and blossom into the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen.

See you there.

– Edie