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Save it for later….

By Edie, The Salsa FREAKIt’s a beautiful night in the city. The music is slamming, and the nightclub is full of dancers having fun. In the middle of the dance floor, I noticed a cute couple, distracted and having a small discussion.“Ouch, that hurt! Would you mind not pulling on my arm so hard during that move?” she said angrily to her boyfriend. He tried it again. This time, not enough tension. “That still doesn’t feel right. Try it again…” He tried it once more, and now the move went completely amuck. “Well, if you would just let me lead, maybe it would work!” He retorted angrily. “I do this move all the time with Susy, and she never complains.” “Well, why don’t you just go dance with Susy then!!!” Both of them, disgusted, walk off the dance floor.

If you love to dance, and so does your significant other, don’t correct each other’s dancing while you’re at the nightclubs.


Save the correcting, and “do overs” for your practice sessions.

You may have a great relationship, but I can personally guarantee that it will soon deteriorate over time if you start trying to “help each other out” at nightclubs..

Ladies, this especially goes for you. You may be thinking it’s for his own good, but when you’re out together to have some fun, do just that. HAVE FUN. “Fun” does not entail correcting, nagging, giving him that “weened on pickles” look, backleading, nor clearing your throat.

He wants to get his fix out there. You both do. So respect that, and let little mistakes go. If you can, catalog the most obvious “little issues” in your mind, and save them for practice, or when you get home. Better yet, let your mutual instructor know about it, and have him or her correct his mistakes. Be nice about it, love him, and remember, there’s nothing more fragile and delicate than the male ego.

The male ego is meant to be fed. If you love him, you’ll feed it well.

Gentlemen, the same holds true for you. There is nothing worse than a guy suddenly pausing and trying to “teach” me how to do a move on the dance floor in the middle of a killer song, while I’m about ready to get my fix. It’s like suddenly waking up in the middle of a fantastic dream!

Perfect your leadable, unchoreographed nightclub moves off the dance floor, or at practice only. If you’re trying moves that are difficult to follow, you may want to save them for shows and competitions. If you want to leave your significant other alone and let her have fun that evening, you may be lucky and find a friend at a nightclub that could go off the dance floor in a corner someplace, and work your standard nightclub moves out there… But don’t count on it. Respect her time as well. Ladies don’t necessarily want to be training you after a hard day’s work themselves. Let them enjoy their evenings.

This is where classes and privates come in. I’m not kidding, you will soar as a dancer once you start taking privates. Group classes are fine for picking up general moves, but the intricacies and details of hand-holds, body positioning, and tension can only be taught one-on-one.

I highly recommend the both of you to take privates and group classes together. This will give the both of you the opportunity to experience how the lead and follow are supposed to feel.

Remember, work out the kinks at class and during practice. Never while you’re out having fun!

Happy Dancing!!
– Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!
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