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Spray paint (not brush-paint) or air-brush your dance shoes if they get too scuffed up!

I have one pair that’s been SEVEN DIFFERENT COLORS.

You can match ANY outfit with your shoes now!


  • I “spray paint” brush ups almost weekly
  • Don’t bother with trying clean up the scuff marks (if you absolute must, rubbing alcohol with a pinch of salt does the trick).
  • IMPORTANT: You must buy the spray paint at shoe repair shops, or “Vinyl Spray Paint” they sell at Automotive Dealerships.
  • DO NOT just go to any Hardware store – some of the spray paint is oil – based and it takes forever to dry, and will ALWAYS be sticky and guey if you get all sweaty in your shoes. YUCK. Been there, done that, ended up THROWING AWAY a great pair of dance shoes because of it.
  • If your laces are strap leather, be sure to spray those as well, but they must be taken off the shoe first. Because I wear dress pants most of the time, I don’t bother. (I’m also too lazy to re-string them).
  • If you have nice shiny buckles on the shoes, TAPE IT UP with painters tape. Do not let any light nor air around that area – as the spray will seep inside.
  • If you have areas where the soles appear, you can tape that up as well, but I don’t bother. I spray my sandle-type dance shoes and even the paint gets on the inner soles – that doesn’t seem to bother the bottoms of my feet either – sweat or not. (you would think that the paint in there would come off on the bottoms of your feet, BUT IT DOESN’T – how cool is THAT??)

WELL, that’s one of my awesome “school of hard knocks” tips this month!!!

Happy Dancing!
– Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!
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