Learn to Salsa dance with Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!Learn to Salsa dance with Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!

Salsa-Holic Story of the Month…

“Dear Edie,
I think you’ll be interested to hear the following [Salsa-Holic] story:

For the last couple of weeks, I was working on my final project. For the last three days, I had really to get my self in full gear and get the work meet the presentation on due date. To do that I had to work for these three days without any sleep, 72 hours in a row. I know, that’s crazy, but I didn’t had a choice and I want it to be done right, the way
I want (meaning pushing it to new limits).

SOoo, now, I had a problem: how can I stay awake for 72 hours, without sleeping? I don’t drink coffee, I don’t like to place clips to hold my eyes open I didn’t like the idea of hooking up my chair to get electricity shocks to keep me awake and as any human I like to sleep during the night.

Guess what help me stay awake for all these hours?………SALSA music!!! well, I just bought, a couple months ago, a 60 CD changer and place there my Salsa music Cds. The formula is very easy : 60 cds time 74 minutes a cd gives you 74 hours of music.

When I started working on my project, Day#1, I started Salsa Cd#1, and just kept on working, kept on listening to my music(the cd changer was playing all 60 cds in a row)……..I never felt like I can’t stay awake….I didn’t had to force myself to drink coffee or get electric “zets” the music kept me awake, and as usually, the music made me think and do better.

Today, the third day, I was wrapping up my project and was ready to head to the presentation……..guess what……the last cd was playing its final track! what a way to have a finale to the work…….

SO now, probably all my neighbors knows almost everything about Salsa (like they didn’t hear that before from my apartment……., some of them probably know Marc’s Anthony new CD by heart.

Well, that is it! The project is done. (went beyond exceptions…..), I am free again!!! Now, is the time for the dance floor………..

Oh, I almost forgot! There is a lesson to be learned here………If you get a project due in more than three days – well, get a bigger CD changer! I’ll probably do that…..can’t hold my all Salsa CDs there anymore, and projects are going to be larger now…..

O.K, guess where I am going now……zzzzzzzz…….SLEEPING!
SOoo, Edie, I hope to see you soon on the dance floor…….be careful, you never know what a lack of Salsa Dancing can do to you…..or maybe you do?!