Learn to Salsa dance with Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!

“Dear Edie,
I was dancing with this one guy, and he actually had the temerity to run his hand over my nipples when I was turning. I was really offended. So, do I just refuse him next time he asks, slap him, walk off the dance floor, strong arm him (push him away) or what? I was dressed conservatively, in my mind. I’m wondering if maybe I was being too provocative, or if this guy was just a jerk. I was under the impression that Salsa is a sexy dance, so I was dancing sexy. Your thoughts, please. Many thanks.
– Nipples

Dear Nipples,
The Nipples guy. I’ve run into this man too. DOESN’T THAT PISS YOU OFF???

This just shows that they have:

  • No class.
  • No respect.
  • No sex life.

I feel sorry for guys like these because they are such idiots, that they don’t realize they are alienating themselves from all the ladies, and end up going home alone anyway. They ALWAYS smell like beer, have this scummy look on their faces, and think they’re God’s gift to women.

He’s where the term “Dog” came from. Why? The answer is simple:

You have to treat him like a puppy that just peed on the kitchen floor. The minute he does this, you need to immediately stop dancing, right in the middle of the song, and while holding his hands/arm, whatever, look at him straight in the eye, with a glare, shake your head in a “No” fashion, very slowly and say “Don’t do that again.” Then stare at him for a few more seconds – and never, never, grin, or smile. Be very, very firm. Then, warn every other woman in the place about the guy and tell them to do the same. You watch. He’ll end up leaving the place with his tail between his legs!!!