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“Dear Edie,
Just wondering how to get rid of the anxiety???? I just started taking lessons and I know I could be a lot better than what I am showing my instructor but I am so self conscious and stiff and I don’t know how to relax. When I am home dancing I am moving pretty good but I feel like a big awkward nerd when I am dancing with my instructor. Please help me learn some tips to relax a bit….
Sincerely, – “Self Conscious”
Dear “Self Conscious”I can totally relate to what you wrote. When I started I was that way. Then one day, like Magic, it just “broke”. I was going through some difficult “relationship issues” and I got so pissed one night I justa SLAMMED dancing. I could care LESS what people thought of me because I hated them, my boyfriend, and life in general. I was at that club DANCING UP A STORM full of RAGE AND HATE – it was a sight to see. I was “determined” to make every man drool with awe from how well I followed them, and how well I spun, and how beautiful my styling was, and then leave them wanting to dance with me more, and more… and then I would say, “See ya!” and move on my NEXT MALE VICTIM.

It was bad.

After the night was over, I realized I was no longer self-conscious nor insecure. It was ALL IN MY HEAD. When I started putting the focus and blame on HIM, my “self” left, and all I could think of was complete revenge with another man. I was so exhausted from dancing non-stop for five hours straight that there was no time for revenge. I got IT ALL OUT on that dance floor that very night. It was … awesome.

Stop looking, and focusing so much on “you”, “yourself”, and “your self-conscious”.

Take note and count how many “I” ‘s are in your paragraph above.

That’s your problem.

Solution: Impress the heck out of THEM, and take your eyes and focus off of YOU. Show them/him/they/her/audience just how important THEY ARE. Not you.

Happy Dancing!
– Edie, The Salsa FREAK
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