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You’re at a Salsa club, you ask someone to dance, and they say… “Uh… No…, thank you.”

It DOES NOT mean the following:

  • You’re ugly
  • You smell bad
  • You’re too short
  • You’re too fat / tall / skinny / etc…

It just may mean that you don’t lead very well (if you’re a guy), or you are too crazy out there to let them control you (if you’re a woman)

My advice to ANYONE who goes out partner dancing, is to take PRIVATE lessons – not just a group class – from the best recommended instructor in town. Take JUST ONE at first, before you decide on a package deal. You will find, that a Quality instructor will IMMEDIATELY catch what your problems are – even if you THINK you’re an intermediate or advanced level.

Don’t ask your instructor to teach you fancy turns or tricks until you’ve mastered the basics. Fundamentals ARE EVERYTHING. I had to literally start all over again when I started my private lessons with my LA coaches. I had been dancing for almost a year, and they literally re-vamped my basic step. We spent an entire two or three sessions, just correcting my bad habits!

I can guarantee, if your instructor is good, they’ll look at your BASIC STEP and simple turns first, then, if it needs work, they should force you to perfect that. Afterward, they will work systematically from the ground up.

Once you get the basics down – and down correctly – you can then go out, and not worry about people turning you down all the time!!

Believe me, if a man is ugly, short, or even smells bad – but can lead well – women fall over themselves just to dance with them…

I’m not kidding. I’ve seen it happen.

I’ve taken lessons from virtually every famous international instructor at one point in time or another…. especially at Salsa Congresses! I will pay ANYONE who is awesome to show me a few steps for a couple dollars a minute. Most don’t have time for a full hour, so that is “how we roll” at major events… and I’ve been teaching for almost 20 years! Yup, I can’t ever stop learning and I can’t get enough of this Salsa thing!!

Any instruction will help you. Private lessons, one-on-one are the best and most cost-effective because you get 100% full attention, in a fraction of the time. Your instructor will focus on your weak areas, and be free to tell you how to improve your dancing and style without any possibilities of being embarrassed about it in front of others.

DEFINITELY, take some private dance lessons to sharpen your dance skills – This is 4-sure!!!

Happy Dancing!
– Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!
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