Horrible Terrible MP3 Music

Learn to Salsa dance with Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!

Dear Edie, I was at the ’03 SF Congress this last weekend and I believe I’ve had my fill of bad horrible terrible MP3 music used on performer’s routines.
Here’s what I have to say about it…maybe you could post this so anyone coming up will take your thoughts into consideration when selecting the source of their music!
BTW, I have never heard any of your routines reflect this MP3’age of routine music, yours is always top-notch! (more…)

Salsa Competitions

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Competitions, Competing, Judging… etc, etc…
By Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!

Edie’s Thoughts…
I’ve spoken, and “typed” to tons of people about the competition. I could write for hours and hours about all the stories both good and bad,coming in right and left about this contest.

But first of all, let me say from what I’ve been told and what I’ve seen, that the Los Angeles Mayan Salsa Competition is the most glamorous, most prestigious Salsa competition in the world right now. Consider that the Mayan holds almost 2,000 people, and 2,000 people are WATCHING this competition. Every Saturday, 2,000 people stand in line dance Salsa. That, in itself, is incredible. (more…)

Addicted to Salsa

.. as if you’ve stopped reading already.
OK, ok… OK!!!
You went out dancing SALSA last night…
You listened to SALSA on your way home.
You dreamed about SALSA all night..
You listened to SALSA on your way to work…
NOW you’re reading about SALSA

Are you Addicted or WHAT?

(admit it!)

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