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“Dear Edie,
First I want to tell you that I enjoy your web sight. It’s funny, informative, and honest with THE BEST ON THE INTERNET for helpful tips regarding the Salsa world. My name is [name] and yes, I got bitten by the Salsa bug. I just started a routine where I am taking one to two classes a week. Just when I start feeling confident, I goof on the dance floor. I know it depends on the person, but what is the average time in mastering this beautiful art?
The other night I went to the [nightclub] for Salsa (1st time), long story short, Sunday I had massive bruises on my right foot and ankle. Was it because I was stepping wrong? Anyway, I would appreciate your opinion. I was born in Brazil and grew up in California since I was a small child. However, I do visit and I Samba and dance other Brazilian dances (I’m by no means a trained dancer), but something is in my blood and Salsa seems so natural. Thanks for your time,
– Bruised Ankles”Dear Bruised Ankles,
I will give you two answers.
1st, My CANNED answer to the above question: “It will take you about twice as long, as half the time.”

Now to “make it real”, here is the 2nd answer:
To answer your first question is tough.
It really depends how much time you put into it AND WHERE YOU LIVE. If you live near an enormous international airport, chances are the Salsa scene is hot. If you live in LA or NY, it is even hotter. The mere fact of breathing the same air as the GREAT Salseros in all your local clubs will make you better just via OSMOSIS. If you go out seven nights a week, and take group classes 4 of those seven, and take at least 4-5 privates per week, I would say you’d be pretty good in about 2-3 months. Pretty awesome in fact.

If you live in a rural town with very little Salsa…. MOVE TO A BIG CITY.
If not, start adding two weeks for every night out and class (group or private) you skip.

If you didn’t say you already danced, I would have said your ankle is bruised because you weren’t used to dancing and exercising like this. However, since you already dance other forms of dance, you have experience with standard dance “exercise”. Additionally, because this inflammation on your ankle is only on your right foot, then your ankle problem has nothing to do with blood circulation.

Here is a SUPER DEEP response:
If it is the “right” side of your body, I would take a look at what “male” in your life is bothering you at this point? If it were the left side, what “female” is bugging you right now? Delve into the depths of your mind for this answer, and once you find it (or him), you can work at the “process” of forgiveness, which equals healing, which equals peace.

Of course, the SIMPLEST (and probably the most obvious) answer… is that you were getting so CAUGHT UP in this addictive music and dance (drug), that you don’t even REALIZE someone just STEPPED ON YOUR FOOT.



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Happy Dancing!
– Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!
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