Drinking and Salsa Dancing

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Don’t drink too much alcohol (or preferably non at all) while dancing.
Hard-core serious dancers can’t stand dancing with someone intoxicated.

    • This screws up your lead.
    • This screws up your follow.
    • This messes up your balance,
    • … messes up your spinning.
    • … destroys your career,
    • … destroys your relationships,
    • … makes everyone you come in contact with … utterly miserable.


Horrible Terrible MP3 Music

Learn to Salsa dance with Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!

Dear Edie, I was at the ’03 SF Congress this last weekend and I believe I’ve had my fill of bad horrible terrible MP3 music used on performer’s routines.
Here’s what I have to say about it…maybe you could post this so anyone coming up will take your thoughts into consideration when selecting the source of their music!
BTW, I have never heard any of your routines reflect this MP3’age of routine music, yours is always top-notch! (more…)

Frame Matching – by Joe DeMers

Permission to Re-Publish at Dancer Hangout by Joe DeMers,

Overstreet Dance Gallery, Littleton, Colorado

*Email: jddemers@gmail.com


Frame matching: a framework for teaching Swing and Blues dance partner connection
Joseph Daniel DeMers

Science and Educational Psychology, Overstreet Dance Gallery, Denver, CO, USA

Frame Matching is a codified theory of partner-dance connection. It establishes a framework for breaking down and teaching Swing and Blues dance connection. It is the act of creating, maintaining, or changing tension between partners with posture and tone, in order to lead and follow energy and direction. Frame Matching is explained in terms of changes in posture, tone, tension, energy, and the direction of energy (ΔPTED). (more…)

Corupt Competitions

WTFHi Edie! I just had to write and tell you about the experience I had the other night at a local club here in [city]. This club has a Salsa contest every Thursday night with a prize of $250 dollars, which is not much, but it serves for some good party money!

Anyway, we decided to go that night and one of my dance partners (I always dance with my husband and a mutual friend) asked me if I would get in the contest with him. I said “sure, why not. Since the prize is nothing really substantial I’m sure (more…)