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  • What Edie, The Salsa FREAK refers to as a dancer to interprets the story of the music by his/her body in motion while partner dancing.
  • Awesome male lead who hits the breaks, and ends the song with an amazing dip or dramatic pose at the finale of the song, EXACTLY on time with how the artist of the music originally intended it.
  • Awesome female follower who respects, trusts, honors, and obeys his every command, even if he asks her to hijack a move in a certain section to compliment the drama of his choreography of the song.
  • Bad-ass, amazing feeling Salsero who practices Musicality and takes her to places she’s never been…
    (on the dance floor)  … Most women refer to him as 
    “oh my god” after dancing with him.

Edie Honors the Musicians of this wonderful dance
by BUYING their music.

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  • Musicality is not generic to everyone.  It is very personal with a flavor only YOU can tailor to suite your body type, and personality.  
  • Women want to experience the joy of the music.  At times, through the leader’s body is the only way they can.  
  • A Musicalist will only execute 5 to 7 moves PER NIGHT.  (this is where Edie got the idea to create BBS DTB)
  • Musicalists simplify their moves to core basics at least one to two eight-counts right before a hit in the music.
  • Musicalists often get “off time” right before a break.  They believe the break is more important than the Timing at that point. 
  • A Musicalist does not have to know the music – however they memorize certain music to practice Musicality


  • Musicalists will become Pattern Pricks, Move Mongers, and Combo Creeps just like everyone else if the woman they are dancing with does not know how to “Play” with them, back-lead, dances right through the breaks, and looks at them funny when they are “off time” right before a break. 
  • World Class Male Musicalists normally have always had excellent relationships with their mothers, and women.  They appreciate women.     
  • World Class Female Musicalists appreciate, trust, honor and respect men.  Period.    Dance is a way to express their inner sensuality.  
  • A Musicalist loves the “Foreplay” of the beginning of every song.  They become firm during the drama, and soften up their lead for the soft parts.  
  • A Musicalist dances like no one is watching.  They are ONLY concerned about their lady. She is all that matters to him.  
  • A World Class Musicalist will not force the woman to “stop” at a hit unless she is a pro, and understand where the breaks are.   
  • He will stop his OWN body instead of hers.  
  • If/when a Musicalist stops the woman, it is normally a split lead with her shoulders, waist, hips, or head loop.  
  • When a Musicalist does not hear hits or breaks, (during the Descarga), he will execute patterns involving “High or Low Hands” more often than DTB body touches / taps.   The Descarga section of the song is Pattern time – no hits, nor breaks. 
  • All Musicalists Dip the girl at the end of every song. 
  • Musicalists would rather social dance, than perform.  Any day.   They love “creating” on-the-fly, and feel trapped when having to choreograph or perform a “canned routine”.  
  • Dancers on teams, who only perform, are horrible social dancers because they don’t understand their partner’s needs and feelings. 

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                             Musicality Ideas:

Great Songs to practice your Musicality Hits and Breaks to!

Huge thanks to Cesar G. for creating this list, and for Bob H. who typed it up. .:)


Merecumbe – Los Titanes    Rating:   1
Compay Pongase Duro – La Salsa Mayor    Rating:   1
Valio La Pena – Marc Anthony    Rating:   1
Te Conozce Bacalae – Hector Lavoe    Rating:   1
Ran Kan Kan – Tito Puente    Rating:   1
Welcome to the Party – The Harlem Youth Percussion Group    Rating:   1
Via – Al De Lory    Rating:   1
Es Solo Musica – Mamborama    Rating:   1
Rebelion – Joe Arroyo    Rating:   1
Lluvia con Nieve – Mon Rivera    Rating:   1
Baila que Baila – Jose Alberto El Canaric    Rating:   1
Alejate – Hector Lavoe    Rating:   2
Trucutu – Tommy Olivencia y Su Orchestra    Rating:   1
He Tratado – Victor Manuclle    Rating:   2
La Cura – Frankie Ruiz    Rating:   2
El Hijo de Obatala – Ray Barretto    Rating:   2
Cao Cao Mani Picao – Celia Cruz    Rating:   2
La Agarro Bajando – Gilberto Santa Rosa    Rating:   2
Ecue Baron – Scnora Poncena    Rating:   2
Dejame Sonar – Tito Puente y Tony Vega    Rating:   2
Todo Tiene Su Final – Hector Lavoe    Rating:   2
El Yo-Yo – Wayne Gorbea    Rating:   2
Te Conozcc Bien – Marc Anthony    Rating:   3
La Pantera Mambo – La 33    Rating:   3
Quedate Conmigo – La Sabrosura    Rating:   3
Preparate Bailador – Ray de la Paz    Rating:   1
No Quiero Na Regalac – Gilberto Santa Rosa    Rating:   3
Vivir Lo Nvestro – Marc Anthony & La India    Rating:   3
Sonido Bestial – Bobby Cruz y Richie Ray    Rating:   1
Vamos a Reir un Poco – Hector Lavoe    Rating:   2
Maria Juliana – Calambuco    Rating:   2
Contra La Corriente – Marc Anthony    Rating:   3
Movimiento En El Solar – Canaribe    Rating:   2
Nunca Habia Llorado Asi – Victor Manuelle feat. Don Omar    Rating:   2
Idilio (after min 3:20) – Willie Colon    Rating:   2
Me Tienes Loco (first 1:30) – Ismael Rivera    Rating:   2
Yo Quisiera – Oscar de Leon    Rating:   3
Rumbon Melon – Our Latin Groove    Rating:   2
Comerte A Besos – Frankie Negron    Rating:   2
Se Formo La Rumbantela – Sonora Matancera    Rating:   2
Achilipu – El Gran Combo    Rating:   2
Gitanita – Juanecoy Su Combo    Rating:   2
Que Manera de Quererte – Gilberto Santa Rosa    Rating:   2
Yo Se Que Es Mentira – NGZ feat. Rubby Perez    Rating:   2
Persona Ideal – N’ Klabe    Rating:   2
Fabricando Fantasias – Tito Nieves    Rating:   2
Un Tipo Comun – Tito Nieves    Rating:   2
Adicto a tu Piel – Frankie Negron    Rating:   3
Quemare Mi Cama – Frankie Negron    Rating:   3
La Vida Es Un Carnaval – Celia Cruz    Rating:   2
Un Puesto Vacante – Eddie Palmien y Lalo Rodrguez    Rating:   3
La Murga Mi Gente – Hector Lavoe    Rating:   2
El Cantante – Hector Lavoe    Rating:   3
Che Che Cole – Hector Lavoe y Willie Colon    Rating:   1
El Dia De Mi Suerte – Hector Lavoe y Willie Colon    Rating:   3
El Baron – Charlie Palmieri    Rating:   3
Feo Pero Sabroso – Louie Ramirez    Rating:   3
Descarga la Excelencia – La Excelencia    Rating:   2
Ana Pa’ Mi Tambor (After 1:00) – La Excelencia    Rating:   2
Que Mc lo Der En Vida – El Gran Combo    Rating:   3
No Hay Cama Pa’ Tanta Gente – El Gran Combo    Rating:   2
Brujeria – El Gran Combo    Rating:   2
Azuquita Pal Café – El Gran Combo    Rating:   2
Soy Antillana – Sonora Poncena    Rating:   2
Moreno Soy – Sonora Poncena    Rating:   2
Ensillala – Eddie Montaluo    Rating:   3
Ven y Baila Mi Son – Henry Fiol    Rating:   3
Ella Se Hizo Deseo – Tito Rojas    Rating:   3
Acid – Ray Barretto    Rating:   2
Nadie Como Ella – Marc Anthony    Rating:   2
Celos – Marc Anthony    Rating:   2
Llore Llore – Victor Manuelle    Rating:   2
Tengo Ganas – Victor Manuelle    Rating:   2
Lady – Orquesta La Palabra    Rating:   3
Descontrolame – Luis Enrique    Rating:   3
Oiga Mire Vea – Orquesta Guayacan    Rating:   1
El Cuarto de Tula – Buena Vista Social Club    Rating:   3
Sin Sertimiento – Grupo Niche    Rating:   3
Federico Boogaloo – Sonora Carruseles    Rating:   3
La Salsa La Traigo Yo – Sonora Carruseles    Rating:   3
Bailando – Frankie Ruiz    Rating:   2
Bvenas Noches Che Che – New Swing Sextet    Rating:   3
Vete Pa Ya – New Swing Sextet    Rating:   2
My Favorite Things – New Swing Sextet    Rating:   2
Conteo Regresivo – Gilberto Santa Rosa    Rating:   2
Tombando Cabeza – Orquesta Tabaco y Ron    Rating:   3
El Bembe – Tony Rojas    Rating:   2
Macho – Charles Fox    Rating:   3
Tu No Me Has Visto Miguel – Javier Vazquez    Rating:   2
Que Locura Enamorarme de Ti – Eddie Santiago    Rating:   3
La Preocupacion – El Gran Combo    Rating:   3
Angelito – Joey Aponte    Rating:   2
Varnonos Pa’ Senegal – La Tipica Ideal    Rating:   3
Asi Se Baila – Kako, Totico y El Trabuco    Rating:   3
Vasos en Colores (first 1:30) – Marvin Santiago    Rating:   2
Asi Son Bongo – Chamaco Ramirez    Rating:   2
La Esencia del Guaguanco – Pete “Conde” Rodriguez    Rating:   3
Cvcala – Celia Cruz    Rating:   2
La Vecinita del Lado – Tommy Olivencia    Rating:   2
Carnavalero – Chuito Velez    Rating:   2
Do You Only Wanna Dance – Julio Davjel Big Band    Rating:   3
Amor a Medio Tiempo – Bobby Valentin    Rating:   2
Guagvanco de los Violentos – La Tipica 73    Rating:   3
Dilema (After 1:30) – Johnny Ventura    Rating:   3
Para Todo el Mundo Rumba – Mambo Legends Orchestra    Rating:   3
Nina y Senora (After 1:30) – Tito Puente    Rating:   2
Avisale a Mi Contrario – Tito Rodriguez    Rating:   2
Vivir Esta Vida Otra Vez – Orquestra Colon    Rating:   3
Juana Pena – Hector Lavoe    Rating:   2
Nadie Se Salva de la Rumba – Celia Cruz, Ray Barretto, Adalberto    Rating:   2
Las Caras Lindas – Ismael Rivera    Rating:   2
El Que No Sufre No Vive – Ismael Rivera    Rating:   2
Sin Querer Queriendo – Victor Manuelle    Rating:   3
Pensamiento y Palabra – Victor Manuelle    Rating:   2
Montuno Street – Azabache    Rating:   3
Malambo – Jimmy Sabater    Rating:   3
El Albanil – Jimmy Sabater    Rating:   2
La Oportunidad – Ismael Miranda y Harlow orq.    Rating:   3
Aguzate – Richie Ray y Bobby Cruz    Rating:   2
Hasta Que se Rompa El Cuero – Sonora Carruseles    Rating:   2
Mambo For Vibes – Hilton Ruiz    Rating:   3
Y Hubo Alguien – Marc Anthony    Rating:   2
Tres Dias de Carnaval – Celia Cruz y Johnny Pacheco    Rating:   2
El Gran Varon – Willie Colon    Rating:   3
Timbalero (long song) – Willie Colon y Hector Lavoe    Rating:   2
Remembranza – Sonora Poncena    Rating:   3
Quimbara – Celia Cruz    Rating:   1
Aguanile – Hector Lavoe    Rating:   1
Vivir Mi Vida – Marc Anthony    Rating:   1
En Barranquilla Me Quedo – Joe Arroyo    Rating:   1
El Preso – Fruko y sus Tesos    Rating:   1
Cali Pachanguero – Galileo y Su Banda    Rating:   2
Llego La Banda – Spanish Harlem Orchestra    Rating:   2
Oye Lo Que Te Conviene – Eddie Palmieri    Rating:   1
Al Son de los Cueros – Sonora Carruseles    Rating:   2
Contrapunto Musical – Celia Cruz    Rating:   2
Lloraras (long trumpet for musicality) – Cscar de Leon    Rating:   1
Busca lo Tuyo – Eddie Palmieri    Rating:   1
Ella Lo Que Quiere Es Salsa – Victor Manuelle    Rating:   2
Plastico – Ruben Blades    Rating:   3
Se Le Ve – Andy Montanez feat. Daddy Yankee    Rating:   3
En El Balcon Aquel – Tito Rodriguez    Rating:   3
Periodico de Ayer – Hector Lavoe    Rating:   2
Hacha y Machete – Hector Lavoe    Rating:   1
El Todopoderoso – Hector Lavoe    Rating:   1
Pverto Rico – Eddie Palmieri    Rating:   1
Vamonos Pal Monte – Eddie Palmieri    Rating:   3
Ese Hombre – India    Rating:   2
Juana Pena – Hector Lavoe & Willie Colon    Rating:   2
Micaela – Sonora Carruseles    Rating:   1
Indestructible – Ray Barretto    Rating:   3
Mirame de Frente – Ray Barretto    Rating:   3
Oye La Noticia – Ray Barretto    Rating:   2
La Salsa Nunca Se Acaba – Susie Hansen    Rating:   1
La Salsa Llego – Sonora Carruseles    Rating:   2
El Tun Tun de tu Corazon – Orquestra La Palabra    Rating:   3
Nina Mele – Angel Canales    Rating:   3
Fuego enel 23 – Sonora Poncena    Rating:   2
Nadie es Eterno – Tito Rojas    Rating:   3
Lluvia – Eddie Santiago    Rating:   3
Asi Es La Mujer – Victor Manuelle    Rating:   2
Me Voy A Regalar – Marc Anthony    Rating:   2
La Llaue – Grupo Latin Vibe    Rating:   2
Abre Que Voy – Miguel Bnriquez    Rating:   2
Hong Kong Mambo – Tito Puente    Rating:   2
Cogete El Gusto – Waync Gorbea    Rating:   2
Yo No se Manana – Luis Enrique    Rating:   1
Vna Mala – Clasicom    Rating:   2
Le Dio Pami – Clasicom    Rating:   2

Great Slow Songs to Practice!

Huge thanks to SUPER DJ John Rupe for helping to create this list . .:)




Cha Cha and Son Songs

Represent – Orishas

Low Rider – War

Cha Cha Lagoon – Carlos Campos

Do You Wanna Dance – Boogaloo Assasins

San Francisco Tiene Su Propio Son – Brian Andres and Afro-Cuban Jazz Cartel

Too Beautiful – Edwin Rivera

Bruja Marique – Orquesta Narvaez

Palmieri – Adrian

Esperanza – Salsa Celtica

La Montana – Palenke Band

Medium Paced Salsa songs

Micaela – Sonora Carruseles

Bien Pegadito – CJ Castro

Ay Amor Cuando Hablan las Miradas – Guayacan Orquesta

La Sombra – La Sucursal S.A.

Maria de las Ramblas – Macondito

Sey – Africando All Starts

Pobrecita – La Maxima 79

Agua Que Va Caer – Tromboranga

Hong Kong Mambo – Tito Puente

Cha Cha and Son Montuno Songs I really like for student timing practice:

Como Mi Salsa Ninguna – Pirulo y la Tribu

Topanga – Tony Verlardi

Vente Negra – Habana con Kola

Aprender a Volar – Palenke Band

Perdoname – Gilberto Santa Rosa

Tumba Puchunga – Bloque 53

Intro del Mayimbe

Despues de un Beso – Alexander Abreu

Fragilidad – Sanmera

La Murga – Hector Lavoe

Como los Quiero – Nejo and Dalmata

Oiga Mire Vea – Guayacan Orquesta

Achilipu – El Gran Combo

Lluvia – Eddie Santiago

Llego Good Sho – Good Sho

Ya Lo Se – Calle Real




Slow Salsa Songs

Mua Mua Mua – Raul Paz

La La La – DLI

Acid – Ray Barretto

La Llave – Grupo Latin Vibe

Juliana – R. Valoy and Cuco Valoy

Cocosito – Jimmy Bosch

El Trigeno Cintura – La Maxima 79

Yamulemau – Joe Arroyo

Gitana – Willie Colon

Perdoname – Gilberto Santa Rosa

Llegar a Quererte – Adonis Puentes

Malaguena – Orquesta Sonora La Habana

Chin Chow Chow – Louie Ramirez

La Loma del Tamarindo – El Gran Combo

Como Mi Salsa Ninguna – Pirulo y la Tribu

Bonito y Sabroso – Oscar d’ Leon

La Llave -Grupo Latin Vibe

Yamulemau – Joe Arroyo

Sin Sentinientos – Grupo Niche

Vente Negre – Habana con Kola

Topanga – Tony Velardi

Mi Hijo y yo – Alfredito Linares

Gotas de Lluvia – El Gran Combo

Cocosito – Jimmy Bosch

Linda Mujer – El Timba and Fabiio Gianni

Lindas y Bellas – Los Nemus del Pacifico

Tumba Puchunga – Bloque 53

Juliana – R. Valoy and C Valoy

Guaguanco in Jazz – Ricardo Ray

Intro del Nayimbe – Mayimbe y Barbaro Fines

La La La – Direct Latin Influence

Fragilidad – Sanmera

Despues de un Beso – Alexader Abreu

May Then – New Sing Sextet

La Murga – Willie Colon and Hector Lavoe

Como Los Quiero – Nejo and Dalmata

Abuelos – Cache

Base Violin Samples:
  • Madre – by Mel Cochita
  • El Carretero – by Malavoi – Panete Salsa: Le Meilleur de la Musique Latine
Conga Sample:
  • Pedro Navarra – by Ruben Blades
3/2 Clave Sample:  
Havana Moonlight – by Spiro Gyra
2/3 Clave Sample:  
Dejame Sonar – by Tito Puente
The Story of the Music Samples:
  • Do You Only Wanna Dance – by Julio Daviel Big Band Conducted by Cucco Pena (Jealous Ex)
  • La Salsa Nunca Se Acabe – by Susie Hansen  (husband/wife arguing about mother-in-law)
Explain how I started – I could not find the best for 3 WEEKS!  It was Embarrassing as a musician. 
Story of Milan Salsa Congress- listening to promoter in car trying to explain – then lunchtime fight.  
BUT – I knew music
I knew how to COUNT and read MUSIC
Yes 5,6,7,8
1234, 2234, 3234, 4234
5234, 6234, 7234, 8234
Doe re mi far so law T doe!!
Some students have never associated a sound with a feeling or touch on your body – your fingers for example. Flute player associated touching something when they heard a sound. This is a learning experience. You are not born with it.
Therefore, if you cannot associate a sound with a touch, you need to start practicing just that.
What is the structure of the music?
Music is built in LAYERS… using a Staff with Measures (Bars).  
Like building a house: 
  • Foundation
  • Iron posts
  • Wood
  • Walls
  • Roof
  • The Decorating
Play Hotel California to demo the super strong 1st Beat of the song. 
Answer:  Each Instrument has their own little mini song that repeats over and over again.  
What do you do when the music timing switches?
Which instrument do I follow?
  • What if you can’t hear the conga?
  • What if you can’t hear the clave?
  • What if you can’t hear the base violin?
How do I know what is the one versus the five?
What is the front side of the clave and what is the backside of the clave?
Are On2 Dancers really dancing On1?
What is true On 2 dancing?
One type of On1 Dancing.  
Different types of Salsa On2 dancing?
Show TRUE “dancing on Clave” – dancing on FIVE beats instead of six steps.  
EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW BOTH – you get twice as many people to dance with!! 
Pedro Gonez Salsa in Clave
2,3,,5,6,7 8,,
Hold the 1 and hold the 4
Leader goes forward on 2.  
The STORY of the music – listen to the CHANGE in the feeling of the music.  
Sentences, Paragraphs, Chapters = Phrases
Any instrument can REPLICATE the Clave.
Explain how muscle memory can mess up your timing when switching between On1 and On2
Practice clapping on different beats. 
 When a leader switches from On1 to On2, 
Are the women really faster spinners On- 2?
 No – their prep is more efficient, and Follows have one more second of time to do their turns. – show diagram.  .
If there is a super fast song, dance On2. 
If it is a super slow song dance On1
How to recognize them and what to do about it.