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What a wonderful experience your course was! You covered a lot of what I hadn’t thought of, things that if I would have known before starting out that I would have done differently. It was a great learning experience and I will definitely utilize all of the knowledge that was given for my company and encourage other instructors to take your course as well! I would definitely recommend this course to all of my fellow instructors!
J.C. Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“It still astonishes me to understand how much training with Edie has changed both my dancing technique and my presence while dancing.
 The first time dancing in Boston since returning from Blue Belt Training in Denver, women smiled while dancing with me like they never had and exclaimed, “You’re not a Boston dancer! Where are you from?!”Little did they know I had received all my dance training but one week while dancing in Denver with Edie. That’s how much Edie changes and improves people’s dancing. It’s incredible!”
Sam Newland Certified Blue Belt

I LOVE the online Step-by-Step Videos!! 

Extremely helpful!!

Tonya Outlaw Certified Red Belt Pro Trainer

If it wasn’t for the blend of styles and techniques in the BBS I would have had a nightmare time. 
Went dancing last night here in my city. Really opened my eyes as to why we need the BBS and a structured syllabus. I danced with 10 different girls and each one did something completely different. Guys were struggling to lead these girls.  But I was able to keep a Venezuelan girl happy by dancing “cumbia” and then moved to another girl who only knew LA. I ended up getting compliments all night from the girls I danced with because I adapted to them but still led. It was awesome.
G.H. Canada

It was amazing! I learned so much and you are amazing at what you do!
It was the best time and money investment I’ve ever made! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us ? Wow! It’s very hard just to pick one since a lot of information she covered was amazing and mind blowing. I really enjoyed learning about unique teaching methods.
A.M. Los Angeles, CA

What a Great Idea – access to videos of what we are learning every week in class!! 
This is a Fantastic way of helping me remember what I learned! Thank you for sharing so much of your knowledge with all of us.
G.S. Golden, CO

I’ve already integrated some of your methodologies into my classes with amazing responses from the students. Any instructor who wishes to improve him/herself or wishes to run a dance studio or dance team more efficiently and successfully should attend your workshops at the earliest possible opportunity; it will change their whole outlook on dancing and teaching. Thank you for so openly sharing all of your knowledge and experience with me and with the world!

Art Davis A.D. , Bangalore, India

The White Belt Course was “Excellent” because I am a visual learner and learn best from diagrams.
 Edie uses concrete examples that help students understand. The presentation was well-organized and very well done. She gave an excellent explanation of timing, and how to find both the “1” and the “2”. I felt that Edie’s emphasis on the student’s perspective was the most important part of the training…
J.L. Colorado Springs, CO

It was the best investment I had made in a long time. 
Now I need to continue and learn more. what is next in your program?
J.R. New York, NY

… I simply cannot find the words to convey how excited I am about being a part of the BBS System!! I was in training most of the day … and have learned so much! 

Willie McIntosh is an absolutely fantastic instructor, not to mention a wonderful person, but he has made this training one of the best training sessions I think I have ever had. The material that we have covered is absolutely fantastic and I can already see how it is going to transform my students, classes, business, and me both personally and professionally. I already KNOW that this is by far one of the BEST INVESTMENTS that I could have ever made for my students and my dance company.

C.P. Charlotte, NC, Baila con Pasion

What an exciting and excellent Purple belt training program I’ve had so far with in Fresno! His energy, enthusiasm and genuine love of Salsa was totally amazing to be around! 

I came to Pete looking to sharpen my instruction skills and was looking to get new ideas to grow and round out my teaching capabilities – He’s done that and so much more! The way Pete has explained the BBS system to me has forever changed my style of teaching! His patience, expertise, versatility and unparalleled  sense of musicality has made learning the BBS an accessible and creative experience all around! He is not only a stellar dancer, but a master teacher who is very focused on helping his students construct and maintain a solid foundation from which to build a lifetime of incredible teaching skills for youth and adults alike!

K.C. Oakland, CA

“I actually placed this [Posture Brace] order for one of my students.
I recalled how awesome it was for me and found it again.” 
Alfred Pena

Dear Edie,
I bought a posture brace from you last congress and you know who noticed at Thanksgiving? MY MOM! lol! omg she was the first one to compliment me on my “nice stance” as she put it. lol! Anyways, just thought I’d drop you a not to let you know that your posture thing WORKS. Thanks for putting it out there for us

“Love this product. It’s my second one! Love Salsa too.”
Helene Mark – Florida

THIS THING IS GREAT! I hated it at first, but now I am SUPER AWARE of my posture when I am hunched over my computer! I can’t believe how sore I was the first week – but I’m still wearing it. Hey, I want to order about 20 for my office, and I also shows my chiropractor – she wants some too! Do you sell them wholesale? 
Gabby M

“At first I was super skeptical because it was so small and flimsy, but after wearing it for about a week, I actually feel guilty for slouching! That thing has made me realize just how badly I needed it. I really makes you AWARE of what you’re doing all day. Thanks for creating such a great product.” 


Dear Edie,
I just wanted to write to you and let you know that I bought one of these for my daughter. She hated it at first, but I forced her to wear it for a day. Her boyfriend complimented her, then her father, then her best friend… Edie I have to tell you that now she wants ME to wear one! Oh my goodness, I had such a good laugh. I’d like to order two more (one is for my husband)…
Susan K

Hi Edie,

It is really wonderful of you to touch base with me on the posture brace. I very much appreciate that a lot. I happily got the brace delivered last week, thank you so much. (it arrived before the holiday weekend of the Royal Wedding here in the UK) i did slip it on to see what it feels like and yes, it works, but i feel it will take a little getting used to, as i need to wear it for the extended period as per your advice. Just wanted to share something with you.

I stumbled upon your website a few years ago and saved the info, as i found it very useful. But recently, a few months back, a friend of mine noticed my poor posture and this triggered me to do something about it, so tried to look for your info, but i could not locate where i’d saved it. However, i recalled some details of your site, so Googled the words ‘Salsa’ Dance freak’ and ‘posture’ something like that and wow, i found you again and instantly recognized you as the highly accomplished and distinguished salsa teacher who advises on importance of correct posture and here we are. Thank you again for following up with me and your prompt, efficient service.

Your informational Youtube Video, website and podcast have been saved in my online data back up archive for easy future reference and saved in email favourites + bookmarks. All i can say is thank you Edie, you are wonderful caring and charismatic person full of zest for life, which you imbue to others. – a rare trait these days. I can just tell this from your communications and your website. Thank you so much.

Sri UK

Dear Edie,

I was surprised and absolutely delighted by your gift of two DVDs.

The first on stealing was actually on my to-buy list, and the Millennium moves Volume III… holy mama! It’s got FOUR of my absolutely favourite moves. Two of which I’d forgotten I knew how to do, and two which I am at this very moment trying to get! So it was the PERFECT choice!

Thanks also for signing it! I now have autographs from some of my favourite salsa heroes: you, Supermario, Johnny Vasquez. I just need Peter Fige’s and Ana Masacote’s and I will retire happily! 🙂

Best regards to you, and thank you very much for making my day!

Greg Fam Singapore

She was giving me a compliment that I thought I would share…
Your videos (and the bootcamp that my wife and i took a couple of years ago at the Denver Turnverien) have really help me go from beginner (never danced before) to an intermediate (twice a week for a couple hours) salsaholic. All of rest of my time is spent reviewing my notes from previous lessons from many resources, including experimenting with the multi-styles that your dvd has presented! I simply love Salsa and have reconnected with my heritage and latin culture and love of music that i remember as a child and teen. I thank you, Edie, for facilitating that process!

Bought some of your DVDs in the past and they were amazing. We both enjoyed your DVDs especially your styling and cool moves! A pity that we lived in the UK otherwise we would love to have lessons with you guys!

Many thanks Patrick

You DVDs just arrived yesterday. Thank you so very much! We took a quick glimpse at each one and they’re great. Can’t wait to start … too excited. Thank you again! 
Pauline and Dana

Had to drop this note to you quickly. I am truly amazed and fascinated by your teachings through your dvds.
Thanks to you – my desire to learn Salsa & the love for it has just grown exponentially. I wish all my friends and folks in India could get to learn from someone like you & I wish I could contribute somehow into this.Thanks & Regards,
Anish S – India

Thanks Edie. I love the DVDs.
Keven K.

Dear Edie
Just to let you know that I recieved the dvds today. Many thanks for your patience and professionalism.
Many congratulations indeed for being so amazingly productive.

I just want to thank you for the CD’s THANK YOU!! I am sure you hear it a lot, but you really are a great teacher, and I regret that I never made it to your classes before – your techniques are great, and I am pretty sure my dancing will improve.
Chau, Elise

Loving your Cds as much today as when we first received them. Its opened up a whole new world of dance for us. Your styling is amazing and even better its never the same. Reminds me that is no one way perfect way. Its all good. Best Regards

I know you get tons of mail, but I just had to write. I got our bundle of DVDs yesterday and my husband and I spent the evening riveted to the TV.

You have the BEST Salsa and Bachata DVDs out there. We have really enjoyed getting to know you and Jorge E and Jazzy in your Bachata videos, and yesterday, we were blown away by the quality—of the dancing, the instruction, the production. Thank you for bringing such great instruction into our living room in little Cedar Springs, Michigan. 🙂

Clare Freeman

Recently, after dancing with a total stranger for the first time while an excellent choice of song by your friend dj nelson was played, this gal (a very good and expressive dancer) asked me if I was taking Edie’s Salsa Blackbelt Course! She went on to explain that she saw alot of Edie’s teaching in my own style! She was giving me a compliment that i thought id share. Again thanks for doing what you do.

E.B. Denver, COHi Edie

Edie, I’m here at the San Fran Salsa Congress. I haven’t taken any workshops. I learned so much more [methodically] from your DVDs that the women I am dancing with – wow, I’ve gotten so many compliments on my dancing here thanks to you. It feels good when women leave me with a big smile. Pretty much I review in myu head “what would Edie think if she saw me right now.” 🙂
Michaell Baker

I enjoy watching the DVDs repeatedly to improve my techniques.  I’ve already watched 2 DVDs and I’m impressed by your clear/energetic instructions.  Thank you !
Hirokazo – Japan

“Hey Edie,
I heard about you from Peter Fige and I’m totally thrilled by the Musicality dvd you both put together. As a musician, I felt all the time that endlessly leading pattern after pattern just doesn’t fit to the music. What I was missing was some kind of systematic way to “stop and start” again without disturbing the woman.

Well, with the dvd I finally have a solid foundation. Yesterday I went social dancing for the first time after watching and what can I say

It works like a charm and the women love it! Thank you so much!

So, if one of your dvds is already amazing, I’m sure the other ones
can’t be bad either 🙂

I have to thank you and Peter for all that I’ve learned. 

I still can’t believe that this was on just one dvd…”

Simon – Germany

“Edie,… Edie,… Edie !

I love you.
I read the e-book.
You are a genius ! While the commun running of people, the majority of people feel something and can’t explain what they are feeling, and why, … and You, You have this wonderful talent to understand and breaking down the whole process we are going through , and get out all its components in order to educate, to coach anyone who crave to learn more (the alpha male triangle concept for attraction is just brillant)

I agree for saying the way we act on the dance floor is extensively the way we (should) act in normal life through the dating and courtship process.
I suspected something about the body language and you’re giving me the answers (stance and posture which women will judge the male dancers).
The man sees things, the woman feels things… for a guy it’s difficult to understand this but that’s the law of nature and we can’t do anything.
Plus, the illustrations translate precisely the writings into visual examples. I love them.

Let me tell you a personal story.
While living in Paris and going to dance parties taking place regularly in this dance school, I was always obcessed with a painting on the wall showing a fifties- dancing couple, both partners facing to each other in Closed Position.
The man wearing jeans and leather jacket looks like a character from « Happy Days – Footloose – Grease » the stance of the man radiates energy and confidence and it was like the girl is « his » girl, she belongs to him and she can’t do nothing but follows him.
And wherever I went dancing in Paris (indoors and outdoors) just to remind the painting and my way of dancing changed drastically (I saw that by the positive expression on the girls’s faces I danced with) !

When I met you years ago in LA (2001), what is in your e-book was what I wanted you to teach me, not fancy moves, not fancy turns to impress other ones, I had some vague intuition on parts of the what women want thing, unfortunately at that time it wasn’t clear in my mind, it was rather a blur in my mind so I couldn’t tell and couldn’t express exactly what I wanted to learn.
You gave me some elements and I did my own journey for years to grab some others elements here and there – including the painting story above, and today you, you are the only one from the salsa scene who took time to demonstrate and write clearly about what’s inside their minds, and I am reading it ! I am looking forward to watching the DVD.

But In my humble opinion, not the majority of male dancers are ready to receive such information even if you punch your fist in their faces.
I am not saying that they don’t disserve it, what I mean is before accepting these knowledges, first they must go through a natural process of learning the basics, then more and more sophisticated moves and perhaps only one day any environmental event or any personal event would trigger the feeling of wanting to do some researches and leading them to connecting salsa dancing a step closer to the dating and relationship area for having success with every girl on the dance floor.

Last Sunday evening I was at a salsa party and almost every guys were making their routines more or less simplified, as usual, and it’s very exceptional to see couples trying to musicality dancing.

Here’s what comes into my mind while reading your work Edie, I may have other thoughts later, for the moment I’ll give you a 9 out of 10, I am waiting for the DVD and we’ll see if you disserve a 10 !



Edie, I just got the Men’s Styling DVD I ordered. I couldn’t get it into the DVD player fast enough. There are a lot of awesome moves in there. Some of them will take some practice but I’ve got some good partners and an amazing teacher that will help me work them out. It’ll take some practice, but one thing I’ve always said, my Salsa, like my life, is a work in progress. At least I’m having fun doing it. 🙂 And I always enjoy watching women like you dance. You look like you’re having fun when you out there on the floor. Thanks a lot. EricI just wanted to say that I LOVE your DVDs with Peter Figes. I’ve got your
Musicality video with him and the Figes Figures one too. He seems to be a
down to earth guy and a great dancer. I’m planning on using them with my
private instructor. I’m one of those dancer that needs to feel the move
physically before I “get” it.

I’m also working on getting on your World Class Leads list. I’m defiantly
getting there, but it’s still a work in progress. But I’ve been told that
I’ve got a really good lead and a lot of the really amazing ladies here in
L.A. keep saying yes to me when ask them to dance, so I figure I’ve got to
be doing SOMETHING right. 🙂

But yeah, I would love to see more of Peter on your videos

Eric Chaves (macguy4321 on the Dancer’s Hangout)

Dear Edie

I was surprised and absolutely delighted by your gift of two DVDs.

The first on stealing was actually on my to-buy list, and the Millennium moves Volume III… holy mama! It’s got FOUR of my absolutely favourite moves. Two of which I’d forgotten I knew how to do, and two which I am at this very moment trying to get! So it was the PERFECT choice!

Thanks also for signing it! I now have autographs from some of my favourite salsa heroes: you, Supermario, Johnny Vasquez. I just need Peter Fige’s and Ana Masacote’s and I will retire happily! 🙂

Best regards to you, and thank you very much for making my day!

Greg Fam Singapore

I have found Edie’s DVD’s to be a great learning resource in my Salsa journey. Her DVD’s are packed with a lot of invaluable material that covers musicality, technique, styling and leadable patterns. Each DVD offers something unique by various excellent leads along with the “Edie perspective” of a follower. Thanks Edie!!

Edie, you are a talented woman. You are a real humdinger
Hai – Vietnam

Hi Edie,
Just wanted to let you know that ever since I started watching your DVDs, my Salsa dancing has changed dramatically. Anyway I’m currently a student with Latin Dance Australia and I’m well aware that you are coming to the Sydney Salsa Congress. I’ve already told Jaime Jesus that I want to book privates with you I can’t wait!

I love the hip hop shines video. You and Edie make dance a lot of fun and you are both very nice.

I am going to be the hottest thang on the dance floor when I get done learning your moves.
I hope to come to Palm Springs in August.

p.s. I have braces just like Edie! Makes me a better dancer!!


I’m really enjoying the ladies styling DVDs. Your instructions are easy to follow and entertaining. Incorporating some of your moves in my dancing is already making me feel more confident and earning me compliments. Looking forward to purchasing more in the future Thanks!
Brenda Piantini

During the past few years, the quality of Leads and Follows throughout the world has risen like I’ve never seen before.  People are talking.  I attribute much of this growth and attention to detail to your ‘World’s Best Leads’ series.  Your techniques not only influence the Latin Dances, but “all” the dances that we teach. From Swing, to Tango, to Fox Trot.
Thank you Edie, for creating such a quality product.
Vanessa Ortomo- Italia

Dear Edie just a quick hello and to thank you for sending my dance dvd’s so promptly of which I received this morning I much appreciate the bonus dvd that you included, My husband and I look forward to lots of fun learning to improve our basic steps with your help.
Kind regards

Margaret in East Yorkshire England

Hello there, don`t really know if I am talking to Edie or someone else however I just want to tell you that i have been practicing with your videos for a while and I think you are absolutely great and looking fwd to see you at the uk congress and maybe have the opportunity to introduce myself.


Hello Edie ho acquistato un tuo DVD di bacha

ta…lo sto’ aspettando….mi raccomando non farmi aspettare troppo bacio…. Ciaooo – Gelso

Giancarlo – Italy

“Dear Edie,
I love your DVDs and showed them to my salsa friends. All my friends were impressed with your style. One of my best friends, “Binbin” has already ordered some DVDs and another friends might order some soon. DVDs are great, Edie.

Thank you for your hard work.


Hello Edie,
My dance partner Linnea and I are a fan of you.

We really enjoy watching you guys dancing Salsa.Your videos have been quite an inspiration for us, and we thank you very much for that



“Ladies Styling 2” I love it!!!!! It’s awesome!!!! City girl is definitely my favorite for sure, in terms of style………: )


Your number one fan,

Heidi in Calgary

Dear Edie,
This is Matthew of Florida. I want you to know I love the videos you sent me. I am slowly working into them and learning so much.
Thank you!
– Matthew ZuckerThanks Ms Edie for the DVD’s, I watched one with “Al,” he is a natural comedian, has moves and then some.  At times, I forget it ‘s a dance lesson instead of a comedy show.  I also liked the German instructor with his fancy turns incorporated from a cross body lead, could not understand his German, but got the jest of the whole lesson just from watching, I really liked his combo’s.  Watched the instructor named Jazzy from Norway, his lesson on turning, pretty cool.  I really think I got a great deal, going to learn alot of your variations for the club so I’ll have some arrows in my quiver when dancing with the Pro’s like yourself… meaning not bore them with the basic’s , Thanks!


OK. I’ve now been through both of the DVDs that I bought and I can give my honest opinion. I like’em a lot. The DVDs are very good for multiple reasons but, in my mind, the primary reason is that their sparkling personality really comes through and somehow adds to the absorption of the material being shown.

And I gotta tell you that I’m prejudiced because, at the congress, it came to my attention that they are practicing Christians. And I respect that a lot. Being one of them myself I know that being a Christian doesn’t mean that you’re perfect. No, it means something else, but the purpose of this post isn’t to get too heavy into that subject……

Other than to say that’s It’s especially gratifying to me to see successful practicing Christians… who illustrate that we Christians can enjoy life and have fun without sacrificing our faith.

But back to the DVDs themselves….

These people are really funny. I almost think they could have their own TV series. And that’s on top of a LOT of excellent material, very well broken down and captured on the DVDs. The filming is excellent, they are easy to actually see, they give you multiple angles of view, they do each pattern several times, Edie make comments on the steps when appropriate, they interact even with the cameraman, and each pattern has a name and on-screen title. They’ve obviously got a lot of experience on the ‘production’ side of this.

So if you didn’t get any of their instructional material while they were here I would recommend that you do so. I plan on getting some more too.

Art Williams


Hi Edie you lovely people…

Thank you very much for making Wednesday night, Thursday night, Saturday night and Monday night so very special for everybody in the UK, that attended as I did. As I said when we met, you are highly thought of throughout Europe and you are both legends especially in the UK.

I personally am very proud to know you and to call you my friends. Your attitudes to life are outstanding you are so humble, and because of it, and your fantastic skills and dedication we all believe you are so special. You will remember Keith ‘with the cows’, my friends from Taunton, as we are both disciples of yours we frequently talk about you with great admiration and reverence, so once again thank you very much. .
Kind regards

‘Foxy’ Colin

Hey Guys,
This is Jaime from down under, I just want to express my gratitude in everything you guys did whilst in Australia. LA should be very honored to have you two as their representatives to the world.

I must say the interest in Millennium style is sky rocketing here in Sydney. I have really put into practice all that I learnt from you guys about millennium style and it has made a huge difference in my Dancing. People her have noticed the change in a major way and they love what I am doing. All our students are so excited about us going to transform all our on1 classes to millennium style.

On2 is very quiet in Sydney, we will start teaching on2 very soon to boost the numbers up of dancers learning on2 as we feel it is important for the development of our Salsa scene here in Sydney. Although there may be a few schools who may not agree, I intend to really push millennium style for the on2 as well. It is a big gamble but the concepts you guys have come up with do make a big difference in our dancing and I have experienced that first hand. I will do my part to spread the style here in Oz.

Well it is good bye for now but I am performing in Zurich in February so I will see you guys there.

Speak to you soon.

Jaime Jesus

Dear Edie, I’ve been taking Salsa lessons for a year now and am getting better slowly but surely. Following is becoming easier all the time. Also, with your spin video, I’m going to eventually be the best spinner in the school. We dance on two (that’s supposed to be the New York City “thing”), but all your advice, as I’m sure you know, still works. The next lesson I’m going to take from you is about styling, so far, I’m dancing pretty much stick style!! Anyway, I have a question for you, if you don’t think I’m imposing by asking. In your video, you explain how to punch and get power for your spins. I saw you do multiple “Touch and Go” spins with both your arms over your head and you still got around really fast and straight up and down. How do you do that? If you have it explained in another video, I’ll buy it, but those are very hard for me to do. You and your partner are an inspiration. I need to be inspired, I’m 50 years old and I think I could still be good with PRACTICE!! Thanks for letting me write to you.


Jo Guasca (female)

Dear Edie, I want you to know that I am teaching some of the combinations from your Salsa Intermediate 2 dance video. You make it easy for me to break down the moves so that I can demonstrate and teach them to my students. In rural Idaho, people tend to make up their own dance steps which do not resemble the original dance in any shape or form. I am originally from San Diego and now have little access to new dance moves. Thanks to you I have enough new material to teach students for awhile. I will be contacting you in the future for more great Salsa steps and moves. Sincerely, 

Maxine MacDonald, Swingtimedance in Idaho

Dear Edie ,
I attended nearly all your classes at the recent UK Congress and I was really impressed. My wife and I teach Salsa (www.bristolSalsa.co.uk – if you’re interested) and your classes gave us a lot of new ideas for our own dancing and for our students – several of which we’ve already used!

I must have been impressed because I’ve just ordered 3 of your DVDs by PayPal! ….

I look forward to seeing the videos and if I bump into you again I might work up the courage to ask you for a dance (Edie)!

Best wishes, 


I recieved the “Intermediate Salsa” video in less than a week. Thanks for the prompt delivery. The moves are amazing and your explanations are concise. Peace!!!!

Hi Edie, …..p.s. — you’re videos have been a great resource for me!

I’ve received your videos the other day. They are just GREAT!!!!! I’ve already used several moves in the club. My favorite is the “copa”, and the “copa extension”. I hope to order the advanced videos soon ( or better wait till I’m comfortable with all the patterns). Thanks again.


Dear Edie,
I want to thank you so much for your powerful videos. I don’t think to many of the females in Holland will be able to spin so gracefully. Thanks so much for the tapes again.


Ben Sims

un besito y hasta luego


Dear Edie,
One thing I have noticed from all the videos that I purchased is that your series of videos are the best for these few simple reasons. They are not overlay technical, easy to follow, and most importantly the humor you guys bring to the video is very unique. I like my other Salsa videos but no one does an extra slow motion demonstration but you.

God bless and I pray that you continue to be a spark in the Salsa community.


your instructional videos are very helpful, informative and fun. You make it seem like you are joking and talking directly to us. I like that the videos are more relaxed than the other more strict and contrite ones!!! Thank you!!!

Hi Edie,
We received our DVD’s. They are awesome! We’ve only watched about a half hour of the men’s styling and a half hour of the women’s styling and we LOVE them! You guys are awesome dancers and SUPER teachers!

Thank you so much! Maybe some day we can come to your dance camp. Not this New Year’s though. Maybe in the summer!

Familia Plácito

Just a quick note- based on the excellent quality of your video, I then purchased your partner’s video on Salsa shines converted from hip hop moves. God, it’s great! It will keep me happy for quite some time. I like how it’s formatted in that he starts out with simple shines and progressively gets more and more challenging. It’s got TONS & TONS of moves. I love it! Thanks a lot Edie!


Dear Edie,

First I want to congratulate you for your excellent videotapes. I really love your style which is so smooth, terrific and amazing because in Belgium Salsa has appeared only two or three years ago and good dancers with experience and practice aren’t born yet. But I hope to born very “soon” (maybe in a decade) as a good Salsero thanks to both of you. 


Dear Edie !! Hallo from Greece! When I read your history at the web site, about your resistless desire for good spin, your bad posture after been seen your self in a video, your exhaustive practicing on being better and better (I used to make 200 trials every day for two years for pirouettes en dehore and en dedant to each leg; this is about 400 trials in a day and 2800 pirouettes a week), baby powder on the sole ,and all these check points and advices that are completely true, I said no! This not Edie’s history , this MY HISTORY!!!


Hi Edie, My name is George Hutchings From Toronto, ON Canada, and I am sending you this email just to let you know that I think your videos are incredible as well as the way you dance. ……..when it comes to ladies styling you are without a shadow of a doubt the BEST!!!


I just got the cool moves 2 and the intermediate video – thanks for the quick response. I was blown away by the intermediate video – it’s very clear, lots of info, and doesn’t repeat the same things unnecessarily.


I have been practicing your video tapes for the past month and I have to say I really enjoy the style of dance you and your partner portray. I use to think I was the only person that incorporated Hip Hop into my Salsa but you guys really have taken it to another limit.


Hello, I recently purchased your Ladies Styling video and will definitely tell my friends how excellent this video tape is. The best one I’ve got so far and a very happy customer.

Larry Brillante

Dear Edie, I want you to know that I am teaching some of the combinations from your Salsa Intermediate 2 dance video. You make it easy for me to break down the moves so that I can demonstrate and teach them to my students. In rural [city], people tend to make up their own dance steps which do not resemble the original dance in any shape or form. I am originally from San Diego and now have little access to new dance moves. Thanks to you I have enough new material to teach students for awhile. I will be contacting you in the future for more great Salsa steps and moves. Sincerely


Edie… Your spins & turns video changed my life, seriously!!!!!! I was having such trouble trying to do my dance instructor’s way, which is a good way, but I was already naturally going towards what you very carefully explained in your video anyways, & I realized that yes, the punching thing was such a natural thing to do. Practicing both directions equally, well, I don’t have to tell YOU these things. I could go on & on. The paper, I have yet gotten to that, but the other stuff prior to that is so much fun, this video is a smorgasbord of wonderful, wonderful top notch, nailed it right on the head advice!!!!!!!!!! Next, I’m gonna order the styling video, is that where you talk about the egg, combing the hair, tracing your fingers over your eyes, head rolls, etc.? Sorry, I go on & on. Can’t seem to stop (but I will) Oh wait, ONE MORE THING!!!!!! How are you doing? I sincerely hope you are feeling better & are taking good care of yourself.

Mary Judkins

It was a good thing of you that you started of with some easy but cool moves and then continued with more and more advanced moves. In my hometown everybody dance Cuban-style (I take lessons in a neighboring town) and many have never tried dancing nor seen any other style. Therefore I often stick with a few very basic combinations that is easy for the girls to follow and then It is good to have some cool “tricks” to put in between the combinations. I met a wonderful girl last weekend and we decided to go out together to a Salsa-club next Saturday. Your video could not have arrived with better timing!

Tanks for everything!! Best wishes


Hello Edie, hope you are doing great. I did receive your intermediate and hip hop fusion videos and had to say you guys are awesome. Me and my wife are enjoying learning together. We have a ways to go but with practice and you and Your partner’s assistance we’ll be tearing up the Salsa floors! Wish we could meet you guys if ever your on the East coast let us know.

Thanks for this follow up, yes I did get a response. It’s obvious by this email that you know how to keep your customers (students) happy; I commend you. I mailed in my order this past week and can’t wait to get the videos.
Ed “Snake” Santos and Lilly Santos

Thanks again and GOD Bless…

Hi Edie
Perhaps you remember me. My name is Eric (not the one from Boulder, but his friend) and we met at the Swiss Salsa Congress. I had the honour to hear your story (and Albert’s), how you came to Salsa. I would have enjoyed a lot dancing with you too, but unfortunately we did not meet Saturday evening. I feel sorry that it was hard for you to find Swiss Salseros to dance with during your stay. I really don’t understand that a lot of them refused to dance with you. I always appreciate if I have the opportunity to dance with a highly trained female dance partner (like you). Who knows, perhaps we meet next year on the dancefloor.

And by the way. I have a Salsa dance school in Bern, the capital of Switzerland. You can visit us on www.Salsanama.ch . Please tell me, when you are coming back to Europe. I would appreciate a lot to organize a Workshop with you in Bern. As far as I can see in your videos, you are truly one of the best teachers I have ever seen in my entire Salsa-life (more than 15 years).

At the congress I also bought some videos from you and I’m very satisfied with them.

Erich Fischer Waffenweg 16

3014 Bern, Switzerland

Dear Edie, I want you to know that I am teaching some of the combinations from your Salsa Intermediate 2 dance video. You make it easy for me to break down the moves so that I can demonstrate and teach them to my students. In rural Idaho, people tend to make up their own dance steps which do not resemble the original dance in any shape or form. I am originally from San Diego and now have little access to new dance moves. Thanks to you I have enough new material to teach students for awhile. I will be contacting you in the future for more great Salsa steps and moves. Sincerely, 

Maxine MacDonald, Swingtimedance in Idaho

Dear Edie,
After viewing the Shines & Fusion video, I found the material excellent! Compared to the many tapes I already have. Also, since I dance on “2”, Eddie Torres style, I believe your tapes will take me to a higher level as an inspired social dancer. [I am now ordering the rest of your video collection]. Best Wishes,

Tommy Torres

P.S I saw you in L.A for the very first time. You guys are simply amazing! And your spins. Watch out Tazmanian Devil, here comes the Salsa freak.
Keep on dancing.
Your friend Ana

I participated in your workshop at the Japan Salsa Congress – it was awesome!
Dimitri Linde

I wanted to thank you for the styling class and especially for the private lesson – I felt like I made so much progress in just one hour.


Dear Edie,
I want to thank you so much for your powerful videos. I don’t think to many of the females in Holland will be able to spin so gracefully. Thanks so much for the tapes again.


Ben Sims

I just purchased your intermediate video so I can learn the correct names with the correct movements. I am sure I will be ordering more as soon as I can afford it. I look forward to them. I love the video and once again, the joy you both show. Thank you for not having a big head and for your enthusiasm. I hope to learn more from you in the future. Peace be with you always,

Maria Duarte “The Little Salsera

Best Wishes and Keep Dancing!!!,


Hi Edie, I am a subscriber to your lessons online and have to say that the value is outstanding. much success with it. I caught u dancing with some guy named Nery and saw some of his dancing on Youtube and wow I cant stop watching him dance he has style and flair and seems to really love the dance. can u hook up with him and do a video of his moves slowly. I cant break it down he’s moving so fast . I am still at the intermediate beginner /intermediate stage



Just a quick note. Watching your DVD with Al (styling) and my goodness you have a come a LONG way since then. Your recent DVD’s (musicality and bachata) are superb and I love your additional input. Edie, keep up the great work and you will change people’s lives when you give yourself in Brisbane.

Have fun!


Dear Edie
Thank you very much for the tapes. All the tapes are really good


Johnson Simpson

Hi, I am Joyce Lee from Singapore and I am absolutely crazy about Salsa, especially Ladies styling. Recently I have been watching again & again your ladies styling video with Solomon Rivera… I was blown away… I simply love that video and I definitely learnt alot from it. U are really my idol in Salsa. I mean it.
Joyce Lee, Singapore

Hi Edie… Met you in Ireland a few months ago, got one of your videos (really hard work, but brilliant)… I’m planning to order more… I really value your expertise. Thanks a million…


I just wanted to drop you a line about the Ladies Styling Video. WOW! I loved it! I have seen a couple of Ladies Styling videos but this was the first that actually used a lead in the to demonstrate the moves as you would use them with a partner! Great Job!



Edie, Thank you for your loving article about dancing with unattractive women. you are as beautiful a person inside as you are outside. i already admired you for your talent, teaching ability and humor, now your loving and accepting spirit as well.

Ellen Gott

Dear Edie,

This is Sumit from the great white north. Alex Lima is the second best thing that happened to me after Mimo. I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy his DVDs a lot and can execute a lot of his (and your) shines and patterns at this point, and I keep working on fitting them to the musicality breaks.

Your biggest fan.

Edie –
Thanks for responding.
I am doing great, and I hope you are to.
No kidding, you are a continual inspiration – all my ladies styling instruction comes from you.
And my Teaching assistants  – we sit down and go over your styling DVDs. I finally found one who loves the REBEL GIRL !!!!! She has turned into a real terror on the dance floor, and the guys love it.
Of course, the girls in the class are thrilled with “her” tricks.
much love



Edie, I really want all your collection because I love the way you teach and specially I love your personality.

Please let me know to pay for the collection ASAP!  I will travel to my country Ecuador and I don’t want to go with out your dvds!!!!

Best regards,


Dear Edie,
Everything is perfect! I really enjoy the video. I am very impressed by Edie’s dancing skills. It’s not often you see such a good blend of feeling and technical skill. 

Christian Skarman

I want to tell you that I very much admire the way you teach. Not only do you project a spirit of enthusiasm and fun as a dancer, you also show caring and kindness as a teacher. Thank you for making this video!

Barbara Kennedy


yumana pagan

Dear Edie, I have watched you for a long time, dancing that is. I was living in LA for 7 years where I learned to dance. I had to move away because I lost my job, so I moved back home near Chico Ca. I start teaching Salsa on the 7th of May, I am soo excited to teach that which I love. You and your partner are a big inspiration to me, not just because of your dancing, but because of your faith in Christ. That means soo much to me. So many people lack that joy of life in their dancing, you however do not. I love to see you dance, and I love the fact that you let people know where your joy comes from. God bless you and your family for that. And may God continue to bless you.

Edie, Your dvds are the best i have seen, i have [others] DVDs and the lighting is to dark in his dvds and a couple of other ones but yours are buy far the best i will recommend you and your site to anyone interested in Salsa.

P.s. Thanks again for your Generosity

Hiram Roman

Dear Edie,
Hope this letter finds you well. I bought some of your instructional CD’s at the Salsa congress in Palm Springs. By far one of the best buys of the year. I would like to purchase the New CD you are making with Cristian Oviedo. When will that be available for purchase?

Thank You for sharing your Salsa passion with everyone.

May your days continue to be bright and energetic.


Hi Edie,
I wanted to share that I enjoyed your DVD – “Ladies, No partner, No problem with Jorge Elizondo. I have Vol 1&2 and have learned so much from them. I actually had the opportunity to take a bachata workshop with Jorge last month at Juan Calderon’s studio in New Jersey. It was great!

I also want to thank you for the amazing workshops that I was so fortunate to take with you at the NY Salsa Congress in September. You are a treasure!

Thank you so much!


Dear Edie, I have been continuing to watch you and I can’t tell you how much am enjoying them — everything about them. I know they will help me become a good salsero. With your skill and professionalism you should make more tapes-rumba, cha cha, bolero, meringue, samba and jive in the Latin Rhythm area and then branch out to west coast swing, hustle, east coast swing and then you might even try Argentine Tango. I’ll bet you would be great Tangeros. Best of luck to you and I do hope we get to meet in the near future. Love, Frank

Edie, I received my Beginner’s video and the Intermediate video. They are both excellent!!! I heard good things about the videos before I bought them; however, they are even better than I expected. I have recommended them to my friends.

Thank-you for creating a very valuable product and helping me improve my dancing abilities.

Martin Gomez

Dear Edie,

Thank you so much for your rush delivery of your wonderful videos. I was going to go out dancing but stayed home totally transfixed by the beginners tape and learned more by watching this one tape than a dozen others. (Of course, now I have to practice to become an outstanding salsero, verdad?).

Then, I opened and watched Eric Freeman’s Cool Moves and found a lot to study. Of course, the teaching is not nearly as explicit and it will require much more patience and practice to master his cool moves.

I can tell by your instruction that you know a lot more than just Salsa and are a well trained dancer and teacher. This is what I am striving for — albeit half a century late (LOL). Somehow I know we’ll meet sooner or later. Thanks and love


Hi Edie,
I’ve got to say from when I first bought your performance video in 1998 it was an inspiration because A:technically you were doing moves that no one else could do and still can’t do and B: You and your partners danced with a passion and energy that I rarely see in England. Having met you personally I was surprised firstly how good a teacher you was and secondly how down to earth you was, considering you are the cream of the dance we call Salsa. You don’t seem to have the ego that most of us have when we get to the top. You are a very good example to many dancers and teachers. You have my respect and admiration.

Thomas (uk England)

Dear Edie,

I can see you are very busy doing what you like the most!  I heard you came to Atlanta last year….I hope you will come soon I have watch your dvds and now everybody can see the difference in my dancing…I was a shine women and now I fell as a princess when I dance…..and these has reflect in my life….my posture and the way i see myself…You are the best instructor i have had…and I can tell this without have the opportunity to take a class with you in person…..but your dvds have changed the way I dance and my expectations with Salsa instructors.

have experienced feet pain because I dance too many hours every week….I want to try your Spenco products to see the difference!!!!



Dear Edie,

I am an avid purchaser of your DVD’s. I am also an instructor and an intermediate level dancer. I have almost all your DVD’s. I found that the Memo DVD’s are better by far compared to all the other instructional DVD’s in your collection.
Memo takes a concept and builds on it through out his DVD. This I find wonderful to learn for myself, and, also to be able teach my students. I have since bought all 5 of the Memo DVD’s, and cannot wait for more DVD’s by you and Memo.
I look forward to seeing you at the Instructor Certification Bootcamp in Ottawa, Canada in September.

Since I have seen almost all of your DVD’s it is my dream to be able to dance with you. Hopefully I can do that in September in the Instructor Bootcamp.

Yours Sincerely,

Sumit Agarwal

Direct: 613 532 9304, Kingston, Ontario, Canada, http://LatinDanceKingston.GooglePages.com

Hi Edie,
ABSOLUTELY LOVED your DVD. Hopefully my comments below will help 🙂
Keep up the great work!

My review of your Musicality DVD

Simply a must have. One of the best DVDs that I have ever seen both in idea and execution. Musicality allows the creativity of the human spirit to shine!

Imagine an art class where the students are to paint a picture of a vase sitting in the room. Although it is the same vase for each student, each painting can be different depending on the mood, angle, experience and personality of the artist. That expression of self creates the art as does musicality transform movement into dancing.

Like the art students having the same vase to work with, most Salsa dancers know similar moves with similar music being played at most clubs. Thus by applying musicality, you can convert your dancing from a homogenous regurgitation of the vase like everyone else’s into a living and breathing piece of timeless dynamic art!

The Musicality DVD first makes you aware of the difference musicality plays in your dancing, then gives ideas for you to incorporate it into your own with brilliant examples of musicality in dancing to various music. The DVD develops your musicality skills and awareness so that you can take your tools, i.e your music and moves, and breathe more life into them as you are now a PART of the art! Throughout time, we have revered those incredible individuals that make art. This is the intention of the DVD: TO make your dancing become art!

From a practical perspective, Edie and Peter detail different types of Salsa music telling you to dance to the music then giving examples. I love that they first teach the principle then give ideas of how to interpret that principle giving both something to begin with plus grow from.

Thank you Edie and Peter!!!

Oz Rod

Hi Edie,

I wanted you to know that I absolutely love these videos. I think what you have done with this best leads series is so far ahead of anything out there. I have 4 so far (with Ronald and now Peter). The moves are fantastic and volume of information is great, but my favorite elements are the points where you identify what makes the lead so effective. I have been dancing a while and I am surprised by how much I have learned.

I am genuinely impressed with what you have accomplished. You should also know that I have a pretty large library of Salsa DVDs (must continue elevating my dancing J ) so I have a lot to compare them with.

Thank you both for your assistance.


Hi Edie,
Your DVDs very well done (like the rest of the Leads series). I really enjoyed that the combinations section takes great familiar moves and packs them with flavor. I am looking forward to receiving the advanced Jazzy DVD. Do you have any others in this series (besides Ronald, Peter, and Jazzy) that you are especially proud of? I may as well start thinking ahead J. Thanks again and continued success.


Hi Edie,
We danced together in Lancaster on your way to the DC Salsa congress in the springtime.  I ended up buying your Salsa Syllabus 101-102 and 103-106; I like them very much.
Cordially Philippe

Hi Edie,
I just finished watching your Salsa syllabus 101-106  DVDs . Just want to
let you know the instruction of the moves is awesome.



Hi Edie

I bought a few months ago your syllabus 101-102 and 103-106 dvds. I thought were the best instructional dvds i have bought yet. I wonder when the rest of the series will be out. I check regularly your site but right now i don’t even see the 101-106 they are not advertized anymore. Are you planning to continue the syllabus dvds?

Hi Edie

You did it Edie, BRAVO!!! You really inspire the world of Salsa with your courage and beautiful dancing….

I saw one of your DVD’s—it was super.


Anouk Maes


The DVD’s you recommended to us…  I LOVE them!  I can’t wait to practice them and advance through the rest of your DVD series.  I wish I had taken advantage of the deal you had at the congress!  Had I known how amazing they are, I would have purchased
most of them there.

Freddys X. Garcia

Received the 3 dvd’s.   Thnx a mil for those.

I’ve only watched the spins and i gotta tell ya. OUT  [F……ing] STANDING!

Really well done.

Many thnx!


Hi Edie,

I just wanted to tell you that I’m having a wonderful time learning from
your syllabus 101-106 DVDs and your DVD with Salsafix. It has really helped my lead
a lot.

Last Saturday at a Salsa club, I had three people come up to me wanting me to teach them those flashy moves (Mummy, Wheel Barrel, Surprise Dip, Titanic, etc.) that I learned from you. Thanks. I just ordered your Men’s
Styling DVD with Jazzy.


Dear Edie,

I would like to thank you for the two dances that we had at the Blackpool congress on Sunday night. I have to say that it was a real treat to dance with someone or your abilities both as a dancer and person. You showed great class through the manner in which you dance with all levels of dancer and I know as one of those lucky fellows it was much appreciated.

I would like to especially thank you for the second dance you had with me, as I was amazed that you would take time out and help work on my technique.

I really appreciated it, as do the ladies that I dance with on a regular basis. They have commented that my lead has improved and this is due to your advice. As for the bouncing up and down, I will have to work on that. Mind you, I do tend to bounce when I am happy!

This salsa dancing has helped chance how I look at life and has giving me a new beginning. I have come across some beautiful people in the last few months and not least you. Your attitude and outlook on dancing and life has not only confirmed to me that dancing was the right road for me to take, but it has also confirmed my faith in the beauty of people and life itself.

Thanks again Edie and I think I speak for my fellow dance students, both ladies and gents from the Danzon School in Dublin, Ireland.

Yours in Dance,

Mark Sheridan

Dear Edie,

Your World’s Best Leads DVDs are amazing, especially those with Jazzy and Joe Figueroa. Ever since I saw you first in the Salsa Congress in Bangalore, something’s happened to my Salsa dancing. (And every time you danced with me you made me look good—so good, in fact, I received couple of complements.) The workshops I took in the congress, followed by the recent bootcamp in Bangalore, are giving me a great positive outlook on Salsa. I love the fact that, both in the bootcamp and in the videos, you covered many practical aspects of dancing. The important points/tips you give in your interviews in the videos are the most useful instructions I have ever received. Showing turn patterns is not that difficult and not enough! But going beyond by stressing not much emphasized (but all very important) points like posture, attitude, integrity, etc….

You are amazing; hats off to you and your team, Edie. Please accept my heartfelt congratulations to you on your success in this project.

I look forward to many more quality and useful DVDs from you. Lost in admiration, as always,


Hello Edie,

I have just going through your latest DVD’s. Your enthusiasm and insight into Salsa has really been an inspiration for me. You seem to have a sixth sense as to the future of Salsa as a teacher and as a businesswoman. Other teachers come and go, or have their 15 minutes of greatness, but you are still there and still growing and surviving in a very tough market place…especially for a woman.  In the past two years you have taken me via DVD’s from basics with Al, to basics in Miami, to Salsa combination in Miami and now to Salsa around the world. Now I see you are showing Salsa on 1 and 2 with Ron Weberink. The Salsa world in the US needs that now—I am seeing so much of the Salsa on 2 influence even in Pittsburgh with people from New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC and Boston that visit Pittsburgh. You are something else, Edie. A special woman with a special dream to teach Salsa ……that can only happen when you love something with your heart, because then you can teach it from your heart and not just from your head…

Thanks for teaching us all how to love Salsa…and best of luck my friend and teacher.