Learn to Salsa dance with Edie, The Salsa FREAK!! 

Dear Edie,
Glad to hear your going to do another Salsa Bootcamp before the congress. I’ve been trying to go to the congress for two years now. Always something coming up; excuses, excuses, excuses. I’m only going to live once so I’m going; even if I have to go by myself! Right now I only have time for classes and private lessons. The projects I’m working on are all in the final integration and test phase so its double and triple shifts. Must eventually get the birds on orbit for the Air Force. You know the drill after having worked at Aerospace. I read you bio; quite a story!

Yes, I’m still with her and its one big mistake. I really and truly wanted to get her to your last bootcamp in L.A. so she could hear your philosophy of dancing which is really a metaphor for life between a man and a women. But as always she has to lead; must be some deep rooted fear? Of life? – Of me? –

I really and truly wanted her to hear your story about “women blooming in male dirt” it was, I thought, very insightful. I really wanted her to get the idea that if she is going to continue to lead before long she would not* be dancing with me.

I’m so busy with work, projects and trying to learn Salsa, that if I don’t put up with her I get the emotional flame thrower. She doesn’t realize she is sowing the seeds of our destruction. If she would only go dancing with me once in a while I would be so much happier and would probably learn the dance much quicker. As it is; I continue my classes and slowly but surely I’m catching on. Actually, it would be pretty tough dancing your brains out; I saw you dance a few times with one of your dance partners and it was really amazing how you two could hit all of the neat moves so gracefully and on the beat.

Well at least I know I could dance the basic stuff with rhythm and that feel in the body. So, right now my only claim is I’m a “basic moves Salsa Freak”:-)). I’ll see you at the Convention and I want to get a dance. So, you know I’m really preparing for it, Mr. Basic moves Salsa Freak. I’ve picked up a few other tricky cool moves but I’m whirling and twirling off the beat with out that sensual “Salsa Romantica” feeling in my body. It might take a few years at my slow pace but one of these days I’m going to say—I started out as a basic moves Salsa freak but now I’m Mr. “Salsa Romantica” Salsa Freak. This is a big challenge and long term goal. I once asked one of your really smooth dancers over at your group class how long he had been dancing Salsa and he said 5 years and I sort of gulped. But I really like the Salsa, the music, and I’m starting to hear it better.

Good luck with all your world travels. Your life sounds very exciting and you must be meeting all kinds of interesting people. I bet your staying out late and having lots of fun.

I can retire in [date] and I think I’ll be able then to dance all day long, all week long, all month long. Its going to be really and truly neat.
Your friend in Salsa, XXXX

Dear XXXX,
Great hearing from you!!!
You know what? I’m going to give you some simple advice, and I want you to remember it, and apply it to everything you do.

1. Lower your expectations of everyone and everything around you.
2. Get rid of the phrase “If only he/she would… do such and such”.

Remember, keep high expectations only of yourself, and know that you cannot nor will not ever change anyone – just yourself.

Work on your SELF.
Work on YOU.

Eventually, you will be more attractive because of your own self-confidence, and will eventually*attract into your life people who TRULY appreciate your power as a leader, and will respect who YOU are as a man.

Happy Dancing!!
– Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!
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