Learn to Salsa dance with Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!

Salsa Lovers Dance Studios Casino Rueda Instructional DVD Series
By Edie, The Salsa FREAK

Miami, Florida, known for its brilliant blue coastal waters, and the world’s largest Salsa scene is also known for its Casino Rueda style of Salsa dancing. Many come from all over the world to take classes from some of Miami’s most famous instructors. One of them is Mr. Rene Geitz of the Salsa Lovers Dance Studios. For over 25 years, Rene has trained over 25,000 Salseros on the Universal standard Rueda Calls. They have recently introduced a video series describing each call in complete detail.

The Salsa Lovers Dance Studio videos are exceptional. Rene’s character truly shines in each DVD. He is a very thorough instructor, calling each move not only verbally, but also by demonstrating the hand signals as well. Rene goes through every move in the Salsa Lovers Dance Studio syllabus, from Beginner, to Intermediate to Advanced. The International Standard calls are taught and demonstrated thoroughly and professionally, by top Rueda dance instructors who work at the studio.

Throughout my travels, I’ve noticed that in different parts of the world, every city varies in its Rueda calls, but the basics are pretty much the same. What is frustrating (especially for the man) is trying to participate in a Rueda in a different city or country, and not understanding the calls or knowing the moves. The Salsa Lovers Video video series is an excellent tool for the novice Rueda group to get training right away.

If you’re from a different country, or will be visiting Miami in the near future, we highly recommend learning and mastering the Internationally Standard Rueda calls demonstrated on this video series so you can understand and participate in virtually any Rueda Circle you become a part of!