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“Dear Edie,
So now I’ll come out straight, how, or what do you think about …age…, where do you think age becomes a matter (if it already does), or age becomes a bother (i hope it never will). Though I do not like to admit it I am not in my twenties anymore. Its a lot worse I am 39. Now there is this litle voice in me whispering sometimes “girl are you not getting to old for this”?

I tell myself As long as it makes me feel the way it does (heavenly)as long as i am in good shape, make good moves and feel comfortable with being natural me I keep going on that floor. I started out 3 years ago, taking double classes, 8 hours a week, and about 12 hours practice at home and Fridays and Saturdays going out free dance or Salsa concerts if any where offered. I always wanted people from my groups to come along but after once or twice they quit. So I made my own Salsa routine, my outs alone/solo. By now I have done many schools, many classes and these last two years I stuck with one teacher, simply because I feel in [my country] he is the Best: solid, for real, high expectations, work-out, teacher in the true sense of the word. And in today I still take classes.

Why take classes if you do not need them anymore? Very simple I can’t let go I want to keep up, stay in shape, keep the progress in my movements going on. Addiction, this lady here sticks to class, because one is never good enough (just my opinion) I prefer quality over quantity. In the beginning I was shy and not a very confident , so many things to pay attention to. And at times so much bull-s h i t going on around the dance floor (mentality matters).

At times were I felt most lonely I swore myself nothing or nobody I will allow to come between me and Salsa. I broke my commitment twice, stupid, it was not worth it(after that never again)!. But as I kept going and struggling I worked myself to a comfortable position. Beautiful dancer, guts, no more shy, temperament, elegant, good bodywork a hot female dance partner. I am not talking non sense, I do not like to overestimate myself, neither do I enjoy non-sense! But as it is, you put quality in it , you will get quality outof it! I am only result of my actions. Howeverrrrrr coming back to the subject …age… I still like to hear your personal comment on that, Edie.
– Worried”

Dear Worried,
Age? Dancing keeps you looking young and healthy! It’s a proven fact! The minute you stop, you will start dying inside, and start “looking your age”. I know of a Cuban woman in her FIFTIES who looks like she’s in her early thirties. I see her out every weekend, and sometimes during the week. “Salsa is my life” she once told me. She’s got energy, pizzaz, and helped all the “now great Los Angeles Salseros” when they were first starting out (yes, they too once SUCKED at one point – like everyone else).

It was this woman who helped them in the beginning, and along the way. She was patient with their every step. It was this woman whom all of them thank and sincerely love today. She’s a wonder, a joy, and a truly beautiful woman, both inside and out. She’s a GRANDMOTHER for crying out loud… and the legs on that woman… I saw her at an outside picnic and… whew!!! Her “Salsa dancers” legs would rival ANY twenty year-old there.

Salsa Dancers laugh, sweat, and think more than the majority of the population. They take more effort to do EVERYTHING in life. Salsa dancers love life. They love passion. They love to laugh, and they love people. This is what will keep you young and never, ever alone.


I’m so glad you’re taking all those classes. This gives you something to look forward to. Dancing is a big challenge, and one of the few activities that is never truly mastered. Too many of us “give up” after we’ve accomplished something. Dancing is hard to give up because of what it does for your body, mind, and soul. Something spiritual happens when you’re dancing. When you’re in contact with another human being, touching each other, holding hands, coordinating steps, laughing, sweating, and just having a ball, you’re twice as happy as some of those people I see in grocery stores that are 10 and 40 pounds overweight, look miserable, and buying their TV Guide, chips, and Slim Fast…. They complain of loneliness, ailments, and sadness. Their conversations are filled with the latest talk-show jargon and people in worse situations than them. What a life.

In the August ’97 issue Life Magazine, there is an article on the healing power of “touch”. Dancing Salsa is all about “touch” if you will. HEAL ME BABY!!! I was healed of the worst case of allergies and asthma that a person could ask for. When I turned twenty-nine, I couldn’t keep enough Kleenex and Allerest in the house. I would weez at night, couldn’t breathe during the day, and had to carry around an inhaler all the time. I was allergic to dust, mites, wild flowers, trees, grass, cats- you name it. I was basically allergic to the entire planet earth. I realized these ailments were all in my head the minute they disappeared when I started dancing! I’m not kidding. This is no joke, and I have medical records to prove it. The month I stared dancing Salsa, my allergies, and my asthma COMPLETELY went away. I realized that most ailments of this type are a state of mind. I changed my state of mind through this “Salsa Discovery”, and my body was healed. I didn’t quite know how to heal myself, but I asked my body and God for help and a cure. Something in my life wasn’t right. I was 50 lbs overweight, and miserable. I was a size 14, and hated myself. I’m now a size “3”. Who would have ever known “Salsa” would by my cure? God answered me, and I thank Him dearly for that.

The most beautiful thing happened in LA a few years ago. A man in his 70’s was dancing with a beautiful woman. He looked up at her and said, “I’m having the time of my life!”. A couple of seconds later, he had a heart attack, and died, right there on the Salsa dance floor.

THAT is how I want to die. Dancing, dancing, and dancing… and having an absolute BALL doing it!!

Happy Dancing!
– Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!
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