I attended your classes in Pontins here in the UK last December and they were absolutely fantastic.  Hopefully you’ll make it back here again in the future.


Hi Edie,     I just wanted to drop you a little note to say “thank you very much” for an awesome Bootcamp last week. I learned SO much in SO little time. It was amazing! Even though I still have TONS to learn, my confidence level leaped exponentially. As I told you, after the first hour I felt like the way I had been dancing before was quite brutish. Thanks for drilling me on the nuances of the dance and smoothing me out. If only I could take a Bootcamp a week; I feel like I could turn pro in no time at all!     “What’s up?” And I’ll catch up with you guys at one of your group   Peace,

I ‘ve just got back from the Salsa Pontins weekend at Brean Sands, in the U.K. The classes you taught there were the absolute BEST. Non of the other teachers came near you!

Your professionalism, charm, sense of humour and attention to detail were incredible. Your the best teacher I’ve ever encountered. And your a babe too! Best wishes and thankyou again

PS:- When will you be over in the U.K. again?


Hi Edie,
I’m not sure if you remember me but I’m the guy from Seattle who you’ve taught up here and at your Santa Monica studio. Sorry for the long delay in getting this to you. I just returned from NYC and had a great time! I met Eddie and Maria Torres and danced the nights away at the Copa. I just wanted to say I’ve had several instructors since the passion for Salsa first took over my being, but none compare to the wonderful and intelligent approach you provide to your students. I have to admit no other teacher that I know has brought the kind of beauty and selflessness to the floor as you. Each time I’ve met you for a lesson I was treated like one of your family. Edie, you bring to Salsa a warm and infectious love that lifts this incredible art to a higher plane.
Take Care,

Timothy Corpus

Hi Edie, >I’m from Paris and I saw you in the Salsa congress in Paris. Your show was wonderful !!! Your Salsa lesson in La Coupole too. Thank you very >much for your good advises. Before seeing your show, I was fond of Salsa, >now I’m Salsa addicted.


Hey Edie!!

I just want to say how great your workshop was at the pontin’s weekend. I’m busy trying to practice your acrobatic tricks every week now with my dance-parnter.  ok, need to go again, take care,muchos besos


ps: I bought your video on Ladys Techniques and love the Freedom Concept.

I have actually used it out in the clubs here. hehehehe….thanks!

Hi Edie, just a quick note to say, had a really nice experience with my lesson on Sat. I can tell you are even a better instructor than I thought. I’ll set-up another private soon. Thanks again! 



“Edie, there aren’t enough words to express just how much I enjoyed your private lesson and how much it has elevated dancing abilities. I’ve taken private lessons from several instructors and you are truly in a class of your own. Your ability to quickly and acutely break down and correct the fundamentals of Salsa is amazing. You exude compassion, energy, confidence and excitement. What’s most important is that you gave me the confidence to feel like I’m the best dancer in the land. 

Your lesson left me on such a high, I converted my garage into a makeshift dance studio. I’m hooked and I will always hear your voice of instruction, even when I’m practicing alone.  Thank you,


Just to say (in response to your request for feedback on your site) I thought Edie’s ladies styling class in Birmingham (England) (@ the Custard Factory) was great. Her attitude is phenomenal. Being at that class made me want to invest more time and money in Salsa – I bought her ladies’ styling video. Watched it at the weekend and it is v good and well worth the money  (although she was much more reserved than at her class and didn’t think this showed her at her best).

Hope to see you at a class in London sometime.


Dear Edie,
Hello, guys! This is Ed from Pittsburgh. I just wanted to thank you guys for the best weekend of Salsa Pittsburgh has ever seen! I also wanted to thank you for the best workshop I have ever taken (and I have taken a number of workshops!) I learned SO MUCH!

I wanted to thank you for being so generous to me last weekend. I really appreciate all the “props” you gave me all weekend. You didn’t have to do that–YOU are the instructor, and should be the star of the evening. But you repeatedly gave me compliments in front of everyone else. It’s very rare that someone with your talent is also so incredibly humble, encouraging, and over-the-top generous with sharing your knowledge. I definately hope to see you guys again soon–in Pittsburgh, LA, or elsewhere! Thank you for giving the Pittsburgh salseros so much, and for being such

With much gratitude

Ed Ribar

Dear Edie,
Greetings from Sydney. Just wanna say thank you for the Bootcamp last week,
 i really enjoyed it & learned a lot, you are an amazing teacher / dancer / person, you are the best. I have been learning / dancing Salsa for over a year, i have been to Cuba, Puerto Rico several times but you taught me how to do the proper cross body lead, we learned about 12 moves that night, now i can ask ladies for a dance with confidence. We both know that we still need to do lots of work on me for me to become a better dancer.

All you guys & girls out there, if you wanna be a better dancer, no matter what your level is, go to L.A., Edie will take care of the rest.

Ladies, you have to do Edie’s styling class & guys, you have to take Al’s pop n’Salsa class. By all means guys should also should take lessons with Edie. When we went out dancing, i felt as if i was on a night out with some one i have known  for a long time. Edie, thank you so much for the exciting Bootcamp.

My best wishes to you. Kind regards,


I know you prefer a phone call but I just hated to bother you again this week especially since this is something that I am so excited about especially cuz its not urgent.

Edie-people have noticed how motivated I am but more than that I actually did better in my ballroom lesson and last night when I danced! Dan even said he liked the fact I threw in some styling. It was the first time I tried it since our lessons last week. YOU ARE AN AMAZING TEACHER! The “wave” or as I call body roll–peoples faces are dumbfounded that I can do it cuz I had given up till

Edie–I could write pages but I just really want you to know how good you have made me feel about becoming a better dancer. The fact that you believe I can do it and you have already influenced my dancing where people notice is such a credit to you. You have put a smile on my face and I cant wait to see how I am after months of lessons with you.

I look forward to our lessons the week of July 2nd and I plan to get to know the flight attendants well because I WILL be flying to take lessons with you on a regular basis.

Cant you feel the energy in this email???…this is how I have been since your lessons!! Stay as special as you are and with all GOD’s Blessings– Sheila 🙂

ps-Lory and I are meeting tomorrow to “do” your video and all the freedom moves you taught me.


Wanted to send you a thanks for Friday’s Bootcamp. Don’t want to seem like I’m trying to flatter you, but I’d by lying if I said it was anything less than amazing. In several ways. I’ve had a lot of teachers, Edie. Coaches in other sports or just life. But somehow you have this mysterious mix of smarts, insight, and humor that makes learning all come together. Which made for a lesson that was awfully memorable. And sweet. I think any dancer would come away feeling the same. Because you don’t simply teach cool moves. You somehow tap into your partner’s strengths and weaknesses, drawing on the former and transforming the latter. A friend of mine, a prosecutor and someone who has to impress juries on a daily basis, once described charisma as that rare ability to touch everyone they meet, making them feel happy or powerful or special. Happy to be alive and in their skin. Well, in that case, Edie, you have charisma in spades. As a dancer and as a teacher but most of all, as a human being! Thanks. It was lovely. Look forward to doing it again next time I come your way. Until then…

Jonathan Field

Dear Edie:
I took a private lesson with you when you were visiting Seattle, Washington a couple of months ago. I have to say that I was so impressed by your kindness and patience that I decided to take a looksy at your website. Now I am addicted….I love that you have put so much information out to help people such as myself become better dancers. I have struggled for so long, and still do, because I want to dance well so badly. Your advise and special tricks have helped me so much. I still take classes (with Rico) and get out to dance every chance I get, but your online help has been priceless.

Please, please, please…let me know when you plan to come back to the pacific northwest again. I would most certainly make it a point to take every single class you teach plus schedule more privates with you.

Also… last month I read your column regarding our ability to love dancing and God as well. Edie, please don’t ever stop what you are doing. You are a blessing and a true ambassador for all of us who are God fearing and Salsa lovers as well.

Thank you for time and patience.

Ligia Maria Farfan

Let me reintroduce myself. I am Ray Jones the gentleman who had the last private lesson on Friday with you. First of all, it was a pleasure having you in Seattle. It is amazing how the energy level of the dancers increase when we have outstanding teachers and dancers in town.

I can tell by your attitude that you are a good teacher and that you are going to be a great one in the very near future.

From the stand point of the private lesson, I got what I had hoped to get out the lesson.

  1. Suggestions on improving leading. I got good info on leading the cross body lead, two fingers in leading the turns, and hand placement and pressure on the follow during certain movements.
  2. Information on individual spinning (legs, feet, arms, spotting)
  3. Hand styling points

At this stage of my dancing, it is time to focus on the honing of my skills and attention on the little things that will make me a better lead. As my knowledge of leading becomes better, it will also make me a good teacher which will make me a better dancer.

I hope the message regarding the need for teaching leading skills stays with you. You are in a position that will influence many people. Please emphasize to your fellow teachers and potential teachers how important it is to teach leading techniques from the early stages.

I will cherish my private lesson that I had with you and hope to take another in the near future. If there is any thing I can do assist with your return to Seattle, please let me know.

Thanks again and hopefully the year 2001 will see you grow insurmountably as an performer and teacher.


Hi Edie,
I was at Pontins in Brean Sands last weekend and had to write to tell you that you’re not only an excellent dancer but also the best instructor I’ve ever seen.  

I took your level 3 Salsa, the cha cha workshop and watched the level 4 Salsa. I’ve been dancing Salsa for about 5 or 6 years now and have taken many lessons from all kinds of teachers but your precision in describing the footwork, arm movements and body positions was better than anyone else I’ve come across. I guess I often get a bit annoyed with the way many other teachers count (have you had teachers that count tap, two three four although they dance on the one!). Even [famous instructor] has a very strange way of counting on her video (she counts steps and not beats).

I tried to get to see you in LA a few years ago when I was travelling around California on holiday with a friend but he wasn’t into the Salsa and didn’t fancy staying in LA (I guess it’s not quite the same as Yosemite). I’ll have to make sure I only travel with other Salsa addicts in the future!

Ciao, Dave (Another Manchester Salsero)

Dear Edie, My name is Shiran and i’m from Israel. Me and my friend, Noga, first saw you at the mediterranean Salsa congress in Eilat. wa were astounded by you and your dancing style, and even now, mounts after – the impretion is still intanse… We would like to come to your studio in order to learn, but after we visited your web-site we couldnt find any details about an intensive program for a couple of weeks. We would like to know if there is such a program for people who come abroad especialy to learn in your studio, and if Jenuary is a good time to arrive at the u.s. (it is very important for us, that you would teach us in person, at least part of the time). We will be glad if you could answer our e-mail as soon as possible in order we could make plans accordinly… thank you in advance, best of wishes,

Shiran & Noga

Hey, sweetie…     I’m sorry about not writing you as soon as I got back, but I have been consumed in dancing since I got back. I have to congratulate you, thank you, and give you a big hug and a kiss… Ever since I got back, people have been telling me stuff like… “Hey, your leads have improved and I didn’t know they could get any better!” “What did you do? You’re dancing so much better!!!” Wow, I didn’t think you had made such an impact on me in such a little time. I’m definitely going to your workshops on the 6th, 7th, & 8th. Oct. Plus maybe we’ll get to dance together again, for fun. Anyway, I’ll try to do my best to do you proud, when I tell people I trained under you. By the way, now that I’m back on my turf, I find it a lot easier to do the moves you taught me. I guess it’s because I feel as if I am the Rogelio Moreno of Colorado. Don’t take it as if I am conceited… cause you and I know that I still have a ways to go to dance in the levels of such an eloquent dancer as is Rogelio. Thanx again luv,

Anthony “The Salsakidd”

Dear Edie,
Sometimes I go to bed with something on my mind & wake up the next morning with fully developed thoughts about it, as if while I was sleeping my brain had been working on it somehow. I jotted down some thoughts the morning after meeting with you, and finally got back my notebook in the mail. I’ve attached two text files. For some specifics about the dance experience you gave me, below I tried to capture the biggest things I learned & why I consider you my first real teacher in spite of dozens of both &group lessons before. That’s pretty simple to figure.

Bootcamp was worth every penny! I went in only having taken group lessons in Salsa so that I could do a couple moves, but my Salsa dancing could pretty much be described as a holding pattern of the basic step wondering what to do next. By the end of Bootcamp, I had learned, by my count, about 17 different elements that could be mixed and matched, as well as a more aesthetically pleasing “holding pattern.” After that one intense evening, I feel I can now Salsa with some confidence and even look decent on the dance floor. My favorite aspects of Bootcamp were Edie’s patience and clarity of explanation, and the abundant time spent practicing moves again and again before being released to the madness of the Mayan dance floor. I highly recommend Bootcamp and am definitely doing it again in the near future.

Hi Edie, My name is [studio owner] I own a dance studio in [city]. I met you at last year’s West Coast Salsa Congress in LA. I think you are an amazing lady and your credentials and experience and knowledge and business sense are quite impressive. I am planning to attend this year’s and would like to take the instructor training workshop.

[studio owner]

Dear Edie, Hello.

I’m allways reading Your articles, and what is you writing it so true, about the lead, the style, the life on the dance floor. You making me feel that i’m not alone. Thank you. Are You Coming to the congress in Israel? please come.


Hi Edie!  Thank god u replied my mail… 🙂 First, I want to say that after i’ve seen you in the israeli Salsa congress I can surely say that i am your no’ 1 fan 🙂 you r amazing and definitely an inspiration to me. 


I want to thank you for the Private Lesson series that we had together. The lessons helped move my dancing to a higher level. Women who I’ve danced with before and after can tell a difference. I’m more confident in asking the really good women dancers to dance with me. I have enough transitional moves to make it more interesting and challenging for them. I’ve reinforced this experience with some private lessons where we have built on some of the things that you and I worked on in our lessons. I still break down occasionally, but you’ve freed me from the crutch of being stuck in “basic”.



Last nights lesson was awesome for Lisa and me.

We filled in some holes in my fundamentals and we fine-tuned a bunch of things that were bothering me. Because I missed some fundamentals my current world of patterns is much smaller than it should be and you opened my eyes (again…). Lisa and I are both excited and now just have to find the time to practice.

I suspect we are on the brink of making some major moves forward and I really can’t thank you enough.


“Edie i’m sooooooooooooo glad i got to attend the Salsa festival at palm springs 🙂 i would say that was my best Salsa exprience ever! and thats all thanks to you! you are one of the most amazing people i have ever met……. you are a great exciting inspiring person…….you have taught me soooooooo much more in those 4 short days then anyone in my 8 month Salsa experience! anyone would be more than lucky to be your student and i hope that sometime in the near future i’ll be at least half as good as you are…….jesus has given you an amazing talent and i’m glad you share it with others 🙂 i cant wait for next year to come again! i hope to hear from you! and thanks so much again 🙂

p.s. you are my inspiration :)”

Dear Edie,
Thank you very much for your warm e-mail. I learned from you a lot and I
 hope to learn from you more in the future. It will be a pleasure to be your dance partner! I do hope to see you in Scotland or perhaps before that on a Cruise ship


I’d hit a wall with my dancing. Privates had brought me to a certain level, but lack of real practice left my new-found skills unchallenged.  You just can’t improve at Salsa unless you are dancing consistently. Often, students find the club environment somewhat overwhelming and a bit intimidating. However, Edie’s focused attention jumped started my Salsa neurons; the experience promoted new, tangible growth in my learning. A week later, I feel like a different dancer. If you’re serious, consider the “Boot Camp” a fantastic way to hone your skill and get acclimated to the Salsa dance scene. Thanks Edie!!


That was an amazing lesson. We learned—or at least started to learn—so many fun things, and clarified a lot of issues. Thank you so much! Hugs, 


Dear Edie: Great Class today Saturday. You are the best instructor I have ever had.


Hi Paul/Imogen/Salsa UK.
Congratulations, congratulations on last nights success at La Finca last night. It was truly amazing! I couldn’t sleep last night having witnessed probably the best dance performance (Edie) I am likely to see in my lifetime. Can I just say that Edie is one of the nicest people that I have encountered. Humble & gracious are just two of the words I would use to describe

The vibes last night were second to none, you could smell the success at the club last night with so many special guests in attendance. I am glad that I was able to share that success and be associated with Salsa UK.


“Don’t be weak!”
Edie, I consider you my first real dance teacher because you made a real man out of me. 

“Never start me with a basic!” That’s supposed to be a little funny, but not   

“Take me immediately into a cross body lead with a left turn, no thumbs, cross body lead with the waist, then another with a shoulder tap & show me who’s boss!”  Through the dozens of private lessons and many group lessons I’ve had, only you stopped & showed me  

“Dip me like a dove landing on a soft pillow.”  I came to you because I knew intuitively that something was wrong, that something wasn’t   

“Brush the top of my head when you turn me.”  And you showed me exactly –   

“No icepicks – no thumbs!”  So now that I know what it’s supposed to feel like, I can start to dance Salsa how I want to, and it’s going  I’m pretty jazzed.

Besides the real feel of what leading should be like, the most readily useful things you taught me were:

– about forming little clumps of moves I like together to help me gain fluidity & not get stuck thinking about what to do next too much- about learning a move and variations on it to easily add

– how to practice spinning myself

– the Cuban motion issue (it’s a biggy!)

The last two require many hours of practice on my own; the first two require some organization and some practice on my part. But I’m definitely on the road, whereas before I didn’t even know where the road was. And you’ve given me the basic tools to do what I want. The rest is up to me to flesh it all out, and it’s going to be lots of fun.  I’ve already got a basic overall structure in place, and I’m starting to fill things in. When I see you again, I’ll lay it all out for you. I think you’ll get a kick out of it. The organization seems to reflect my personality a bit.



No response required… I realize this is totally trivial stuff but I doubt anybody outside of you would ever appreciate it.

It’s so interesting…

I’m watching the [other instructor] beginners DVD… when he demonstrates a ladies outside turn for the first time it’s obvious he has a VERY selfish lead. He has his hand almost to his chest, while the lady is almost fully extended. Basically they are opposite… his is close to him and she is fully extended. He doesn’t come close to splitting the difference. It’s so obvious and clear to me because of you.

There are so many little things you teach the guys which the other instructors never get. Additionally, you think about this stuff and because you learned as an adult, you see the world differently from those who learned “organically”. Your ability to analyze good and bad leads, combined with your experience dancing with so many men, provides insights few other instructors ever get.

The guys get so caught up in the patterns that “how” we lead is overlooked. Guys don’t understand the importance of “the feel” of our lead.

I have many women ask me if I’m an instructor… (I’m always surprised by that comment…). Part if it is my confidence that you helped instill and the other is the way I lead many things. It’s pretty regular that I have a gal say something to the effect of “your lead is very clear…” or “you are very easy to follow…” I realize these gals are often dancing with men who have never worked with someone like you, and their lead is selfish and somewhat sloppy. They may look decent (good footwork, body control) but the way they lead is underdeveloped.

Note that I also watched the first [other instructor] video yesterday. I’m sure glad I didn’t pay for those… They show almost all the patterns at full speed, with very little breakdown. In the videos it’s basically full speed “monkey see, monkey do” mode. Those types of instructors frustrate me… I often need things broken down slowly and then I can speed them up…

It’s not that I can’t won’t learn something from the videos, there is plenty to learn and as I continue to grow these will become more helpful. Some things I’ll see now but won’t be able to incorporate until I’m more advanced.

Anyway… thanks for the videos… I love having all the material. I feel like a big sponge… and if I find one thing on each DVD, it’s a big win for me.

I can tell by the way you talk sometimes that you don’t understand how good you are both performing and teaching. It’s so rare someone can perform so well and also teach it. Your skill sets are unique and I know they will serve you well as you move forward.

Talk to you later.

a student


I spent the entire day sitting in front of my computer reading articles and things on your webside!

Before I go on forgive my english if I mistake sometimes (I am from Israel) .

Anyway..I thought to myself :”WOW…this couple is absolutely unblievable!!” You are so inspiring!! I ve seen you the first time at the focus club in Israel (Lior’s place..he is a good friend of mine) I didnt realize it was you..you were sitting there quietly watching everybody. And the second time was less than 2 weeks ago at the NYSC…and all I can think off now when I am back home was the warm and friendly genuine impression you made on me. You were sitting eating at your booth and I came up and told you that you were the greatest performers I ve ever

Anyway..all I want you to know is that my dream of all time is to be able to dance all my life ..having my studio one day..teaching in the world…having my own team and this is something I deeply belive is gonna happen.

I want you to know that after xmas I am moving to NYC just to be able to take classes with the greatest dancers in the world and after reading on you and seing you on stage , I know I ll have to step in your studio…I ve heard you give the best classes ! I am sure you do…you have such a great energy!

I hope you will help my dream come true!!

I will listen to any little advice you have to get me started !

Thank you for being here.


April 15, 2004

Dear Edie:
Thank you! I can only begin to express my gratitude in words for the world-class Salsa workshop you presented and your unbelievable, inspired performances last month. I learned at least several months worth of Salsa, and so much more from you, in several days, and confirmed that Salsa is a means of expression I wish to pursue and a community I want to be a part of as long as I am able. What I appreciated most of all were your genuine friendliness, generosity, professionalism, work ethic, sense of humor and showmanship.

You guys are just too cool and too nice to be true! I’ve worked with a number of visiting celebrities in Korea, mostly musicians, and few were even 10 as down-to-earth and accessible as you. Your friendliness and accessibility definitely enhanced the workshop atmosphere, and build goodwill in the Salsa community. Most of the instructors and dancers in Seoul are also very friendly. Hopefully, your positive example will continue to influence the worldwide Salsa community. Thank you!

We were all amazed by your seemingly effortless and expressive performances. You performed some of the same amazing moves and combinations you showed us during the 1st Korea Salsa Congress and a plethora of new moves and combinations, never seen before in Korea. Quite honestly, most of us were still trying to figure out “The M & M” we first saw at the Salsa Congress. And, you didn’t leave a single beat unexpressed. Many of us were probably thinking, “How did they do that? Wow, if I could only dance like that one day.” And amazingly, in the course of several days you made it seem possible. From the beginning of your workshop, you shared so openly: you didn’t hold back one single iota of your routines, knowledge or expertise. Furthermore, you prepared or came up with such clear and thorough breakdowns and explanations,

I hope your awesome example of openness and generosity will start changing attitudes about sharing. Unfortunately, some instructors, in an effort to maximize their earnings, refuse to share with students the moves students are most interested in, on demand. Instead, the student is advised to enroll in a different class than the one they are currently enrolled to learn that particular move. What the instructors they fail to realize is that in the long-term they are hurting their businesses by disappointing the student and building bad will. And, dancers who bring new moves to a club are often hesitant to share their discoveries – if not in word, then through non-verbal communication – wanting to enjoy their seemingly singular moves for eternity. Or even if they are willing to share, other dancers may be too proud, competitive, or afraid of embarrassment to ask how they are done. Eventually, however, some brave, frustrated dancer finds the courage to ask, and the move begins to spread. I believe these attitudes toward teaching, sharing, and asking for help create unnecessary competition animosity and stress, when Salsa can best serve a unifying rather than a dividing force.

On a personal level, I have already shared several of the patterns I learned during the workshop with the members of my Latin dance club, “Latin Soguro (Latin Inside)”, including: (Please, excuse the awkward descriptions.) (1) The “Turn Around on “6”, Two-Arm Overhead Pull-over, Copa Wave Combination”, (2) The “Spot Turn, Shoulder Turn, Squatting Floor Slap on “1”, Touch Spins”, and (3) The “CB Wave, Double (L to R Hand) Turn and Stop, Triple Man’s Hip Pivot, Lady’s Left Hand Flick to Man’s Right Hand Catch”. And the moves were used in their recent “New Member Performance”. Net, it was much more fulfilling to give than to receive – especially when the recipients appreciated what was given. Thank you!

During the workshops it also became clearer to me just how hard you must work and what kind of sacrifices you must make to perform and teach at such a high level. It’s obvious you spent countless hours preparing your routines, workshops, and materials before a trip. And, from the time you hit the ground, at Incheon International Airport, you were on the go. And, you never seemed to slow down, smoothly changing gears from performers to instructors, and then back again. Moreover, your enthusiasm and energy only seemed to build throughout your visit. In addition to the excellent Korean barbeque, between performances, the workshop, group lessons, private lessons, instructor training and promotions, I hope you actually found a few moments to enjoy more of the culture.

I was really deeply touched by both of you at the closing party. Both of you couldn’t have been anything more than exhausted, after another full day! I certainly was. And Edie, when I wanted to say goodbye I found you seated on the floor, in a corner, away from the crowd, catching your breath, obviously exhausted. But when you saw me, you immediately forgot about your own physical state and found the energy to wish me a warm and sincere farewell. Your examples of professionalism and work ethic were so inspiring and instructional, and will be of great help as I plan to devote myself to teaching martial arts upon my return to the states. Thank you!

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how much I appreciated and learned from the two of you about the importance of having and exhibiting a good sense-of-humor and showmanship. Simply put, you thoroughly understand how to make people laugh, feel good, and respond, through your actions and words. Your costumes, make-up and other wardrobe were awesome. Your jokes and gags were hilarious, even to non-English speakers. And, I think they’re even starting to understand what you mean about dancing on the “Booyah!”  Edie, you did a tremendous job of picking up the most important Korean phrases relevant to teaching. If you would like, before your next visit, I can prepare a useful expression and pronunciation tape so you can “wow the crowd” even more. Edie, thank you for sharing this gift with us!

And speaking of gifts, thank you both so much for the great CD, “Breakthrough”, by La Palabra Orquesta. I just received it. Actually, I am listening to it right now. All the best, and I look forward to our next encounter. Hopefully, we’ll meet at the 2004 Korea Salsa Congress, and I hope to attend your “Salsa Bootcamp” in Los Angeles, in early October!

Love, Happiness, Peace and Blessings,


Good Morning Edie!
First of all, there is hardly anything that I don’t like about your classes maybe the cold temperature at times, but that’s just me.

Your professionalism; the organized class syllabuses; your articles and inviting us to review them; your tips on techniques and the way you teach them; and most of all your generous patience, are all brilliant. At times, the class even feels a bit like a self-improvement workshop, but how could that possibly be a problem? You are so spiritual and so in touch with your life experiences that every bit of prep-talk and the anecdotes you share help me personally to move beyond my hang-ups about my ability, my body, by demeanor, etc., consequently pushing me forward. (It would a total loss to take that aspect of your teaching for granted!) I specially liked last session since we went through lots of repetitions. I also liked the fact that we had to perform while you watched us. It motivated us towards having to learn and remember. Moreover, ever since I’ve taken Salsa classes, I have always wondered why on earth don’t the teachers let the girls learn how to lead since it will help us understand the men’s burden? Needless to say that you have fulfilled that dream too!!

May you always be blessed with great health and that positive energy!!!  Bon Voyage and have a wonderful time!   Sincerely,


Dear Edie

I just wanted to thank you both for taking the time to come to our UK Salsa Congress 2004 at Bognor Regis last weekend – it was the highlight of my weekend, meeting you both, attending your classes.

I was on such a high leaving the weekend, I went to the Ion bar, a funky Salsa club in Ladbrook Grove, London, the following night (even though my legs could hardly function after such an energetic and exhausting weekend), and some of the people to whom I mentioned I had been to this Salsa Congress were surprisingly dismissive of it, saying that there are too many happening to attend them all. I realise I am still very much a novice (having only been dancing for 11 months usually once a week), but to me it seemed this weekend just gone had such an array of Salsa stars that it would be ludicrous to miss it! (And, yes, I am just about to write to Paul and tell him, plus let him know that it was you two who were the reason I came to the Congress in the first place!).

My dance partner, Desmond Bobb, and I were very pleased to meet you both in person, so that we could pay you for our hooky copy of your Intermediate Moves DVD – we both were so inspired by seeing it (and yes, the first viewing made us go, gosh, we’re never going to be able to copy that, but, after much pausing, re-winding, step-by-step note-taking and many practices, we finally managed to execute most of the moves passably, so that we realised they weren’t impossible! [even if the stylishness was all your own and ours a long way to go…]) from borrowing a friend’s DVD, that we had a copy made so that we could practice it. [We even had wanted to cheekily show you the Cuban over this weekend, but it never transpired!] We both felt very bad not having ordered the original version from you, so it was both a relief and a pleasure to finally be able to pay you for it in person, with much thanks and gratitude for the time and effort you put into making it, not to mention the humour and the clarity of your teaching!

It’s observations like that (plus watching you both entertain us greatly with that fantastic partner work class on Sunday morning, when we all sat down and listened and watched – by far the funniest and most inspiring class I have ever attended, I really wish that had been taped!) that make me in awe of the love you both share for each other, and that you have created a harmonious, humorous and loving marriage which has lasted (something which I have not yet managed to conquer, hence I have so much respect for you both for being the kind of people who have achieved it and maintained it for years, especially when considering that you work together!). So, Edie, it’s your talent, your humour, your love and respect for each other, and your humility with your fans that has wowed me, and when I heard you were going to be starring at this Congress, I knew I just had to be there, and I’m grateful to you for that, because the whole weekend, of classes, shows, singing with our chalet foursome late into the night, the amazing costumes, the incredible talent (the lovely legs!) and the buzz from all these happy dancing people has created a memory that left me zinging, and wanting to attend every year until I die, or am no longer able to stand!

I especially wanted to thank you Edie for all those tips and wisdom you shared on Sunday’s Ladies’ Styling Class. I’ve now started to practice the sexy walking bit, and the huge grin when concentrating really hard!!

The compliment about my following thrilled me no end, so I’m now going to order your Beginner’s starter kit (even though I always push myself to try the more complicated dancers in our class, and even two weeks ago led as a man in an advanced routine), because I realise I need to consolidate the basics, before I can add the styling that so impresses me and I yearn to exhibit!

I’m sorry if this all sounds a bit disjointed and crazy – when it all came tumbling out in my head this morning, it sounded much cooler than this is!

If you want a little glimpse of my craziness, I have attached some photos of three of the loves in my life : my pythons Samba (the female reticulated python, the largest one), Jed (the male African rock python, the second largest one) and Tommy (the male African Royal python, the littlest one). They are all twelve years old, and I love them dearly.

Also, if it’s not too embarrassing for you, I have appended my new mission, inspired by this weekend and by meeting you both. I love the innovation and inspiration with which you charm us all, and they do say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Strangely, on Saturday night, when I was quickly painting my stubby nails white (to match my white dress and to cover up the black nail I acquired from a mis-hit hammer when laying a wooden floor three weeks ago), my to-be dance partner Darren Alexander suggested I should paint his nails white for the evening also, just for fun! That’s the sort of irreverent impulse I thoroughly enjoy, and I can’t wait to buy all of your DVDs to see just what else you do and can inspire us to modify and grow from!

As Jacqueline Bryden (Des’s new girlfriend and Darren’s old dance troupe member) remarked, it’s heartening to see how your faith in God allows each of you to remove all worries before dancing and to express your inner child uninhibitedly and full of fun!

Looking forward immensely to the next time you lovely couple return to the UK,

a heart-ful fan,


P.S. The title refers to clothing colours Sunday night…!

P.P.S. I wrote this on Tuesday 28th September 2004, still on a high from the weekend, but was waiting to find a scanned-in picture of my middle snake, Jed, but can’t find one so am sending this anyway, before it becomes too out-of-date, and will forward a picture of Jed when I have scanned a new one in! Thanks once again for being my dance heroes and such great guys!


To be able to live a life filled with love and dance & sensuality & helpfulness & kindness & generosity & exploration, and good health & good fitness & good looks, and an inner vitality and positivity, and great inventions & useful contributions to policy & process & structure wherever I am able, and good organisation & good humour & good wisdom & good connectedness to the world, with all bills paid, all debts cleared, an excess of £1,000,000 in my UK bank accounts and an excess of R500,000 in my SA bank account and an excess of SF500,000 in my Swiss bank account, and an increasing passive income always in excess of £200,000 p.a. and an income stream from me to my family members & selected friends, past loves, & acquaintances & charities always in excess of £100,000 p.a., and to teach others by

Monday 27th September 2004

inspired by Salsa Congress 2004 in Bognor Regis,

and meeting (and dancing with)  Edie the Salsa Freak my dance hero 

Dear Edie:   Your Salsa bootcamp was remarkable yet tiring.  My boyfriend and I, nevertheless, took a lot of moves, inspiration, and motivation home with us…at least that’s what I thought at the time of departure.   My boyfriend went home very frustrated and his emotions transcended over to me. There was nothing I could do or say to ease his emotions.  I knew that he wanted to become a better dancer but all I could tell him was about your “Beginner’s Curve”.  This made sense.  He was feeling “beginner’s frustration”. Just how you explained it in class.   I went to bed last night feeling that the only reason why my boyfriend wanted to learn was because he knew that it would make me happy but not because he actually wanted to learn for himself…..and actually enjoy it while learning.   This morning, however, it was a different story.  He called me and said he was watching your Hip Hop DVD at work.  He loves it and he’s already motivated enough to go to Home Depot to buy wooden tile to tape out in his background.  I feel better and relieved. <<Sigh with a big breath>>.  Thank you Edie for being an inspiration to all those around you.   Please let me know how I can purchase the Salsa 101 videos.  Thank you.   Best, – Wishing to remain Anonymous  Hi Edie,   I don’t know you but just wanted to send a message to say thanks for the newsletter and to share that everything I’ve heard about you (your rise to the top in Salsa, your ability to recreate your life, your positivity…), it’s admirable and inspiring!  You’re obviously an empowered go-getter and women are lucky to have you as a teacher!  



Thanks for responding! I have 10+ years of ballet training….and keeping my toes pointed straight is an issue for me and probably a good cause of my dilemna. I am working on this as diligently as possible. (Salsa is much more fun than ballet).

I had sent this before I went to the Palm Springs Salsa Congress end July weekend….I took all your classes and they were great!!! You were an absolute kick, a great teacher and a joy to watch dance. In one of your classes you talked about the hottie: JJ who you taught at 8am one morning….well, that night I danced with him (he WAS adorable!)….he tried a new move on me that I had never done….poor guy, I think my

fingers went up his nose by mistake. BTW, I have a Salsa friend in

Melbourne, Australia who also raves about you…he was so proud of himself that he asked you to dance at one of the Australian Congresses.

Good Luck to you with your dancing and in life. I hope I have the chance to take another one of your classes in person.

Lori Zorn

Subject: thanks for helping Midge

Hi, Edie,

My dance partner, Midge Shigemura, took a private lesson with you yesterday (Saturday 7/9/06) at the Orland Salsa Congress.

I just wanted to thank you for the helpful techniques you provided to Midge, and for the positive approach you used.

Midge has been in group classes where the instructor called her “klunky” in front of the other students, and she has taken private lessons where she has gotten inadequate, dismissive, or inconsistent instructions — so she sometimes suffers from a crisis of confidence in her own abilities. Despite that, she is a good dancer who can spin 15 or 20 times and can follow almost any lead.

You pointed her to a way to improve her dancing style and appearance, and that’s what she was looking for.

Again, many thanks!


Dear Edie!!

 Just wanted to say that you are a WONDERFUL person. I was at the Arhem congress and had a great time, although I am always impressed by so many great dancers together! Please DO move to Europe, and Holland is a great place to live, with an open culture and LOTS of Salsa.

The Salsa scene is growing so fast (and it is already HUGE as you know), and people are so hungry for more, they want to learn as much as possible. You being around here would be a blast!

 Take care, and see you at one of Holland’s parties!

Bas Smeets

“Edie, I learned more from you in TWO HOURS than I did in six months of group classes. Thank you

Doug Manning


You are a blessing to the Salsa world. May God continue to bless and keep you.

In Him,

A Fan