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“Dear Edie,
I was wondering if you have any tips or comments on the subject of SWEATY MEN!!!

Recently I have had several unpleasant experiences of dancing in class and at clubs with men who seem like they have just taken a shower- but let me tell you, they don’t smell like it!
I understand that clubs and dance studios may be hot and poorly ventilated, but I think I speak for all women in asking the male salseros of the world to PLEASE, PLEASE WEAR DEODORANT!!!
Also, it might help if men who get extremely sweaty try: (1) sitting out a dance or two to dry off; (2) bringing a towel; (3) stop leading those full (or any) body contact moves when things start getting out of hand.
I know that women sweat as well, but most of the women I know take major precautions to make sure that if they sweat, they still smell like a rose. A little cologne, a little hygiene, and a lot of deodorant go a long way.
Salsa is supposed to be a sexy dance, but I think men should know, IT’S NOT SEXY TO BE SWEAT ON BY A STRANGER WHO SMELLS!!!
I think if you post something on this subject, it will provide a great public service for all of us women.Thanks!

Let’s talk about SWEAT.
I would like to suggest bringing a spare cotton shirt (or two) with you to the clubs. Do not wear silk shirts when dancing – EVER!!! Silk does not absorb water as well as cotton or cotton combinations. It gets completely sticky, gross, and the resulting sweat stains are disgusting. WET SPOTS on silk shirts quickly become VERY CLEARLY DARK AND VISIBLE under the arm pits, on the chest, and lower back areas – YUCK! Once you’ve started to sweat in silk, your shirt will not look dry the entire evening… not even after you’ve stopped dancing for a while. To make things worse, a white, salty “ring” will appear around the stained area. This is grossing me out just thinking about it…

Keep a spare, cotton, or cotton combination DARK COLORED shirt in your car at all times. You can even bring it inside the club and hang it over a chair for a couple of hours until you’re ready to change. Trust me, it will make you feel like a million bucks when you put it on after you realize you’re soaked TO THE BONE from sweat. Keep deodorant and cologne in your car at ALL TIMES as well. I know some people, myself included, that bring black towels to the clubs. I bring a black towel because if it gets dirty (make-up, smoke etc.), the dirt won’t show and GROSS PEOPLE OUT when they see you smear your face and neck with it…

I prefer a towel to wipe off the sweat over a paper napkin because at least the TOWEL STAYS INTACT RATHER THAN BITS AND PIECES OF IT STICKING TO YOUR FACE AND NECK.

I was once dancing with a guy that had little bits of napkin plastered all over his face from his wiping his sweat off just minutes earlier. I couldn’t concentrate dancing with him, so I finally stopped and told him about it. It was embarrassing telling him for one, and TWICE AS EMBARRASSING and GROSS trying to help him peel off napkin bits! He obviously couldn’t see them. We practically missed the entire song just trying to get those itty bitty pieces of napkin OFF HIS FACE!!!

On a more “feminine note”…

WE SWEAT TOO! ADMIT IT!!! We don’t “glow”… WE SWEAT!!!
OK girlfriends, this is what you do:

Bring a black towel to the clubs. It can be very small, just a black wash cloth is fine.

Don’t put on facial foundation for an evening of dancing. This clogs your pores and makes your face sweat (wet) even more. Just slap on a little blush, lipstick, and eye makeup – that’s it. Mascara should only be worn on the top lids. If you place mascara on the bottom lids, you will, after a while, appear to have two black eyes from the bottom lash mascara falling and smearing under eyes. Besides, most of the clubs are so dark that nobody even notices. I’ve come to realize that women (including myself) spend way too much time getting ready to go out. By the time we’ve danced our first three songs, our hair is a complete mess. By the fifth song, our makeup is smeared and/or wiped off from the napkins and towel. If you’re dancing and working up a sweat, your natural “blush” will automatically show through, and you’ll look even more beautiful, naturally. I’ve had more men compliment me on my complexion when I don’t wear foundation than when I do. Trust me, men don’t really care for foundation, and prefer a more “natural” you.

Bring a fan. I like the nylon performance ones that push a ton of air through and give this loud “vvvrrrrooommm” so

Happy Dancing!
– Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!
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