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“Dear Edie,
What do you think about the following? Most guys that are taking the Salsa class with me don’t feel comfortable (or confident) to ask “good” dancers to dance with them because if a guy makes (a) mistake(s) the good dancer won’t dance with them again. I think we are perhaps intermediate dancers, but to become good ones we have to dance with the good dancers, but it is like a catch 20/20? I know that you can take private lessons (which I am seriously considering). Do you have any other suggestions? I try to practice whenever I can and have fun at the same time with my female classmates.
– Scared Spitless

Dear Scared Spitless,
If you feel strongly this way, then my suggestion to you is to take as many private lessons as you can until you feel confident enough and comfortable enough to ask a good dancer to dance.

These gals will not mind. Everybody screws up on occasion. Just don’t make it a habit…

Happy Dancing!
– Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!
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