“Leading is an art. Paint your picture, and keep her beautifully and comfortably… a part of it.” – Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!

Bathroom / WC / Toilette Conversations“Ya’ know… he used to be a great lead. What Happened to That Guy?

It’s amazing what you hear when you’re in the restroom (WC/toilet) of a nightclub.
… If only the opposite sex could hear some of the whispering conversations in there

About Last Night …

I was at a local nightclub here in [city], and I recognized a gentleman that I remember dancing with about a year ago. I remembered how fabulous of a lead he was. I remembered his easy-to-follow turn patterns, combinations, and style. He made me feel like a million dollars out there. I remember him making me feel sexy. I remember him making me (more…)