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A great example of what dance can mean to a man is my friend’s poem

– Francisco Martinez, born-again christian, husband, father, and AMAZING Salsero

Spirit Dance ** ~ By Francisco Martinez

The leather of his shoes, sharply, caresses the
wooden floor as energy speeds his feet through a
moment in time. Whoa is he when such electricity
hits the air.Mighty eyes watch from above with pleasing
compassion, as the worshipping dancer displays
his celebration to his Father.Each turn a physical manifestation of praise, each
movement a prayer of thanksgiving to the One
who, unconditionally, loved him first, and each
drumbeat an echo of his passionate heart that
shouts “a time to mourn and a time to dance!”

As the crescendo of the music approaches, the
sweat of the warrior blinds his eyes, and he is
reminded that the falling of the rain is in the rhythm
of his life and the mighty wind the force of his dance.

He leaps upon each note as he spins about his
canvas; painting his love, frustration and sorrow
with deliberate yet intensely powerful
brushstrokes. His eternal salvation, boldly
stamped upon it, as the signature to his work, by
the grace of his Almighty Father’s own hand.

He ends on his knees, humbled by the sight of the
cross, to “fight the good fight.” The music,
softly, plays on… only now to an angelical choir of praise.

– Francisco Martinez