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Dance Salsa Online - Black Belt Salsa - Salsa Dance Curriculum
Curriculum Training - Dance Instructor Training and Certification

Package 1

30-Hours – You Save $660!

Price:  $2,950

Dance Salsa Online - Black Belt Salsa - Salsa Dance Curriculum

Package 2

60 Hours – You Save $1,920!

Price:  $5,280

Salsa Curriculum Training - Dance Instructor Training and Certification

Package 3

90 Hours – You Save $3,600!

Price:  $7,200

Dance Salsa Online - Black Belt Salsa - Salsa Dance Curriculum

Package 4

120 Hours – You Save $5,450!

Price:  $8,950

Salsa Wedding Dance in Denver

Wedding Package


  • Choreography
  • Music Editing to completion

Normally most wedding packages are 10 hours, however every wedding is different.
Please contact Edie for a customized quote.

All Package Deals Include the following for every 30-Hour package purchased:



How long will it take for me to get good?

About twice as long as half the time.    .:)))
You will get out of this what you put into it.

  • If you have a GREAT attitude, it will take HALF the time!  
  • If you study the moves online, you will get good SUPER FAST.
  • If you study the download instructional videos that are provided for FREE with your package, your styling and move arsenal will EXPLODE!
  • If you condense your privates over a shorter period of time, you will get good much faster.
  • If you find a practice partner, it will help tremendously
  • If you combine your privates by attending Group Classes
  • If you go out to nightclubs to practice socially, it will also help immensely!  

Can you train me to compete at an international level?

Absolutely.  That is my specialty.  We will take a look at event dates, and work towards that goal.  

I am interested in the Apprentice Program

If you are interested in learning to teach, I highly recommend our Apprentice Program.  There, you will learn to dance Salsa with correct techniques in about HALF the time it would normally take.  You will learn the in’s and out’s of the Curriculum, the Black Belt System, and how to handle a group class.   

Once you sign up as an Apprentice, your private lessons are 50% off retail.  Once an Apprentice, ALWAYS an Apprentice!  There is only a one-time training fee.  Contact Edie for details.

What should I wear?

Come comfortable!  People come in sweats, work clothes, jeans, etc.  No need to dress to impress.  You can come in gym clothing.  Ladies, please cover your stomache, your arms and your shoulders if you can.  A nice long-sleeve shirt and slacks is great.   (due to slippery sweat).   lol. 

What if I don't have a partner?

If you are a beginner, Edie will work with you to the point of where you are ready for a dance partner.  She has an entire arsenal of men and women she works with that are also looking to practice as well!   When she brings someone in, you will still pay your full fee, but they will be your partner, and will not split any cost with you.   They are there for YOU, and you alone.   

What type of shoes do I need?

Edie wears socks!   You can wear whatever shoes will allow you to slide and spin on a wooden dance floor.  They will also need to allow you to stand and dance on them for a solid two-hours.   Check to see if they leave black marks on the floor.  If they do, Edie will make you wear HER socks!   lol.  

Will I get a BBS Board showing the curriculum?

YES!  If you purchase a package deal, Edie will make you your very own BBS Board!  You may use it to reference the BBS moves and study the unique curriculum system when you are practicing with your partner(s).   

Dance Salsa Online - Black Belt Salsa - Salsa Dance Curriculum

Come to Group Class!

Practice your moves with others at our SUPER FUN Group Classes!   Click here for details

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