Hi Edie!!
Last year ended positively whereby even a salsa buddy video taped me dancing. Some of the girls profusely compliment me that they love dancing with me and frankly I am still using basic patterns and not any complicated combinations because I “cant” since I dont practice them. 
I spent time in Toledo with my brother last year which has a small salsa scene and I guess “one eyed man is king in blind man country” ( a Trini saying) and I have heard the same comment from a few ladies. I definitely am more confident and have a good time and dont stress on comparing myself to the guys with all the cool moves- I keep it real simple and try as much as possible to show up the lady so that she is the star with a lot of those one hand cross body leads so that she can style. Subconsciously I think I have been channeling your teachings Edie but I havent been practising other than attending socials. I actually started kizomba which I like but even that I keep basic. 

I am rambling but wanted to give you kudos because without realizing it, I improved drastically thanks to our training together. I really look forward to the opportunity to spend another 48-72 hours with you to take it to another level but in truth, I am not even stressing on trying to learn how to do cool combinations because now it seems as if at least 50 pct of the “ new” ladies I dance with, I need to simplify or reduce my moves to dance to a level that they are comfortable with and can execute but that’s crazy since I feel like I am doing the same old bread and butter moves so how can that be Edie?


 its amazing Edie and you made the difference….this did no​t happen overnight but somehow

​y​ou did something to me in December 2016!!! Thanks a million Edie and God Bless    


Hi I am finally leaving school. I am doing okay I am a little sore but no pain no gain right? I think your brace is amazing! It is definitely not like anything else on the market. I hope your doing well.



Definitely recommend! They have a well-organized and structured curriculum, and an interesting and effective martial arts alike system, you need to test out to go to the next level~ Both dancing on one and on two are taught. During my time here I learned all my basics, and many other things, like ladies styling, spinning techniques, musicality, and connection. I also made a lot of friends. Edie is not only a great instructor, but also a very nice and warm person. The atmosphere here feels like a family. After group lesson they have social dancing, at the same time dinner is provided, usually pizza and a vegetables and fruits. If you are a beginner looking for a place to start learning Salsa(they teach a little bit of Bachata and Merengei too), it’s a percent place to go to. Don’t be intimidated, every one is super friendly. If not a beginner, you’ll be assigned to different level of classes to dance with people with similar level of experience.

Jieyi Zhou

Hi Sensei! I just wanted to thank you again for everything you have done for me. I feel like I am getting a lot better and I actually really enjoy teaching! Also after having a few lessons with Sensei Favian I’ve realized I absolutely love bachata!!!! I actually started doing salsa because I was extremely depressed and thought trying something new might help. It certainly has! I really can not thank you enough.

Black Belt Student

edie the salsa freakHow to start … OUTSTANDING! PHENOMENAL! LIFE ALTERING!  I’d attended two of your classes prior to this (DBM and White Belt Certification) next level of certification. I had my chair upright, seatbelt buckled and my tray table stowed in the locked and upright position and still I wasn’t prepared for the level of instruction and intensity of these courses. –  Connecticut, and Certified BBS Red Belt Trainer

Art Davis

US Navy

She helped me discover the beautiful woman that was buried deep inside of me. She pulls from men and women the best in themselves and challenges them to Bring It. Bring the sexy… bring the confidence… bring the strength… bring the dominance… bring the adoration and appreciation for your partner…. cherish your partners and make them look good.


Denver, CO

I couldn’t sleep! I was so awake I could not fall asleep til 4 AM!!!


Kansas City, KS