Learn to Salsa dance with Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!

“Dear Edie,
I was wondering if you have any tips or comments on the subject of SWEATY MEN!!!

Recently I have had several unpleasant experiences of dancing in class and at clubs with men who seem like they have just taken a shower- but let me tell you, they don’t smell like it!

I understand that clubs and dance studios may be hot and poorly ventilated, but I think I speak for all women in asking the male salseros of the world to PLEASE, PLEASE WEAR DEODORANT!!!

Also, it might help if men who get extremely sweaty try:
(1) sitting out a dance or two to dry off;
(2) bringing a [small black] towel;
(3) stop leading those full (or any) body contact moves when things start getting out of hand.

I know that women sweat as well, but most of the women I know take major precautions to make sure that if they sweat, they still smell like a rose. A little cologne, a little hygiene, and a lot of deodorant go a long way.

Salsa is supposed to be a sexy dance, but I think men should know, IT’S NOT SEXY TO BE SWEAT ON BY A STRANGER WHO SMELLS!!!

I think if you post something on this subject, it will provide a great public service for all of us women.
Thanks! – Ms. Particular

“Dear Ms. Particular,
Obviously deodorant and fine cologne on the body and neck are a must.

Learn to Salsa dance with Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!
OMG. One day I was giving a workshop and I FORGOT MY DEODORANT. omg. That was stressing me out and making me SWEAT more than anything else! All I had was shoe-deodorant spray.
In COMPLETE desperation, I used THAT UNDER MY ARMPITS and IT WORKED LIKE A CHARM!!! I don’t know about you, but if it eliminates odors in shoes… then FOR SURE it will help your overall arm-pit odors as well!
Believe it or not, that is all I use now. I stopped buying deodorant.

For the sweat (wetness) I would suggest that all men bring at least three shirts to the club (cotton-based – not silk), and change often. If you’ve run out of shirts, make sure to wear an Italian style low cut T-shirt under their shirt to absorb the 1st layer of sweat and make sure that the T-shirt has some cologne on it. This should keep the outer shirt dry.
DO NOT WEAR SILK SHIRTS – a round salt stain any place that gets wet will suddenly appear! Dark shirts that are part cotton are best.

What to Bring to a Salsa Club:

  1. 3 shirts
  2. deodorant
  3. cologne
  4. breath mints

If the gentleman knows that he sweats profusely, then wear the outer shirt outside to create ventilation between the T-shirt and outer shirt for more of a drying effect coupled with heat loss. If none of this works then run 10 miles, do not drink any water, take a shower, get dressed do the cologne and dance till you drop.

My mom is reading this, and she says, “Baking soda is cheaper”. Hmmmmm….. anyone try that yet?

“Dear Edie,
I would concur on that point Edie. Unfortunately, it seems that the lion’s share of places do not have effective ventilation systems. So… we will all sweat. It’s natural, but so is that pesky BO. Use deodorant, cologne and pack some extra shirts if the location allows changing. Usually, it is not as much of a problem.