Dancing for God

Learn to Salsa dance with Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!

I’ve noticed that you mention God quite a few times and some Church activity, so I have a question for you:

I am 18, an active member at my Church, AWANA leader, Sunday school teacher, a helper in the youth group, and the list goes on.

My situation is, is that I have gotten a lot of negative feed back because if my love of dance. Along with a couple other persons, I was kicked out of a temporary singing group because one of the rules was absolutely no dancing. Something very impossible for me.

I do use my talents of dancing for God. I have done a lot of dance interpretation for church and related activities. But I also have a great passion for dancing, most importantly for Salsa. I feel great when I dance, I feel happy, I have even started to lose weight since I started to take Salsa lessons. (more…)