Learn to Salsa dance with Edie, The Salsa FREAK!! 

“Dear Edie,
It is 1:30 in the morning now, just before my trip to LA. I am more than a little tired/stressed. The way you open up in your letters makes a person feel like they have to open up right back, give and take. As tired as I am, thoughts just kind of flow out into the keyboard. The more I read what you write, the more I realize what true passion is, and at what points in my life I have felt it.

My rambling point is that your passion for Salsa comes through even in your cathartic letters about the Mayan. (cathartic? I made it up-adjective form of catharsis When you dance for fun, do you feel like you are producing energy, or wearing yourself out? That is the difference between passion and dedication. PS: By the way, as therapeutic as your web page is for you, your page and correspondence does a lot for the rest of us too.
– Atlanta Man

Dear Atlanta Man,
When I dance for fun, meaning dance Salsa, I produce energy. I feed off my partner’s energy, and he feeds off mine. But I find that when I dance anything else, like [other dance] for example, the energy gets sucked right out of me. Lately, I even tried dancing to Techno music. I just get tired (I used to LOVE techno!). But when a Salsa song comes on… my body suddenly transforms into a flower blossoming to full bloom, BURSTING with DAZZLING COLOR, EXCITEMENT and ENERGY!!! The rhythm just takes your breath away, and my mind floats away to another place in time…

Someone was telling me today that Salsa attracts a lot of possessive / obsessive-type people. The go-getters in life. The type “A” personalities. I’m not surprised, as it is such a challenge to dance. I’ve met more Doctors, engineers, lawyers, physicians, CPAs and College Professors on the Salsa dance floor than I have any other type of nightclub. What does that tell you about the caliber of people who love Salsa? It’s our passion.

We’re passionate people, and we need to release that passion because we’re passionate about everything we do in life. Salsa lovers, I have found, love life.

Happy Dancing!
– Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!
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