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Dear Edie,

I love Salsa dancing more than just about anything and hope someday to be able to perform and compete. I am a female musician and have experience in many other kinds of dance including ballet, jazz, modern, Middle Eastern, and Indian classical dance.

Whenever I am in my hometown or traveling, I try to take as many classes (usually private) as possible. After finishing school, I’m considering moving to a city where I could find more opportunities for learning Salsa. However, at the moment I am stuck in a small Midwestern town while working on my master’s degree. I seem to be the person in this town who knows the most about Salsa dance, as I have often been asked to teach, although I consider myself only an intermediate dancer. This is very frustrating for me because I really want to learn more, myself! Do you have any suggestions about a) where to go once I finish school and how to get a “foot in the door” of the Salsa performance world there, and b) what to do in the meantime?

Thank you in advance for your help!!

Dear Stuck,
I’ll get to the point on this question.

Depends on where you live. Email your regional Black Belt Salsa (BBS) certified instructor who is the local Salsa Ambassador of the region. They would know about dance groups in your city where you could call and ask if they have try-outs. They will also show you how to start and grow your own dance school – even if you have to start from your own garage!

If I were you, I would order as many instructional DVDs as humanly possible. Learn, study and apply every technique you can while at clubs.
Find a practice partner to work with, learn to both lead and follow, teach private lessons, do small shows here and there, study the business side of the dance, learn to teach and PROSPER instead of just teach.

We teach you how to do ALL this and MUCH MORE in the Dance Business Management Course (DBM).
As long as you’re just one step ahead of your students, you will always be considered their teacher. If people “stuck” on a small island in the middle of the ocean can do it, you can to. WHERE THERE’S A WILL THERE’S A WAY.

Let me know how everything goes!

Happy Dancing!
– Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!
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