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8 Tips to Improve Your Posture in 8 Days!

    • Day 1Get a Posture Brace: Wear a comfortable Posture Brace to remind yourself to sit and stand straight, 8 hours a day, but not while sleeping.


  • Day 2 – Breathe deeply! While wearing your posture brace, sit up straight and breathe very deeply. This will encourage your brain in such a positive way, that your BRAIN will actually WANT and CRAVE to make you straight!


  • Day 3 – Computer Tips: While at your computer, pull your chair closer to the desk, your mousepad and keyboard AND MONITOR closer to you so you can see and feel everything better.


  • Day 4 – Driving: Get a pad to sit on that will lift you up. Pull the back of your car seat up, and get rid of the head rest. Make sure the steering wheel is eronometry correct in relation to your elbows (elbows should be parallel to your upper thighs while seated)


  • Day 5 – Pain: If you find you cannot wear your posture brace because of a special event or occasion of some sort, wear a rubberband around your wrist and snap it HARD every time you find yourself slouching. Humans tend to avoid pain and seek pleasure. This will sting.


  • Day 6 – Friends & Family Help: Ask a friend or loved one to remind you to “Posture up”, whenever they see you slouch. Tell them you will do the same, “if” they want to. Accountability between the both of you will work wonders!


  • Day 7 – Daily Posture Stretch: Every chance you get, hold your arms in the back and clasp your hands together to stretch out your chest. Also, stretching your arms behind your head either against a door jam, or with your other arm will help stretch your posture back in shape in no time!


  • Day 8 – Keep your Posture Brace on your computer desk chair, next to your bed, and car seat to remind yourself to actually wear it!! I HIGHLY recommend wearing it for a period of 8 hours a day for 8 eight months. You will be SHOCKED and AMAZED at how much stronger your back will get, how much better you look, and how much better you FEEL!!!
  • This Posture Brace REALLY WORKS!!

Keep Dancing!!! .)

– Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!