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She Talks Waaaaaaayyyy Too Much!!
By Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!
Edie The Salsa FREAK!! Website“Dear Edie,
I have a situation. I had a dance recently with a woman and we were doing great on the dancefloor until she started “re-affirming” what I was doing, and asking if she did this right, did that right… it was like, “Was I supposed to turn there?…. Did I do too many turns? …. Am I supposed to go left, right… did I step back ok…???”

OMG… BY THE END OF THE DANCE I NEVER WANTED TO DANCE WITH HER AGAIN. She’s a great follow, don’t get me wrong, but after about a minute and half into the song, I did not know how to go about basically telling her to “shut the f…. up” while we are dancing together. I’m telling you, she just about brought the worst out of me.
My question is this. I really love her follow, but how do I tell her to stop talking to me while dancing, without grabbing a piece of tape and shutting her MOUTH?
Dear “Severely Frustrated”,
As far as the East is from the West, in every country I’ve traveled to throughout the world, I’ve discovered one very important and mind-blowing fact:

99% of most men can ONLY think of ONE THING AT A TIME. Period.

Women, on the other hand, can multi-task with ease. A long time ago, I thought this was just “my situation.”
From America, to the tip of Noway, all the way down to New Zealand and beyond, most men can only think of ONE THING AT A TIME. Bottom Line.
THEY HAVE FOCUS. That is why we admire them so much. .
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You see, because of this very simple, and powerful FACT, when men are concentrating on the dance floor, they DO NOT want to be bothered with questions. They DO NOT want to have to answer questions – much less process them. You see, when a man is asked a question, he must “process” the question in his mind. He has two options: Answer truthfully and hurt her feelings, risking the chance of being called an A___ hole later on by her and spreading the word to every other female in the vicinity, or basically “lie” and keep the peace.

This happens on the dance floor as well.

You see, men have a LOT to lose here. Women can get away with murder, smile it off and “have a nice day” when the song is over.
Men, on the other hand, have their mojo’s to protect, with the risk of not being able to please her during a mind-blowing song.

I’ve always said, this dance will create Men from the Boys. And if you’re already a man, it will put hair on your chest. And if you already have hair on your chest, IT WILL TURN A SHADE OF GREY conquering this dance in the process.

Women have absolutely NO IDEA what is is like to be a man, learning how to lead Salsa. Without the proper instruction, patient instructor, and LOTS of forgiving dance partners in the early stages, you are left out to sea to drown in your frustration (so-to-speak). .

Ladies, my simple advice to you: The only thing that should be coming out of your mouth – whether he is good or not, is fresh breath, with no sound.

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Now. If he’s good, and dips you at the END of the song (like all men should – duh), what SHOULD come out of your precious mouth are the words:
“Oh My God…” with a wonderful warm smile, and beautiful feminine dreamy eyes…

Happy Dancing!!!

Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!
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