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“Pete and Carmen’s Salsa Dance Academy, Fresno, CA” Dear Edie,
First off, let me say that your story on your website really inspired me. I discovered Salsa in college, when my roommate (who was a Salsa nut) wanted someone to go with her. I quickly discovered my limited knowledge of the differences in genre Cumbia, Merengue, Salsa, etc., but also I feel deeply madly in love with the thrill of it. After graduation we both moved on to live outside of that world, but deep down I find myself missing Salsa and missing dancing.
So here’s my dilemma. I have been blessed to have found wonderfully imperfect man with whom to spend the rest of my life with. The only problem is he doesn’t dance. BUT, I know he wants to! I know he loves the music, and he has a rhythm- he’s just incredibly insecure. In his own words his experience with the “Mexican” way of teaching him to dance was to throw him in the center of the dance floor jeering him on while the whole family stands back and watches his embarrassment. He said he would definitely want to try dancing with me, and feels comfortable with me, but I don’t know which method is better to start him off with. And at this point my dance shoes are all so full of dust I know I could use a refresher.I was wondering, how and when could we go about doing lessons? He lives in Fresno, I live in San Gabriel Valley/ Work in LA, but we can train in either area since we travel back and forth. I know you’re incredibly busy, and during the holidays I’m sure you’re bombarded- but I would greatly appreciate anything you could suggest. In any event, thank you for sharing your story with others- it reminded me why I loved dancing again.

Best regards,
Nostalgic for Dance”

Dear “Nostalgic for Dance”,
There is a FANTASTIC school in Fresno he can go to, to start him on the right track. It is a Black Belt Salsa school, called “Pete and Carmen’s Salsa Dance Academy”. Pete and Carmen are a WONDERFUL couple that have been teaching Salsa Group Classes for several years now. Their classes have about 70 people in them now (they tripled in size since taking the Dance Business Management (DBM) Online Webinar Course in 2009!)

I would HIGHLY recommend you suggest that group class to your friend.
Why? Several reasons:

  • He will see and feel the “excitement” of all the people in the room.
  • He will not be intimidated by “super advanced show-off dancers” because there will be many people at his level (struggling, but HAPPY beginners)
  • He will feel “at home” in their warm and friendly atmosphere. In the Black Belt System, we teach that “being nice, warm, and happy” is PARAMOUNT to keeping your Group Classes “FULL”.
  • He will be taught a “Progressive, Systematic” approach to learning to partner dance – and not just Salsa… but all forms of Latin dance. (Bachata, Merengue, etc).
  • He will be able to take an hour after the class to practice his moves with various people to perfect and more importantly REMEMBER and SOLIDIFY what he was just taught.
  • He will be able to progress at an even pace over time, as well as practice at their weekly Sunday night parties.

Any Certified BBS School is PERFECT for the budding Salsero. And Pete and Carmens’ Salsa Dance Academy is right in Fresno, CA! Pete (certified Red Belt Pro Trainer) has an excellent style and is also an excellent Musicalist as well. Carmen is a WONDERFUL woman who holds her Blue Belt in the system. Your friend will learn a LOT – most importantly “fundamentals and foundation” – which is PARAMOUNT to a quality lead. Their Academy is nothing short of World Class.

As for YOU my dear, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Reading the following Dancer Hangout articles:

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Read and study those articles above VERY CAREFULLY. There are priceless “Words of Wisdom” in those articles that will feed / adjust / prepare your mind for things to come.


You may come across obstacles / judgmental / jealousy issues that you never thought would occur. The articles will help prepare you for that.
In fact, I recommend reading this ENTIRE SITE to get you ready for what is to come (and I’m NOT kidding).

But it will certainly be FUN to see the process, and how BOTH OF YOU grow from this journey!!
Please keep me up-to-date on how the both of you are doing.

Please leave your Comments below.

Keep Dancing!!

Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!
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