The Asking, Asking a Woman to Dance

Learn to Salsa dance with Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!       The asking, asking a woman to dance, asking to dance, asking someone to dance,
Asking a woman to dance. The Asking.

Dear Edie
My Salsa-spirit is taking a down-turn. I am finally getting the nerve to ask women to dance at the clubs but they all say no. I have never danced at this club, so it can’t be the way I dance. I always shower/shave/brush before I go out, and I dress nice. I am polite and just ask “would you like to dance”. Then they say no thank you. After three no thank you’s I lose my nerve and self-confidence. This is only really a problem at one particular club, but it is where the best dancers are. I would just chalk it up to my lack of dance experience, except (more…)