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Salsa Dance “Musicality” – Better than SEX

Romanians Taking Salsa to the Highest Level…
Musicality – ON THE RISE

Musicality –
How the Story of the Music is Interpreted by Bodies in Motion

“Becoming a Musicalist is one of the highest levels you can reach in Salsa social dancing. One of the most fantastic things about this new level of dancing is the ability to create beautiful choreography on the spot… with someone you don’t even know.”
– Edie, The Salsa FREAK

A Salsa Musicalist has the capability of playing with the hits and breaks of the music without EVER interrupting their partner. Their spontaneous choreography during partner work is literally “One with the Music”. A Salsa Musicalist becomes the artist’s brush, palette, and frame, painting the beautiful picture (his dance partner) with their movements and direction. Because they practices the art of Musicality during Salsa dancing, their technique and style become astounding. Click Here for Full Story…

Musicality Sweeping Romania…soon the Entire World… “The “natural” masculine style that emanated out of each man once they hit the breaks within the song … oh my god… to die for. Just watching them was a show. I had to excuse myself and take a cold shower afterward. ”

Salsa Musicalists

There is Nothing more Powerful than an Idea Who’s Time Has Come.
International Jack and Jill Competitions, Improvisational Performances by Top Lead and Follows in the world, New Salsa Music created specifically designed for Hitting The Breaks… new and creative Musicality Moves for dancers and performers…
… now the Sky is the limit for Salsa!

Watch out world…

Thanks to the incredible leadership of Romania’s “Dragos and Raluca”, they have chosen the highest level of Salsa for their students to learn. “These are not my students… I am simply their Teacher.” Dragos says of his philosophy of teaching. He knows and understands the Secret of success. He knows the value of quality teaching and never holding anything back – his philosophy is simple: Teach and give away as much as you know, so you can receive more. This is why people wait in line to take his classes. He actually has to turn people down when registering – just too many. A nice problem to have for most of the dance world – a REAL issue for Dragos!
He’s taken responsibility for bringing Romania to the forefront of the Salsa world, one step at a time. The level of respect people have for him is extraordinary. I’ll be teaching the secrets of their studio success at my Instructor Training Bootcamps all over the world.

Where do I see Salsa headed? From seeing how quickly the Salseros of Romania picked up Musicality, I see more and more Jack and Jill competitions taking place throughout the world, where you don’t know who your partner will be; his/her name is randomly chosen for you out of a hat, and you are judged based on Musicality and style….

I see Improvisational shows sprouting up all over the world. I see Congresses, Festivals, and Conventions promoters hire technique-focused instructors who will focus more on Musicality Techniques rather than just turn patterns and figures.

I see the moves and techniques found typically in shows, taken musically to the social dance floor. I see musicians creating more “Musical” music with stops, hits and breaks for the dancers to play with. I see Musicality take the entire economy of Salsa up one more notch – to the mass media and beyond.

More importantly, I see all of us as dancers getting back to the heart and soul of the music itself.
I see us getting off each other’s back about staying “On Beat”… I see the arguments of dancing on the “One” or the “Two” quietly fade away. I see different dance styles combining and merging into one beautiful, all-inclusive, non-exclusive, musical and individual dance style.

… and I’ve witness first-hand how a tiny country like Romania is leading the way, …without even realizing it.

The most important aspect of pulling off perfect Musicality with Salsa is that both you and your partner must be completely attuned and have respect for each other. The woman MUST respect the man’s lead every second, and the man must respect the woman’s body “already in motion”. In other words he cannot just HALT her in the middle of her turn.
It would be like stopping her in the middle of an orgasm.
NOT a good feeling.

Dancing musically, hitting the breaks, pausing at the stops, and sweeping during the crescendos are an amazing challenge because not only do you have to control your self, but you must be able to control your partner without interrupting her body already-in-motion.

The trick to performing perfect Musicality dancing is not interrupting your partner’s motion – she must feel the anticipated hit or break coming with your subtle and refined lead. Only then can she willingly submit to your hold or change on her own. THAT’S THE BEAUTY OF THIS. If she is acutely aware of your lead, and a great follower, she will sense your changes and IMMEDIATELY respect and respond to your every command.

Guys, you must change yourself first,
before she will change with you.

There are only a handful of Salseros throughout the world whom I know are true Musicalists, and practice it often, but none who have truly mastered it and even fewer who can actually “teach” it. It is an extremely difficult artform. It is an on-going process of learning and growing – the sky is the limit with Musicality – that’s what makes it so important in the world of Salsa. There are now no limits to growing your dancing – Musicality is BETTER than a bunch of new moves. It’s the ULTIMATE. There are no limits to this!!

I’ve seen it and experienced it – but with only the top leads in the world.

In fact, Musicalists are now getting SO used to women saying “oh my god” after virtually every song… that naturally they tend to start believing they are Salsa gods, and this CAN get to their HEADs.
Guys, hold the reigns… take my word of advice. Just because women STAND IN LINE all night to get a dance with you and call you “god” afterward doesn’t mean you’re really GOD….OK?
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