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This Floor is Too Slippery!

You step on the dance floor and… WHOOOSH! There you go! Gasping, mouth open, arms flying, semi-frantic, teetering back up, and up…. doing everything in your power to maintain and re-establish your balance… I show how both men and women how to gracefully get up after a fall in the most awesome way in my “Spins for Couples with Mimo DVD”. I also teach how to recover from a fall in my Spins workshops as well!

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Angel Galvan and Edie, The Salsa FREAK DEPENDING on a non-slippery Dance Floor!!
AAAAaaaaaaaaahhhh! That was an INSANE move. (That was part of our “little doll” routine – I come in as a fake doll, and he winds me up and dances with me. We won!)

I saw an amazing thing at a group Salsa class the other night. I noticed the floor had just been waxed VERY WELL. In fact, I think the maintenance crew really took some pride in their work this time. They must have gotten a raise – or something – because none of us could hold our ground. I slid to my partner’s side, and attempted to go through the moves the instructor was trying to show us, while trying not to slip and fall. In fact, when he showed us a new solo turn, he slipped a little and shot his arms up for balance. The class thought his raised arms were part of the move, so they all shot their arms up as well! I couldn’t help it, I just started laughing. It was priceless – one of those “moments” in life…

ANYWAY, our instructor went over to the bar, got a glass of water, and spilled the water on a small corner portion of the dance floor. He then placed his feet in the middle of the wet puddle, did a little “twist”, then went back and continued the class. Some of us snuck over to the puddle and did the same “twist” in it too….and guess what?


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Later, I asked the instructor if he had any other tricks up his sleeve. He told me that a shoe brush works well too.
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You can also use a Vegetable brush – works just as well. Choose one with wired teeth, and when scrubbed against the bottom of your dance shoes, it roughens the suede, to better “grip” the floor. He also told me he sometimes sprinkles Coke on the dance floor and/or on their shoes (when the owner’s not looking) to sticky them up.

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He said another thing that also helps is to wash the dance floor with soap after waxing it.
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Well there you have it. Now YOU TOO can prevent yourselves from falling!
Every time I would screw up a turn, or fall, I would just blame the “slippery” dance floor….

Oh no …there are no more excuses!!!

NOW what am I going to say????

Happy Dancing!
– Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!
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